Jeep XJ Vs TJ – Which One Is Better?

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Last Updated on July 1, 2022

The XJ and TJ are both Jeep models. They are designed to have enough space and comfort to carry 5 people, or 4 people plus 3 pieces of luggage.

For the Jeep enthusiasts, riding the XJ (Cherokee) and TJ (Wrangler) off-road would be fun and worth it thanks to the immense handling and performance.

Although they are both popular choices, these two trucks have different flavors that make them unique.

So, if you are thinking about which one can be taken into your garage, we’ll give an in-depth comparison between Jeep XJ vs TJ. Continue Reading To Discover More…


Contradictory Points Between Jeep XJ vs TJ

To begin with, we’ll concentrate on the Jeep Wrangler vs Cherokee theme by comparing them in an honest and unbiased way. Take a close look down below.


In terms of safety on the road, are XJ Jeeps any better than TJ? If you drive using the XJ, it will surely give more security thanks to the tools and adjustments the Jeep contains.

This ensures no struggle or mishap while riding. Plus, if talking about weather protection, the XJ would be better than TJ.

While the XJ can perform great in winter, sunny, and rainy weather, the TJ might struggle in rainy seasons.     

Winner: Jeep XJ


Placing both Jeeps side by side, you’ll notice that one is more comfortable to use than another. The XJ contains 5 seats with good functionality to use while driving.

It, however, doesn’t give a comfortable feel for a long journey. In almost all Jeep XJ reviews, a good portion of drivers states it is not quite at all.

On the other hand, the TJ is known for cruising with 5 passengers (including the front and backside). It might not be the best but far better than the XJ in terms of comfort.

Winner: Jeep TJ

Storage Benefit

If you are a driver who tends to carry big things or always needs extra space for the gears, then the XJ would be a better choice.

Why? There are a couple of reasons. It will give you massive cargo storage to fulfill the purpose, unlike the TJ.

And, the interior space is huge in the XJ which lets you hold the big machines or luggage too. It’s almost like 25.8 cubic feet vs 12.9 cubic feet.

However, both contain similar roof space to carry the stuff. Overall, you can easily guess the winner in space management would be XJ.

Winner: Jeep XJ


As both Jeeps are made for off-roading, they tend to have durable performance parts that make one superior.

If you look into the XJ, it contains a long wheelbase that confirms not only the ground clearance but also helps to make you safe on road.

The XJ is ideal for daily driving with good ride quality. But, it might not be similar to the level of TJ. Due to its excellent off-road capabilities, the TJ happens to be one of the best vehicles for this purpose.

Winner: Jeep TJ

Towing Power

The towing capacity is another factor that poles the XJ and TJ apart. While the XJ contains 4,500 lbs of massive towing power if it’s equipped properly, the TJ can generate up to 3,500 lbs.

Winner: Jeep XJ


In the XJ including previous and latest models, mostly it contains 270 HP to run at higher speed. Conversely, the TJ models have 285 HP to generate and give a pleasant off-roading experience. 

Winner: Jeep TJ


The XJ has a refined and more soft tone look with unique edges and lines. From the front to the back, it contains a bold presence that suits the off-roader thanks to the rough outlook and body.

Quite opposite of the XJ, the TJ has an attractive charm that definitely looks different. Its muscle, lines, and curves make it capable of off-roading. In our opinion, the XJ is better in looks than TJ due to its fierce and aggressive vibe.

Winner: Jeep XJ

Overall Value

The value of Jeep has a specific resale, meaning it is worth the price even after years. However, not all tend to perform well and ensure durability.

If explained clearly, the XJ is great but it doesn’t hold the same resale. Most XJs might cost around $5,000 which will last for up to 15 years with care.

In contrast, the TJs come at $7,000 which would stand for around 20 years on average. However, general maintenance will be required.

Winner: Jeep TJ

Upsides & Downsides Of Jeep TJ & XJ

Jeep XJ (Cherokee)

As a full-size compact SUV, the XJ was invented and marketed by Jeep between 1984 to 2001, almost 18 years. Due to its compact body and all-terrain riding capacity, it became a big hit. Apart from all the praises, let’s shortly look at its good and bad sides.

Benefits Of Jeep XJ

  • Provide lots of interior storage.
  • The roof system is pretty solid.
  • Simple to drive on the road.
  • Love the handling and riding quality.
  • Fast, tough, and maneuverable.  

Drawbacks Of Jeep XJ

  • Don’t hold the resale value longer.

Jeep TJ (Wrangler)

Being a 2nd generation off-road and utility SUV, the TJ was introduced in 1996. It immediately becomes popular for its super smooth drive, suits daily driver taste, and comfort traits. This fantastic Jeep does contain pros and cons. Here are the details.   

Benefits Of Jeep TJ

  • Nimble and smooth on the road.
  • Last for a longer period of time while holding resale value.
  • Excellent for off-road riding.
  • Pretty reliable for most drivers.
  • Suitable for winter and sunny weather.

Drawbacks Of Jeep TJ

  • Contain less interior room than XJ.

Wrapping Up

The debate between Jeep XJ vs TJ is now concluded and we focused more on showing the winner in the different sections individually.

So, if you’re looking for a Jeep that’s safe, has plenty of space, can tow a heavy load, and looks great, the XJ is the perfect choice.

But if you need comfort, off-roading performance, speed, durability, and an affordable price tag, then go for Jeep TJ.  

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