Kolpin Winch Review 2022 – Worth The Money?

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Last Updated on June 30, 2022

It does not matter which type of vehicles you own. You always need to have a winch with your vehicle. A lot of people think that it is not necessary to take a winch with their low-weight vehicle. This is not true.

Even if your vehicle does not weigh much, you may find it hard to recover your vehicle. Obviously, the situation will not always be in your favor. That time a winch can benefit you the most

There are tons of winches available in the market that are made for the low-weight vehicle. If you own a low-weight vehicle, then it is better to bring a winch.

Here, I am going to review three low-capacity winches from Kolpin. To know more about these winches, give my kolpin review a quick check.

Kolpin Winch Review

Kolpin 4500 Steel Cable Winch Review


  • Heavy-duty wiring
  • Premium handlebar
  • Aluminum housing
  • Two-way brake
  • Free spooling-to-clutch engagement
  • Comes with remote


  • Nothing at all

If you are looking for a winch to deal with UTV or ATV, then the Kolpin 4500 Steel Cable Winch can be the best option for you. With this winch, you can easily recover your ATV or UTV.

Without it, this winch has a 1.3 HP motor and 166:1 gear ratio. With this excellent combination of motor and gear ratio, you will enjoy a smooth winching operation for sure.

Besides, you don’t need to think about its durability. This winch holds heavy-duty wiring.

Apart from that, you will find free spooling-to-clutch engagement, two-way brake, aluminum housing to ensure your smooth and easy winching operation.

Moreover, the Kolpin 4500 lbs winch offers you a 50 ft long steel cable. You will get a remote also to assist you while pulling.

No need to worry if you are a synthetic rope lover. Because you will find a synthetic rope version of this winch. 

Overall, this winch can be an ideal choice for your low-weight vehicles like ATV or UTV.

Kolpin 3500 Synthetic Rope Winch Review


  • Easy to install
  • 3-stage planetary gear
  • Automatic mechanical cable drum brake
  • 50 ft long steel cable
  • Premium handlebar
  • Weather-resistant sealed drums and motor
  • Comes with remote


  • NOT recommended for use with UTV

The second Kolpin winch on my list comes with a 2500 lbs capacity of pulling.

However, you need to pay attention here. This winch is not recommended to use for your UTV. Because this winch is specifically designed for plowing.

Apart from the capacity, this winch has a 1.2 HP motor which is a bit lower than the previous one. The gear ratio is the same though.

Besides, in order to ensure your smooth winching operation, this winch comes with a 3-stage planetary gear. You will also find free spooling-to-clutch engagement and automatic mechanical cable drum to make your pulling job easy.

Like the previously mentioned one, this winch also comes with a 50 ft pre-wound steel cable. This time, there is no synthetic rope. In case you are fond of synthetic rope, you can purchase aftermarket products. You will have a remote though.

Kolpin 2500 Steel Cable Winch Review


  • Easy and quick installing
  • heavy-duty wiring
  • The two-way brake
  • Aluminum housing
  • Free spooling-to-clutch engagement


  • Slow line speed of higher pulling.

Well, the last one is on my list. This time it comes with the least pulling capacity. It has 2500 lbs pulling capacity. With this winch, you can deal with your plowing job easily.

Apart from the capacity, there is no vast difference between this winch and the previously mentioned one. This winch from Kolpin has a 1.1 HP motor which is less powerful than the above-mentioned winches. The gear ratio is still the same 166:1.

Besides, this winch also has heavy-duty wiring, a premium handlebar, a two-way brake, aluminum housing, free spooling-to-clutch engagement. You will not face any problem with this excellent combination.

You might be looking for the winch cable information. This winch offers you a 50 ft long steel cable which is really good.

Overall, this is a great winch for plowing purposes.

   About The Brand Kolpin

The brand Kolpin is named according to the name of a person Kolpin. He was a hunter, archer and sportsman. His intention in making these products was so that he can use them while pastimes. They work on developing new innovative products or try to make them better.

From the dedication of passing outdoor traditions, Kolpin started introducing outdoor products such as winch for your ATV and UTV.


I have reviewed three winches from Kolpin holding different capacities. I tried to give you an insight into these products. After going through my review, now you are good to make your decision.

What I will recommend is going according to your requirement. The first one can be used for your ATV or UTV. However, if you are looking for a winch for your plowing job, then you can pick either the second or third one. All the best.

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