Polaris General vs Polaris Ranger

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Last Updated on July 1, 2022

If you talk about an ideal pick for your off-road driving, it will be a UTV. Actually, there can be many reasons behind selecting UTV as your first choice. You will find driving is just fun with your UTV. 

However, you may ask a question about which UTV model to pick as there is more than one. Among them, two of the most famous UTV models are produced by Polaris. They are-: the Ranger and the Polaris General.

Both of these models have their own characteristics that made them special. You may get confused about which one to purchase.

Here, I am going to make an overall comparison between the Polaris Ranger and General. To know about them, give this article a quick check.

Polaris General vs Polaris Ranger

Polaris Ranger

If you wish to bring a UTV mainly for your work, then the Ranger can be the best choice. You will get from 2-seats to 6 seats models according to your requirements. Obviously you don’t need to worry about the power. Because it offers power range from 32 HP to 82 HP to meet your demands over any terrain. Without it, there will be power steering, true AWD, 10″ of suspension, a 21″ ground clearance that will make your ride more comfortable.

Besides, the Ranger will allow you to tow your trailer. You can pull anything between 1500 lbs to 2500 lbs. The actual pulling capacity depends on the model. Moreover, the ranger is equipped with a cargo box. With the help of this box, you can haul up to 1000 lbs. Thus, this ranger is the best pick for ranchers or farmers in order to transport their goods.

Polaris Ranger

Apart from that, if you wish to spend the whole day on your ranger, you will find it very friendly and reliable. It offers tilt steering, improved plush seats and a smooth ride. The wide, easy open door and a low step-up made it easy to climb. Also, you don’t have to worry about space. It has enough space for your coffee, lunch or maps. The headroom is also good enough to ensure your comfort even if you are more than 6 feet long.

However, the ranger includes the EV for the day hunter. This version is very quiet. Most probably one of the quietest UTV you will find. There is no worry about getting the wildlife scared while reaching your destination. Also, there is a spacious cargo bed to make sure that you are bringing the spoils to your home.

Overall, if you want to get a UTV for working purposes, the ranger can be the most ideal pick. You can use it for your recreation purpose though. In all cases, you will find it comfortable for sure.

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Polaris General

Well, the general is more popular to the people who love to have recreation with their UTV. It offers both 2-seat and 4-seat models. The general has a long reputation for its speed and maneuverability. It comes with a sportier engine at 100 HP and Walker Evans shocks. 

The suspension and ground clearance of the general is also impressive. It got 13.5″ ground clearance and 14″ suspension. These features made it more suitable for the roughest trails.

Polaris General

The XP model offers a concave backside mirror and also a vehicle-to-vehicle antenna. Being connected with your group will never be a problem. Apart from that, the deluxe model comes with a low profile bumper, sound system from Rockford Fosgate, a 4500 lbs Polaris winch and a poly sport roof. Actually, it is a great combination of every essential you need.

However, you will find that the XP model offers you a custom edition that includes a Race-Inspired, Pro Armor Beadlock Wheels, Stitched Steering Wheel, an 11″ Pro Armor Light Bar, a Low Profile color-matched bumper and Embroidered Badging on Custom Seats. There will be all the things that you need for your recreation.

Without it, the Pursuit version is equipped with several things keeping sports and hunting in mind. You will find an 11″ Pro Armor light bar, a Kolpin Gun Mount & Boot and 30″ Pro-Armor Crawler XG Tires.

Besides, if you wish to use the general for your farming, then there is a UTV winch to help you in doing your task. Moreover, it has a 600 lb cargo box and tows 1500 lbs. You will not have to worry about the suspension and smooth riding. There are improved suspensions and shocks to make sure you are having a smooth ride. 

Keep in mind that you may not fit in a work crew if you occupy the highest 4-seats. However, the small team will be more compatible.

Polaris Ranger vs General :Which one to pick?

Well, your primary use will actually determine which one to pick between the Polaris Ranger and General. If you wish to get a UTV for mainly your working purposes, then the Ranger is the best option. With 2 to 6-seats, you will have a comfortable ride.

Again, if you need a UTV for recreational purposes, then the General will be an ideal pick. It holds more communication features. Without it, the General has many other impressive features.

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