Orcish Winch Review [Updated 2022]

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Last Updated on June 30, 2022

Buying an expensive winch from a famous brand isn’t always the best thing to do. The higher price will surely force you to increase your budget, and that might lead you to compromise elsewhere. And there’s no guarantee that you will get the best performance from that pricey winch.

Now, what if I tell you that you can get a top-quality, durable, and reliable winch without spending a lot of money. Yes, there is a way to get that deal. For that, you just have to do some market research online or offline and find that hidden gem.

However, you are probably too busy to do that and I, for one, totally understand the value of your time. That’s why I have done the research for you to save you the hassle and found the perfect winch brand that offers the best deal.

During my research, I kept some key parameters in my mind:

  • Is the orcish winch cost-effective?
  • How well does it perform compared to other orcish winches in the same range?
  • The versatility of the winches and their performance under different circumstances (weather, place type, etc.)
  • Does the winch have all the latest features?
  • Build quality and the material used to build the orcish winch.

All of these criteria matched with some brands but the one I am going to introduce to you today is called ‘Orcish’. They have a fine collection of winches that performs superbly in the field and won’t cut a hole in your pocket if you decide to buy one.

I am going to present to you 3 winches from this brand, each rated with a different load capacity to cover all bases.

Top 3 Orcish Winch Reviews

ORCISH 13000 lbs Winch For Truck


  • Monstrous pull capacity
  • An overload protector is installed to detect and solve problems like current overload and short circuit
  • IP67 rated fully waterproof winch
  • Straightforward installation mechanism
  • High-quality construction
  • Some handy and useful gear included
  • Total of 3 wireless remote control included (2 wireless and 1 wired)
  • Very reasonable price tag


  • The mounting nuts are not of high quality
  • The batteries of the wireless remote are not long-lasting

The first one in my bag is a 13000 lb weight capacity winch from Orcish to take care of the big problems. This big boy can handle anything from ATVs, UTVs, cars, boats to trucks and multi-purpose utility trailers.

This monster of a winch comes with 85 feet long electric steel cable line which is strong and more durable than a synthetic rope. The extra length will help you to winch from distance. Although, Orcish can work on the quality of the rope because there is scope to further improve it.

The good news is if you are not satisfied with the steel cable version, they offer you one with synthetic rope too. As you know, the synthetic rope will be much lightweight compared to the stainless steel cable version.

Other features include a 3-stage planetary gear train system, automatic load-holding braking system, and even a free-spooling clutch. All the things that make a winch better.

You will get 3 remote controllers with this winch to control it from a safe distance. The extra wireless remotes will ensure that you never face any problem in case one of them stop working. Two are wireless and the other one is wired. You will have no problem gripping the remotes with your gloves on. The distance covered is around 20 to 30 ft.

So, it is safe to declare that this heavy-duty winch is quite powerful and has all the latest features. Add the cheap price tag to that and you have got yourself a bargain.

ORCISH 4500 lbs Winch For ATV/UTV, Off-Road Trailer


  • Completely hassle-free installation process
  • IP67 rated so fully waterproof
  • Compact and lightweight winch and the size is perfect to fit any UTV or ATV
  • No loud noise during winching so comfortable for your ears
  • Color-coded cables and terminals are easy to connect
  • Two remote controls included both wireless
  • Reasonable price


  • Doesn’t come with a dashboard rocker switch

The Orcish 4500 lb winch will pull your car, boat, UTV, ATV, or any other movable object within the weight limit. It will do the work so effortlessly that you are bound to love it.

The 45 feet long synthetic rope will ensure convenience and a tight pull with the help of a hawse fairlead. The line pull is quite strong in this winch. If the synthetic rope is not your thing, you can easily switch to the stainless steel cable version which has the same features.

The rest of the components used in this winch include a mechanical braking system, a 3-stage planetary gear train just like the previous one, and also a free-spooling clutch. All those works together to give you a smooth winching experience.

This winch offers two wireless remote control and their range is between 20 to 30 feet. Add a reasonable price tag with those features and you have no scope for complaining.

However, having a dashboard rocker switch with the package would’ve made it, even more, ATV/UTV friendly but that’s not a must-have. The manufacturer can surely work on that.

ORCISH 3500 lbs Winch For ATV/UTV


  • Installing the winch and connecting the wire is super easy
  • IP67 rated, fully waterproof winch
  • It’s lightweight and compact in size so easily portable
  • The control box is fully sealed
  • The permanent magnet motor works on low amperage
  • Doesn’t make any loud sound
  • Handlebar rocker switch included
  • Cheap price tag


  • Doesn’t come with a dashboard rocker switch

The Orcish 3500 lb winch is focused to serve the need of ATV/UTV users. The compact size and lightweight design make this winch very portable. It is IP67 waterproof rated so you can work with this winch even in wet places.

It has a small load pulling capacity so you can’t use it for heavyweight jobs. However, if the weight of the object is within the weight limit, then it will impress you with its winching performance.

Just like the previous two I reviewed, this one also comes in two different cable versions, Synthetic rope, and Steel cable. The length of the cable/rope is 30 feet. Both versions have identical features except the price tag. The synthetic rope version costs more.

Other features and components are also the same as the other two. So, considering all the features and the cheap price tag makes it an ideal candidate to fulfill ATV/UTV users’ needs.

Key Differences Among These 3 Winches

Load Capacity

Even if you don’t know all the technical terms related to a winch, you know that the weight limit or load capacity of a winch dictates what type of pulling job it can perform. Like, you can’t pull a truck with a winch that is rated for 2 or 3000 lb load capacity.

The universal rule for winching is not to use a winch that has the same amount of weight capacity as the weight of the vehicle or load you are trying to pull. Your winch must have 1.5 times higher load capacity than the weight of the load it needs to pull.

For example, you can’t winch an 8000 lbs truck with an 8000 lbs weight capacity winch. You need (8000 x 1.5) = 12,000 lb load capacity winch to pull that vehicle. This way you won’t face any accidents during winching.


The horsepower or HP controls the power and line speed of a winch. That’s why a winch with a higher load capacity will have a permanent magnet motor with high amounts of HP and vice versa.

Like, the Orcish 13000 lb winch comes with a 6.5 HP motor, whereas the 4500 lb winch has a 1.7 HP, and the 3500 lb winch is equipped with a 1.5 HP motor.

Gear Train

A 3-stage planetary gear system is considered to be a perfect fit for any good winch. Some use a 2-stage gear train and that’s fine too. Anything other than these two is not good in the case of performance.

Luckily, all the above-mentioned winches from Orcish come with a 3-stage planetary gear system so there is no room for debating about the difference. Although, their gear ratios are different.

The higher gear ratio means more power, but it will affect the speed. The highest gear ratio will have the highest power but the lowest speed. The Orcish 13000 lb winch has a 265:1 gear ratio when the 4500 lb winch has 166:1 and the last one features a 153:1 gear ratio.

Cable Length and Type

Winch users are often divided on the issue of which cable type is better, the steel cable or the synthetic rope. Both have their fair share of good and bad but I am not going to bore you with that detail.

Nowadays, most good quality winch comes in both versions and the brands do it so that they don’t lose any customers over this. All the Orcish winches I reviewed have both versions so you can get your preferred one.

The cable length, on the other hand, varies from model to model. Normally we see a heavy-duty winch comes with a longer line and vice versa. The cable length just helps you to cover more distance.

The Orcish 13000 lb winch cable is 85 feet long, the Orcish 4500 lb winch cable is 45 feet long and the Orcish 3500 lb winch is 30 feet long.

About the Brand ‘Orcish’

Orcish is a relatively new brand that is manufacturing different off-roading gears and tools for a few years now. The winch is their best-selling item among those, but they also sell some handy tools too like a saw.

Besides selling winches, they produce all the other necessary items related to the winch so that the customer doesn’t have to look for them somewhere else.

They offer their products at a very reasonable and cheap price range. That makes them one of the best brands to shop from if you are a budget shopper and want to have quality products as well as save some cash.

Users like Orcish for their superb customer service too. Check Orcish winch website to get more information about them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I choose Orcish rather than other popular brands?

Ans: The answer is simple. Orcish winches are durable and reliable, have all the latest features, perform well, and is cheaper than popular brands’ product. So, why not?

Should You Buy Orcish Winch?

In my opinion and this opinion is based on the market research and facts, you should definitely consider buying Orcish winches if you are a budget shopper and still wants the best. Very few other brands will offer these many features at this price range.

Just decide the amount of weight you are going to be working with and get the winch that best fits your requirement. No matter which one you get, you will face no trouble installing it, I will tell you that.

Until next time, stay happy, stay healthy, stay alert and stay out of trouble!

Orcish Winch Review

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