Can You Go Off-Road With Jeep Patriot

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Last Updated on July 3, 2022

Going off-road is obviously a nice idea. There are so many benefits of off-roading. No doubt that it will refresh your mind. You will be able to remove all the monotony of your daily lives.

When it comes to off-roading, your vehicle is a crucial factor. You will see a lot of forums that will suggest different vehicle models. At present time, the jeep patriot has become a popular choice for off-roading. That’s why I am going to have a talk about this model.

If you are confused about picking the jeep patriot as your off-roading vehicle, you can give this article a quick check. I hope you will be able to clear your all confusion.

Can You Go Off-Road With Jeep Patriot

Jeep Patriot Overview & Off Road Capability

Basically, the jeep patriot is an SUV. It has a four-cylinder and offers a safe ride. This one is a perfect choice for off-roading with your family.

Taking the jeep patriot into your consideration, you can pick the 4X4 option. It has 17-inches tires and 8-inches ground clearance. This combination made the patriot suitable for all conditions like snow, sand and rocks. In case the terrain is intense, you have to think about alternatives as you will not find this vehicle much comfortable. 

You are supposed to know that the jeep patriot was discontinued in 2017. Although it was technically discontinued, it was still in production. You will find the jeep patriot has three models: the Limited, Sport and North edition.

Off-Road With Jeep Patriot

There are two options for the engine too. The mediocre 2L and 2.4L. The 2L is a four-cylinder engine and has the ability to provide 141 lb-ft torque and 158 HP(horsepower). On the other hand, the 2.4L engine is much better than the 2L. It can produce 165lb-ft torque and 165 HP(horsepower).

However, the recent edition of the jeep patriot is not convenient for towing purposes. Because the latest edition is rated 2000 lbs. Towing large trailers, boats or trailers will be a tough task for your patriot. Also, I guess you can understand that this weight can not be an ideal option for an adventure ride.

You will find both engine types in the three jeep patriot models: FWD (Front Wheel Drive), AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) and 4X4.

According to experts, the Front Wheel Drive or FWD is not the ideal edition for off-roading. You may find your vehicle is able to generate power through mud and sand with its tires. But it will lose traction fast. If your area has warm climates where there is no need for tractions, then the FWD models can be a good option.

Well, the AWD or All-Wheel-Drive has the ability to offer something more than the FWD. It holds standard mode operating in the onward wheels drive and the rear wheels holding 50% in case you need to supplement the traction of your vehicle. Without it, when you travel under a certain speed level, you will be able to lock the 50-50 mode.

Lastly, the “4X4” is also known as an engageable mode of the jeep patriot FWD model. Most of the time, the capable 4X4 is operated as an FWD model and you will find there is a 4X4 model available for engaging in case of your need. As a result, you will be able to enjoy good mileage and also you can engage the 4X4 power only when you want it.

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Off-Roading Needs

If you want to use the jeep patriot for off-roading purposes, then you need to take some basic needs into consideration. You should think about:

  • The size of the tire is a matter if you think about the mileage and off-roading rubber you have access to.
  • Ground clearance is the distance between your vehicle’s bottom part and the ground. This clearance will tell you how large things your SUV can pass without facing any obstacle.
  • Lift potential is related to the ground clearance. If you can increase the lift of your jeep patriot, you will be able to get more ground clearance.
  • Towing capability is really important if you want to bring essential things with you while off-roading. In order to recover your vehicle from sticky conditions, your jeep patriot towing capacity plays an important role.

The Jeep Patriot Capabilities

Well, the jeep patriot is a capable vehicle without any doubt. The 4X4 model has the ability to travel over snow, mud, dunes and rocky slopes. While driving on icy roads, the engaged 4WD will offer you good traction.

I have mentioned that the jeep patriot comes with 17-inch tires and 8-inches ground clearance. As a result, there will be a good distance between the ground and your jeep patriot. The dirt will hardly be a factor. With the help of a skid plate, your patriot undercarriage will remain protected from hidden stumps and jagged rocks. Moreover, the approach angle of this model is 26.4 degrees allowing 24 degrees ascent angle and 29 degrees descent angle.

Jeep Patriot Capabilities

You will not have to worry about the air intake of your jeep patriot. Because the air intake of this model remains high so that your vehicle can conquer puddles and cross streams without facing any problems. Talking about the waterways, you can drive your patriot up to 19 inches deep in the water.

For the snowy and muddy conditions, the jeep patriot has an off-road traction control system. Apart from that. There is a hill start assist in your patriot in order to prevent falling backward while climbing a hill. You can keep your vehicle in low gear with the help of hill descent control for controlling your patriots’ speed.

To be honest, the jeep patriot has the ability to give you comfort on both trails and roads. However, it is unable to offer you the best feeling. Because this one is a crossover vehicle and you will have to compromise a bit.

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The Terrain You Should Avoid With The Patriot

Although the jeep patriot is capable enough for an off-roading ride, there are still some questions. You can’t expect to climb over huge boulders or cliffs. Because the towing capacity of this model is not up to the mark in case the situation is tricky.

Without it, it will be a risky call to have a backwood adventure if your patriot does not hold a winch into its front bumper. Obviously, you need to know how to use the winch properly. Besides, if your route is a waterway and the water is deeper than 19-inches, then you should avoid the terrain.

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Jeep Patriot FAQs

What does it mean by jeep patriot?

Basically, the jeep patriot is an SUV for family weekend adventures. This vehicle can take you and your family on a trip. In all ways, your comfort will be ensured.

Is it possible to go off-road with a jeep patriot?

Yes, you can go off-road with your jeep patriot. Before that, make sure that your vehicle is prepared enough with all the necessary accessories like lights and a winch.

What is the tire size of a jeep patriot?

The size of a jeep patriot tire is 17-inches. Actually, this is a common tire measurement.

What is the ground clearance of a jeep patriot?

The jeep patriot has an average ground clearance of 8-inches.

Does the jeep patriot come with a skid plate?

Yes, you will find the jeep patriot comes with a skid plate. This plate is for protecting the undercarriage of your vehicle.

Is it possible to lift a jeep patriot?

Yes, you are allowed to lift your jeep patriot. But you should not lift it too much. You can lift roughly 1 to 1.5 inches.

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To be honest, the jeep patriot is an excellent vehicle for off-roading with your family. You will have access to secluded spots with your jeep patriot. However, if you think about the big backcountry excursions, then this vehicle may not be an ideal option for you. An average ground clearance, low towing power and inability to lift high made this SUV an ideal pick for the part-time off-roaders.

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