Jeep Vs Truck

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Last Updated on July 20, 2022

Based on the trends and traits of quality vehicles, vehicle producers are bringing some of the masterpieces after mulling over user needs utmost. Jeeps and trucks have always been the most highlighted automobiles.

Nearly all know they contain different traits but not in-depth about the differences. We know you are also one of them who are looking for a jeep vs truck to explore it from a comparison POV.

To give a basic idea of their contrast point, these are built to use for on and off-roading purposes while they differ in load carrying and other aspects.

Of course, the one-line won’t describe everything so we’ve prepared this guide with jeep and truck differing points. Plus, you’ll find their advantages and disadvantages for better understanding.

Here we go!  

Jeep Vs Truck

Comparison Between Jeep Vs Truck: 10 Factors

For driving in new locations and places, nothing can beat the two giants which are jeep and truck. Made to drive in long-distance areas, they are pretty accessible. 

So, are jeeps better than trucks or vice versa? The answer can be only answered if you get to know all the dissimilar factors. Let’s get straight into that.

1. Lifting Capacity

All vehicles have a fixed cargo space in which you are allowed to carry stuff and passengers inside. And, this whole thing in short form is lifting capacity. Now, jeeps and trucks have specified towing ability which is advertised by a manufacturer.

In this field, jeeps have a limited area where you are allowed to carry luggage only. So, when you decide to carry more loads over them, they might give you unstable riding.

The lifting ability of trucks mostly is huge to carry stuff without facing unstable riding. And, they don’t give a feel of an overload even after loading a lot of stuff. Nearly all trucks have a better room to put up the bulk, quite different from jeeps.

Winner: Truck

2. Rough Terrain Experience

A driver has to go to any destination facing different types of terrain like jagged, muddy, sandy, etc. Other than these terrains, is even serious consideration would be, is a jeep or truck better in the snow?

Jeeps are great for heavy usage in rough terrains. You can ride them on concrete, highway, rugged, muddy, snowy, and so on roads.  

On the contrary, trucks have great designs that allow driving on rough roads but require stability. They work ideal on jagged areas however perform badly on snowy areas in comparison to jeeps.

Winner: Jeep

3. Off-road Application 

Made for off-roading purposes, jeeps tend to perform better in the offroad. They have a better height to climb in the jagged and hilly areas. 

In opposition, trucks are good for off-roading usage. But, not as good as the jeeps. 

Winner: Jeep

4. On-road Application

Both of them are good for on-road usage. Jeeps are built for off-road so they don’t deliver the best on-roading performance. 

Then again, trucks do a nice job when on-road driving. Besides, they don’t give weak riding experience.  

Winner: Truck

5. Personalizing Ability

A lot of drivers prefer the customizable option to have a vehicle using the desired design. Not all vehicles have this kind of flexibility.

Jeeps contain a huge range of customizing facilities with a personal touch. You can verily add doors and roof or maybe remove some parts as well.

Inversely, trucks do contain a small range to personalize a design. Meaning, you can’t just state a special trait such as adding a door since the customizing ability is limited.

Winner: Jeep

6. Gas Mileage 

The jeep vs truck gas mileage is another point that poles them apart. To explain this, fuel efficiency is a huge thing that matters to utilize less.

Jeeps usually offer poor mileage that uses more fuel than trucks. For instance, they mostly use 1 gallon of fuel per 20 to 25 miles. And, the amount is huge which not only costs a lot but also use-up more. That’s why most users complain about mileage issues with jeeps.

Alternatively, trucks are the finest in the field of gas mileage. They use a moderate amount of fuel while going far. To give an example, trucks use 1 gallon of fuel per 27 to 30 miles.  

Winner: Truck

7. Comfort Usage

The comfort of usage is different in jeeps and trucks. Both of them are constructed using advanced technology. 

Jeeps are one of the most functional options that ensure a good riding quality but there’s an absence of comfort in some sectors like on-road riding. 

While talking about its rival, trucks are one of the comfiest vehicle categories where you can ensure better riding quality. And, they won’t be rough on any terrain.    

Winner: Truck

8. Handling Performance 

Coming to the driver’s beneficial aspect, which is handling performance. It’s quite essential for those who regularly drive using a specific vehicle.

Jeeps perform averagely to give a satisfying handling facility during each ride. Since they can’t give a higher pace when you shift the corners, we find it not so good in this field.  

Yet, jeeps contain solid axles that give articulation which lets you have the best performance in the off-roading experience. The same expectation will be different in on-roading or driving in tough terrains.

Then again, trucks are excellent in handling performance. They contain the best-quality suspension systems that are independent to master on and off-roading with ideal cornering. The speed would be top-notch and shifting directions are super smooth using trucks.

Winner: Truck

9. Protection 

Road safety is something that can’t be neglected to avoid mishaps and accidents. When talking about that, no one can beat the jeeps thanks to its nice construction and setup. 

You don’t have to be fearful when off-roading or rough driving using jeeps. That doesn’t mean trucks lack road safety at all. 

They are great for tough and on or off-road driving. Yet, if you compare the protection as a driver, it’s true that trucks don’t match the level of jeeps. 

Winner: Jeep

10. Longevity

Thinking of the resale value to use longer, both got different capabilities. Jeeps are well-known for durability and long-term application.

Mostly, they are made using multi-material materials such as steel components to ensure endurance on rough rides. In contrast, the truck’s resale value falls to stand longer. For extreme usage, they do lack durability.

Winner: Jeep

Jeep vs Truck Pros & Cons


1. Inexpensive price
2. Reliable & high-quality
3. Best for off-road driving 
4. Comfortable & safe to use
5. Latest-model


1. Low towing capability 
2. Lack of handling

1. Better Power
2. Great lifting capacity 
3. Ideal for on-road driving 
4. Excellent gas mileage 
5. Simple handling


1. Lack of safety
2. Outdated model

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are jeeps worth it?

Yup! Being a top-notch daily purpose vehicle, the jeeps are versatile. They can carry huge loads and passengers to comfortably camp on any terrain. Plus, jeeps are a mixture of durability, safety, and longevity. 

Are Jeeps called trucks sometimes?

Not at all. The ‘jeep’ and ‘truck’ fall into different categories due to their specific traits. Jeeps don’t have an open bed while trucks always own this feature. 

Is buying a truck a good investment?

If you want a vehicle that offers good handling, power, and hauling ability, then trucks are truly the best investment. Plus, they are super versatile for mudding, camping, and other occasions.

Which Is Better Jeep Or Truck?

Making a choice would be easier after knowing the Jeep vs truck comparison points. Both contain good and bad sides which one prefers as a vehicle. 

And, we hope you know which one to get based on your preference and needs. Both of them rock in varying sectors. 

Jeeps are a fine pick thanks to their safety, tough performance, and quality ride capabilities. Then again, anyone who prefers on-road and off-road performance along with better mileage should pick trucks. 

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