Best Trailer Hitch for Nissan Frontier

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Be it campers, adventurists, bikers, students, or just a regular person; everyone needs a trailer hitch at some point in their life. This handy device allows you to hook up trailers, bike racks, cargo carriers, kayak racks, and other heavy items to your vehicle.

But, how do you choose the best trailer hitch for Nissan Frontier? Finding a hitch that matches your car model, vehicle weight capacity, and other towing needs isn’t a piece of cake. As you’ll be towing your costly items, it’s important to pick the right hitch to keep them safe.

To help you find the one perfect trailer hitch, I’ve narrowed down the most reliable trailer hitches available on the market. Let’s jump right into the details.

3 Best Trailer Hitch for Nissan Frontier

All 3 hitches of this list are compatible with Nissan Frontiers and offer various weight capacities. Go through the details and features of each hitch and pick the right one for your vehicle.

 CURT 13241 Trailer Hitch, Class 3


  • Fits specific Nissan Frontier models with 2″ hitch receivers. Doesn’t require any drilling or other modifications to hook the hitch
  • Installation takes less than one hour. Comes with clear instructions and all the necessary nuts, brackets, and bolts needed for installation
  • Tested thoroughly for crashes and related safety hazards according to the SAE J684 standards
  • The carbon steel body is combined with liquid-A and black powder coating for enhanced durability
  • Rated at 5,000 pounds of gross weight and 500 pounds of tongue weight


  • Some users complained about the washers being too small

For my first pick, I selected an absolute all-rounder for you. The strength and durability of the CURT 13241 Trailer Hitch are simply unbeatable, thanks to its expertly engineered design.

To achieve the best fit, real vehicles and the most modern technology are used. The trailer hitch offers a custom fit for specific Nissan Frontier models. It has a 2″ receiver tube that fits directly on the car frame without modifications.

As the trailer hitch was tested in real-world situations with actual vehicles, it’s completely safe and reliable. The hitch also meets the SAE J684 safety standards and effectively withstands road abuses. All the bolts and nuts snugly fit in place, preventing wobbling during hauling.

What I like about the CURT trailers most is their amazing build quality. The carbon steel body is further strengthened with precise and thorough welding. The welding process is done manually and by using robotics to achieve the highest strength.

Besides, a dual coat finish is also provided to keep the surface safe from rust, moisture, and UV damage. The black powder coat on the outside gives the hitch a glossy look and smooth finish.

With this hitch, you can easily carry up to 5,000 lbs of gross weight. It’s also quite easy to install with the provided hardware. In short, this trailer hitch from CURT is everything you need and more.

Reese Towpower Class 3 Trailer Hitch


  • Tested tough for stress and fatigue in real-world conditions. Meets all the industry safety standards for durability and reliability
  • Computer-aided design ensures a perfect fit for specific Nissan Frontier Models. Easily attaches with 2″ square hitch receivers
  • All-welded frame increases overall strength. Safely carries up to 5,000 pounds of gross weight and 500 pounds of tongue weight
  • Features 3-layer protection against rust and corrosion. The base primer layer and dipped E-coat provide a smooth finish
  • An outer powder coating makes it suitable for outdoor uses in harsh weather conditions


  • The mounting hole alignment was off for some Nissan Frontiers

If you want a heavy-duty trailer hitch at the most affordable price, this class 3 hitch by Reese Towpower will be an ideal choice for you. With its incredible frame design and durable construction, the trailer hitch offers a custom fit for Nissan Frontiers.

Without a doubt, the main highlight of this hitch is its computer-aided design. It’s built precisely with advanced software to ensure a snug fit and no-drill installation for Nissan Frontiers.

The hitch has undergone stress and fatigue testing to provide the highest safety. In a multi-axis fatigue test, each hitch was examined with 100,000 miles of real-world road simulation. And thanks to all these unique testing, the hitch meets V-5, SAE J684, CASA, and VS safety standards.

To provide extra strength to the metal frame, the whole body of the hitch has been thoroughly welded. The metal body is further protected by a rust-proof primer, an electrostatic coating, and a powder coat. This 3-step finish provides the best resistance against rust, corrosion, and weather conditions.

As for the weight capacity, this hitch supports 500 lbs of tongue weight and 5,000 lbs gross weight. The package includes necessary bolts and washers for easy installation. Altogether, it’s one of the finest trailer hitches out there.

Draw-Tite 75282 Class 3 Trailer Hitch


  • Alloy steel-made frame is welded to strengthen the frame. Prevents bends, cracks, and other mechanical damage even on hills and bumpy roads
  • Features an A-coat base and glossy black powder finish. This excellent combination protects against rust and corrosion
  • Perfectly fits 2″ receivers of specific Nissan Frontiers. Installation is drill-free and easy with provided hardware 
  • Has a sleek look that matches the rugged look of a Nissan Frontier 
  • Lightweight, can be easily transported to different locations. Easy to store in a limited space


  • While hauling, the hitch might rattle on rocky or hilly areas

A list of the best hitches is incomplete without the brand Draw-Tite. So, this time I picked the 75282 class 3 hitch model from the classic brand. This model is relatively lightweight and versatile than most other trailer hitches on the marketplace. 

Let’s talk about the construction first. The frame of this hitch is constructed from high-grade alloy steel. So it won’t bend or crack under pressure. This metal frame is further coated with an a-coat base and black powder finish.

With this durable combination, the hitch can prevent rust, chipping, UV damage, and scratches for years. Moreover, the outer coat gives the hitch a high-end glossy look. So, the hitch looks more like a part of your vehicle than an ugly hanging piece.

Say goodbye to fitting issues with the vehicle-specific design of the hitch. The custom-fit hitch has been carefully manufactured to accept 2″ hitches from specific Nissan Frontiers. It has a clean, one-piece appearance that attaches to the bumper or frame of your car without any drilling.

Lastly, I love how lightweight the hitch is. It weighs only 19 lbs, and the weight will be extremely helpful during the installation, mounting, and dismounting process. The hitch has a gross weight capacity of 5,000 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a hitch on a Nissan Frontier?

Yes, you can put a hitch on your Nissan Frontier. But first, you need to find a vehicle-specific hitch that perfectly fits your vehicle model. For installation, the hitch should come with necessary hardware like nuts, bolts, washers, brackets, etc.

You can do the job all by yourself with some basic tools like a wrench, torque wrench, socket set, bottle jack, etc.

How do I know what trailer hitch to buy?

Before buying a hitch, you need to check the towing weight capacity and hitch receiver size of your vehicle. For example, if you’re buying a hitch for Nissan Frontier, you have to get a class 2 or class 3 hitch as the maximum weight capacity of this vehicle is 5,000 lbs.

Also, the hitch receiver size on this car is 2″. Hence, you should buy a hitch with a 2″ square receiver tube. 

Which is better, Class 2 or Class 3 trailer hitch?

Although it depends on the user’s needs, class 3 hitches are better when it comes to weight capacity and versatility.

Class 2 hitches only fit 1/1-4″ receivers, while most vehicles have 2″ receivers. Also, the maximum weight capacity of a class 2 hitch is 3,500 lbs only.

As for class 3 hitches, they have a 2″ receiver and 8,000 lbs maximum weight capacity.


By now, you have learned all the important aspects of our top picks. Now, let’s see which is the best trailer hitch for Nissan Frontier. Based on its features and advantages, I am giving the Reese Towpower Class 3 Trailer Hitch the title.

It has a robust metal construction that’s further shielded by 3 protective layers. Hence, the hitch is incredibly strong and durable. You can easily fit the hitch on specific Nissan Frontiers without any drilling.

Lastly, the installation is easy and relatively fast. The hitch can carry up to 5,000 pounds in any weather condition. That’s why it takes the top spot for me.

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