Best Winch for Kawasaki krx

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Last Updated on June 29, 2022

Even if you have added larger tires with a rough grip to protect your vehicle from getting trapped, winches are indeed an important element of off-roading. Additional uses for a winch include operating a snowplow in the winter and preparing livestock throughout hunting season with a winch and a hitch-mounted hoist. 

As there are so many different winch brands available, it may be difficult to evaluate and compare them all. We will assist you in locating the best winch for the Kawasaki krx series.

Best Winch for Kawasaki krx Series

SuperATV 4500 lb Winch- Top Pick


  • Strong and simple to assemble. The guidebook does not need you to be an electronic expert. 
  • There is a rocker switch remote control and a wireless remote control available to operate the towing.
  • Waterproof, and quiet winch.
  • Due to the general 50-foot ultralight, versatile, strong synthetic rope passing through a hawse fairlead, the winching is more efficient.
  • All of the hardware required to build and control the winch will be included.
  • Motorized gear and a free spooling clutch will offer you all of the essential control options during the rehabilitation process.
  • The company offers excellent customer service with a year warranty against manufacturing defects both before and after the sale.


  • This winch will not always fit OEM (original equipment manufacturers) bumpers without a few tweaks.
  • Takes time to install
  • If you’re planning to mount it for a ranger team, the power cable is a little too short.
  • Due to its heavyweight, might face problems with installation.

The winch has a 4500 lb rated line to draw heavy weight. Also has a strong permanent magnet DC 12V 1.3 HP motor allows it to work well under extreme loads.

One advantage of a SuperATV winch is its 50-foot synthetic rope. Synthetic rope winch lines are as strong as steel-wire winch lines but lighter. Moreover, because synthetic lines do not tear with age, you will never have to worry about snagging a metal splinter in your palm when managing a synthetic winch line.

Whereas the installation plate is provided, you may need to purchase a machine-specific mounting plate or a winch-ready bumper independently. Though it will be preferred if this model could be outfitted with a wide range of bumpers and vehicles.

These winches are not only powerful, tough, and reliable, but they are also extremely simple to install and use. SuperATV winch packages include wired-in rocker controls for the dash as well as shock, water, and dust-resistant wireless remotes. This allows the user to navigate the winch remotely both in and out of the car.

This winch is differentiated by its fairlead holders, winch hook kits, and rope stoppers. With a fairlead holder, you can winch at any angle without snagging, clogging, or twisting the winch line, and with a winch brake, you can prevent overtightening the winch line, which may cause massive destruction to the winch drum. 

Furthermore, because the winch includes a hook holder, the end of your line will not hang or rattle about while you traverse rough roads!

Superwinch 1140230 Black 12 VDC LT4000ATV SR Winch


  • 12V DC 4,000 lbs rated line pull makes it stronger.
  • Sealed 1.4 HP permanent magnet motor gives the potential to pull under any circumstances.
  •  Equipped with a 3-Stage planetary gearing with a 166:1 ratio.
  • Sealed solenoid, circuit breaker protected from rust.
  • Free-spooling, ergonomic control clutch makes your winching easy.
  • 3/16 in x 50 ft synthetic rope is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Comes with a heavy-duty, clevis pinned, latched hook.
  • It is simple to manage the winch using a 12 ft hand-held remote and a handlebar-mounted rocker switch.


  • Mounting plate not included
  • Aluminum hawse fairlead

The Superwinch LT4000SR Winch is built for performance and offers up to 4,000 pounds of consistent pulling force. It is an ideal buy for a high-quality, well-built winch that consistently offers to provide effectiveness. 

Also included are tried-and-true technologies that have been refined over time to provide unrivaled speed and longevity. The 4000 lb load capability is not limited to ATV vehicles or applications. It has a 12-foot handheld remote, a handlebar rocker control, and a shielded solenoid for circuit breaker security.

The winch features a three-stage planetary gear train but no mounting plate. It strictly utilizes synthetic rope and will not have the capability of using steel rope. This is because of the aluminum hawse fairlead, which will not endure as long as the steel roller fairlead.

What differentiates this winch is its unusual blend of pieces of various grades, none of which are of inferior quality. It contains a sealed solenoid, mechanical and dynamic brakes, and a sealed permanent magnet motor. But the best part is it has a synthetic wire rope instead of a steel wire rope and an aluminum hawse instead of a roller fairlead. Which makes it safer to use.

Though the motor doesn’t have the most horsepower, and some of the parts aren’t of the highest quality but this winch provides both consistency and exceptional performance. However, if you want to assure the reliability of the winch during use, various sections of the winch may be altered to make the whole product survive longer, but some alterations will make the winch heavier.

OFF-ROAD BOAR 4500-lb Winch


  • 4500 LBS and 1.3 HP motor give a good capacity of pulling vehicles.
  • 1.3 HP motor is highly efficient and 166:1 gear ratio makes it more powerful.
  • Synthetic rope gives maximum support.
  • Suitable for various types of vehicles.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Both wired and wireless remote switches provide easy spooling.
  • Water-proof.
  • Easy installation.


  • Load-carrying capacity is below that of ordinary winches.

OFF-ROAD BOAR 4500-lb Winch is an excellent winch for pulling your Kawasaki krx. Driving an off-roader may be rather unexpected; one day this might operate nicely, but the next it may become trapped in a dangerous puddle of dirt. This winch is able of rescuing you and your vehicle from all of these difficulties.

It has a 4500 lb load capacity, so you should keep your vehicle’s mass under 3000lb, which implies it is better suited to lightweight vehicles.

Though the winch is budget-friendly, the quality is comparable, if not better. This winch is extremely sturdy, and if used sparingly, it will endure for generations.

The IP67 waterproof confirms water-resistant so you can utilize it on any road and in any weather condition. The winch has a three-stage planetary gear that gives you control over the recovery process and is perfect for your Kawasaki krx.

A 1.5-inch thick synthetic rope is used in the winch. It can withstand a great deal of surface stress. This rope is 49 feet long, which is more than enough for any situation.

Furthermore, the rope is attached to a heavy-duty hook. This hook isn’t going anywhere, therefore this winch is truly a superhero of winches!

Our verdict

We’ve pointed out every single piece of information about the previously mentioned three winches so you can choose the best winch for Kawasaki krx Series.  

But we recommend SuperATV 4500 lb Winch for your Kawasaki krx series based on its longevity, manufacturer, and excellent performance. 

That’s all for now and safe winching.

Best winch for kawasaki krx

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