Openroad Winch Review 2022

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Last Updated on June 29, 2022

Whenever we think of an off-roading trip, the word “winch” comes to our mind. That’s because it is capable of rescuing our vehicle from a variety of challenging situations. The winch industry is an ever-growing market with new winch brands coming in every year. Openroad is one of them.

Since its inception in the automotive sector in the year 2000, Openroad Auto Group has steadily risen to become British Columbia’s largest volume automotive retail group. They have 21 different brands and 26 service point locations to serve their customers.

Openroad has some great winch options for different weight ranges. Let’s review some of their options that I think are worth your money.

Openroad Winch Review

OPENROAD 13000Lbs Winch


  • Massive pulling power
  • This electric winch comes with an additional set of gears 
  • Compatible for using SUVs, trailers, and trunks
  • The 3-stage planetary gear train system
  • Powerful motor
  • Automatic brake during winching
  • The included control box is waterproof as well as the winch itself with an IP67 rating
  • Both wireless and wired remotes included


  • No major downsides to mention

To deal with heavy loads, you need a powerful winch by your side and that’s exactly what this Openroad winch offers. This 13000 lbs. rated electric winch will perform like a beast in the field and release some pressure off of you.

If you are a frequent off-roader, then having this winch in your truck, SUV or Jeep will be one of the wise decisions that you can make. The winch is fully waterproof and has an IP67 rating so you can use it in any weather condition.

This 12V electric winch runs on a 5.5 hp wound series motor and the power is distributed nicely with the help of a highly efficient 3-stage planetary gear system. The gear reduction ratio of this winch is 265:1 which means that it will generate a moderate amount of power at a good speed.

This Openroad winch is equipped with an 85 feet long heavy-duty synthetic rope. The cable can handle a lot of pressure even though it is lightweight. There are two remote controls included with the package so that you can control the operation from a safe distance.

There is an overload protector that cuts the power whenever you overload the winch, just to avoid accidents. The installation part is super simple and easy thanks to all the included necessary gears. The price of this winch is very practical too.

OPENROAD 4500Lbs Winch


  • Perfect for small pulling jobs
  • Compatible with ATVs, UTVs, and Boats
  • You can deal with it using only one hand
  • The surface won’t wear easily
  • Easy installation process
  • 3-stage planetary gear system
  • Reliable, powerful, and very fast
  • 166:1 gear ratio to ensure high power at a moderate speed


  • Only a 10-meter working range for the wireless remote
  • No certification for being dust resistant or waterproof

This is a huge drop in power from the first one on the list as the pulling capacity of this winch is 4500 lbs. only. You know what that means! It means this low-capacity winch is ideal for dealing with lightweight pulling operations. You can use it in your ATVs, UTVs, SUVs, boats, small cars, and truck trailers.

The motor of this winch has 1.3 hp along with a 3-stage planetary gear train. The power isn’t much, but it will be enough to deal with small loads. This winch comes with a synthetic rope just like the 13000 lbs. winch, so the cable will be lightweight and not prone to rust and abrasion.

You have to provide some extra time to make sure the winch is clean after every use and that way you can ensure a longer lifetime. The cable length is 49 feet which are not very long. The line speed with the load is 3 ft/min.
The two wireless remote controls that come with the package have a short working range. The cable length and the short range of the remote are probably the only downsides of this winch.

The price tag is not high at all so that’s another plus point.

OPENROAD 3000 lbs Winch


  • Best for lightweight vehicles
  • Fully waterproof
  • 2 different cable versions are available
  • Easily operable with one hand
  • The surface won’t easily wear off
  • Comes with a 3-stage planetary gear train


  • Short working range for the wireless remote

This is another winch with a low load capacity. This 12V electric winch can easily haul an UTV, ATV, or even a boat. It has a 3000-pound pulling capacity.

So, if you have a big automobile, this winch is not really for you; however, if you own a boat or an ATV, or a UTV, you can purchase this winch at a quite reasonable price. With this swift and powerful machine, you’ll get good value for your money.

Steel cable and nylon rope are the two types of rope available. Although the steel cable is heavier than nylon rope, it will provide a stronger pull. It is equipped with a permanent magnet motor and the motor’s power is 1 hp.

It has a gear ratio of 153:1 and is equipped with a 3-stage planetary gear train. The cable length is 39 feet and the line speed with load is 2.3 ft/min. Without the load, the line speed increases to 10.5 ft/min.

Total 3 remotes will be included with the package, 1 wired and the other 2 wireless remotes. The wireless remote’s range is 10m only. This is a low-budget winch model, so you won’t have to completely empty your pocket buying this one.

OPENROAD 1600lbs Manual Hand Winch for Boat


  • Best for lightweight pulling jobs
  • Handy to use
  • 2 different cable versions are available
  • Heavy-duty steel body
  • Easy installation process
  • Not much maintenance required
  • Corrosion-resistant construction


  • Not suited for heavy loads
  • No certification of being waterproof

The final item on today’s list is a hand winch from Openroad to deal with even smaller loads on a daily basis. With 1600 lbs. weightlifting capacity, you can easily understand that you can’t put too much pressure on this one. You have to use it for the lighter load transportation.

You can fit it as a boat trailer winch, and it will perform smoothly there. The two available cable-type versions give you the freedom to choose your preferred one. The cable length is 32 ft for this two-way adjustable manual winch.

This winch comes with an anti-slip handle for tight grip during operation and this is an important feature for a manual winch. The anti-slip handle will also ensure less user fatigue.

High carbon steel-made body with a zinc-plated finish makes this winch fully rust and corrosion-resistant. It also announces optimal strength and durability. You won’t have to spend much time on maintenance if you own this compact manual winch.


I looked at four different Openroad winches, each with a different capacity. There is even a hand winch in the list. I attempted to cover every aspect of these winches. After reading this review, you should be able to decide which one you need to get.

If you ask my advice, I’ll tell you that all the above-mentioned winches are of great quality. If you are serious about buying a winch, I strongly advise you to choose one of these models. Just choose the one that fits your winching style.

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