Jeep Wrangler Anti Theft System

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Last Updated on September 30, 2022

Most drivers take a break to camp, roam or view new scenarios while leaving their jeep at a certain location. And that’s where the thieves thrive to steal the truck.

The Jeep anti theft or alarm system is a tiny device that stops the unlawful access of thieves to a vehicle.

You can verily strengthen the Jeep Wrangler anti theft system with careful actions and using some add-ons. Continue reading to find more details about these to boost the security of your vehicle.  

Jeep Wrangler Anti Theft System

6 Ways To Increase Jeep Wrangler Anti Theft System

From 1998 to the present, the Wrangler has modified the anti theft system. Using some careful moves which we’re going to discuss down below, you can leave the truck anywhere with no fear of robbery. Let’s explore!

1. Activate The Alarm System

Jeep Wrangler Alarm System

Most models of Wrangler have a SiriusXM Guardian which is a theft alarm system. It is considered as one of the best alarm systems for jeep wrangler due to its prompt notification in text or email format.

All you need to do is connect your phone to the truck display using a Bluetooth connection. And then pair and connect. Moving to your phone, go to the Uconnect app to simply lock the truck wherever you go far away from the truck.  

You can use the horn & light function even from afar with a touch on the screen. This trait helps a lot to scare thieves.

2. Use A Dash Cam

Jeep Wrangler Dash Cam

One of the most fearful things in the sight of a thief would be a dashcam. It will record the face and action of a thief immediately in 1080p quality for 1 – 4 hours. And, you can control the camera payback and get recorded videos by using an app like Ucam.

This security device would be convenient to save your outside car parts like headlights or side mirrors etc. However, it is a bit expensive to add and might cost around $50 to $350. Considering the video graphics and quality performance, anyone can tell it is costly.

3. Add A Tiny GPS Tracker

Jeep Wrangler GPS Tracker

Being a popular choice for finding the Wrangler location, the tiny GPS tracker works great. You can easily access the spot of the truck using the phone to detect if it is moving or not. The cost of the mini real-time GPS tracker is not more than $16 to $60, which is inexpensive.  

Note: Wrangler has the ‘Vehicle Finder’ trait to locate the truck through the SiriusXM Guardian on the Uconnect app. It works the same as a GPS tracker. 

4. Insert Steering Wheel Lock

Jeep Wrangler Steering Wheel Lock

The steering wheel lock would be next-level protection to increase the anti-theft system. Thieves usually target outside parts when they can’t get inside the truck. By using this addition, it can save up to 25k to 40k expenses of adding new tires.

It prevents a stranger from moving the truck forward or backward. Meaning no one will be able to carry the truck or try to steal. The steering wheel lock will cost you anywhere between $40 to $170.

5. Install Security Tire Clamp

Jeep Wrangler Security Tire Clamp

How about your Wrangler tire protection from an unauthorized person? For that, the security tire clamp device would perform greatly. It gives proper security to prevent strangers from stealing 4 wheels when you are not there.  

It requires a key to open the lock and then reach the tire, which is fantastic for protection. There are various sizes like 33”, 35”, or 37” to fit inside larger or smaller Wrangler tires. And, the pricing of security tire clamps is pretty affordable around $30 to $130.  

6. Put On Hood Lock 

Jeep Wrangler Hood Lock 

Not a necessary tool, but you can use the hood lock to raise Wrangler security. A lot of time robbers can take away big functioning parts like the engine, battery, or transmission inside the hood.

Rather than getting into this kind of situation, you can attach the hood lock which costs between $20 to $70.

For Your Information: Using anti-theft devices on Jeep Wrangler can give you car insurance discounts up to 15% or more from the insurance company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jeep Wranglers easy to steal?

Even if the chances of stealing a Jeep Wrangler are less, still some theft incidents happen. Nearly all use this type of truck to travel in distant areas after confirming solid protection to prevent theft.  

Do Jeep Wranglers have an anti-theft system?

Yup, the wrangler has the awesome security device known as an anti-theft system added to notify any unauthorized entry.

How do I reset my anti-theft system?

Firstly, start your truck by putting the key to the ignition and turning on the red toggle switch to activate the alarm system. Be sure the engine is off. After a beep sound, the indicator and LED light will shut down. Jeep Wrangler anti theft reset will take 2-3 minutes.

Overall Thoughts

Confirming truck security when not nearby is super easy if you just use the ideal gear that will help increase the functionality of the  Jeep Wrangler anti theft system. All of the techniques are effective so no need to feel nervous if it’s your first time adding.

And, you can use 3 or more security systems from the above list to strongly prevent theft activity rather than sticking with one. But, be prepared for investing more than $1,000 on these in total.  

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