Best Trailer Hitch for Lexus RX 350

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Last Updated on June 2, 2022

Your lexus RX 350 deserves a lot of things, and when it comes to hitches, there’s no way you can compromise a thing.

There are tons of hitches in the marketplace that you’ll find for your Lexus RX 350, but only few of them will offer you high end features.

When we were doing our homework to hunt down the best hitch for Lexus RX 350, we were looking for something rustproof with great build-quality. Something that will withstand all the weather conditions and obviously should be easy to control.

Well, to be honest, we were a bit disappointed to see only 3 met our expectations. But anyways, you got to do what you got to do. So, here’s our thoughts on these hitches.

Best Hitch for Lexus RX 350 Reviews

For the Lexus RX 350, you can go for these three hitches mentioned below. We are going to break down all the pros and cons along with their specifications thoroughly for a better understanding. So, you can pick the best one for your car.  

Now, let’s dive into the detailed content without further ado.

CURT Trailer Hitches – Class 3


  • You can rest assured that it’ll carry out your heavy duty work due to its carbon steel made construction.
  • It integrates a black powder coat finish and co-cured method to make it resistant to rust and chipping.
  • Ensures safety as it is tested and passed through the SAE J684 standards.
  • You can tow a bike, trailer, passenger truck, terrain vehicle, etc.
  • It can accept a ball mount, bike rack, and tow hook making it a versatile option for you
  • The precise welding guarantees a clean and strong product. 
  • You will get the product at very reasonable pricing. 


  • Some might struggle while installing it because of its extra weight.

Curt is a well-known brand in the United States thanks to its high-quality products and custom-made fit. They started their journey in 1993 with only one product. Later, they launched their production line with versatile utility. 

The Curt class 3 hitch for the Lexus RX 350 is one of their best offerings. The unit has a standard 2-inch receiver tube, which allows a range of towing facilities. To guarantee adequate protection, Liquid Bonderite is coated from the inside out. 

When towing, you must pay close attention to the weight. Every hitch can only pull a particular amount, so you should never exceed the weight limit. Towing capability with the Curt class 3 hitch is up to 4000 lbs.

As it’s a heavy product, you might need help while installing it on your Lexus RX350. And if you are an amateur, you might find it difficult to install all by yourself. 

Draw-Tite Trailer Hitches – 75540 Class III


  • Resistant to rust and corrosion. 
  • It can survive in any adverse weather conditions because of the black powder coat finishing. Effortless to install as welding is not necessary.
  • The design is completely computer-aided; that’s why it fits into the car with perfection.
  • This bespoke hitch is a product that has been tested according to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) instructions.
  • You can transform the hitch into a ball mount, clip, or pin hitch by buying some extra accessories and including them when necessary. 
  • Many options for towing, and you can tow cargo carriers, bikes, trailers, and many other vehicles.


  • There are some issues with the packaging mentioned by the customers. 

If you are looking for a trusted brand that has been providing services with dignity, then Draw-Tite is the name for you. They started their journey in 1946. The brand tailors its product according to the customer’s preference. 

The Draw-Tite trailer hitch is a considerable choice for the Lexus RX 350, as it doesn’t compromise the quality. Here, the class III hitch is welded with excellence that strengthens the product’s core. The gross trailer weight is 4500 lbs, and the tongue weight is 675 lbs. 

The hitch has a 2 by 2-inch square tube receiver that allows tons of vehicle types to be towed. The pricing is reasonable, and you can get a discount on the website. Just keep your eyes on the Draw-Tite website to get the best deal. 

Reese Trailer Hitch


  • The weight of the hitch is comparatively low, which makes it easier to install. 
  • This has passed the SAE, CSA, and V5 requirements.
  • Advanced black powder coating makes sure that the hitch is rust and corrosion-resistant.
  • Metal shield on the product makes it long lasting.
  • The product is built using strong materials and computer-aided design to satisfy the needs of the clients. 
  • Bolt-on method is workable for anyone, as it is easy to install.
  • No welding is needed during installation.


  • The price is on the higher side.

Reese Towpower is a well-trusted name in the towing industry. Their Class III receiver hitch is well suited to the Lexus RX350. This hitch is around 30 pounds in weight and has a 2-inch receiver tube. 

Now, if we talk about the strength and towing power, this small beast can tow 4500 lbs. in terms of gross towing weight, and the tongue weight is 675 pounds. The hitch can withstand adverse weather conditions and keep the towing intact on bumpy roads. 

Although the price might seem a bit high, the trailer hitch model is a sturdy one for your car without a doubt. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a trailer hitch cost for a Lexus RX 350?

Ans. The cost of a trailer hitch starts at 100 to 150 USD and can reach up to 300 USD. Besides, you might need extra parts for the hitch, which may cost around 20 to 200 USD. 

How much weight can a Lexus RX 350 tow?

Ans. The towing capacity for a Lexus RX 350 is approximately 3500 lbs. That means you can tow a bunch of heavy vehicles with this car. 

Can you install a trailer hitch all by yourself?

Ans. Yes! You can. Most advanced hitches do not need any welding at the time of installation. The bolt-on method is quite simple and understandable to anyone who has never done this job before.

All you need to do is follow the instructions that came along with your hitch packaging. 


According to us, the Reese trailer hitch is the one to go with. Although the pricing is slightly higher than that of competitors, the quality and longevity are unquestionably the greatest. 

You don’t just swap out your vehicle hitch every now and then. That’s why you should choose the most durable one that causes you the most minor problem.


For the Lexus RX 350, many hitches are available in the market. But, for the greatest option, take a look at our list of the best hitch for Lexus RX 350.

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