Best Winch for Polaris Ranger 1000

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Last Updated on August 26, 2022

If you love to take your UTV on off-road trips, then by this time, you realize the necessity of an ideal size winch. When buying the perfect winch for your UTV, you have to consider several factors. 

The market is filled with a huge variety of options to choose from, which makes the selection process even more cumbersome.

Similarly, if your Polaris Ranger needs a winch, you have a handful of options in front of you.

There are numerous brands with a good reputation for their products, and you are likely to get confused if you are new to the market. To help you pick the best winch for Polaris Ranger 1000, here’s the list of top 5 picks available on the market today.

Best Winch for Polaris Ranger

SuperATV 6000 LB Black Ops UTV Winch


  • It comes with a 50-foot synthetic rope
  • Includes a wireless remote control with a waterproof receiver
  • 6000lb rated line pull
  • Has automatic breaks
  • Heavy-gauge extended wiring and waterproof solenoid
  • 266:1 gear ratio
  • Permanent DC 12v, 1.9 hp magnet motor


  • Requires machine specific mounting plate or winch-ready bumper, which is sold separately

The SuperATV 6000 LB Ops UTV Winch is a mid-range choice for any enthusiast looking for a reliable solution. Whether your UTV is stuck in the mud or you need to do some heavy pulling, this winch can provide you with more than enough pulling power. 

Whatever rough situation you get yourself stuck in, this 6000LB winch will pull you out easily.

It also comes with a 50-foot synthetic rope, which is lighter and easier to use. Research says that most users have been choosing synthetic rope over steel cable for the past couple of years. 

The rope bends easily, and so, you can easily use it to pull some large boulders or any heavy load. Even after getting soaked or dumped into the water, it will not rust or corrode. The rope delivers the same strength as steel cable, but with more safety and minus the drawbacks, and you can forget about any kinking issues.

This winch also comes equipped with wireless remote control, making the operation a lot easier in critical situations. You can now winch staying within a 50-foot radius. It can withstand the elements because of its waterproof solenoid, water-resistant remote receiver, and aluminum fairlead.

The SuperATV 6000LB size winch is our top pick on the best winch for Polaris ranger 1000 list. It will give you the power, safety, and reliability for your heavy-duty work or off-road trips. With the perfect mounting plate, this winch will work perfectly.

Polaris PRO HD 4,500 Lb. Winch


  • This one comes with a Rapid Rope Recovery design, which features a standard pulling mode and high-speed recovery
  • It has a wireless remote with a 50-foot range
  • At completion, the Auto Stop Technology stops the winch
  • You can recover the cable 5 times faster than the standard speed
  • 1.6 horsepower motor provides a massive 4500 lb. rated pulling power
  • The package also includes a mount compatible with the winch


  • Installation instructions are a bit complicated

If you are looking for an ideal winch under a thousand dollars, then the Polaris PRO HD 45000 LB winch is a good option. Polaris winches are engineered specifically for your Polaris off-road vehicles.

The Polaris Pro HD winch comes with the new Rapid Rope Recovery design, which allows it to retrieve excess cable 5-times faster.

With the dial, you can do three things: FREE SPOOL to attach the winch hook, PULL for winch mode, and RAPID ROPE RECOVERY for faster recoiling.

The Auto Stop Technology will stop the machine when you are done winching as soon as the collar touches the fairlead. It will save you valuable time and prevent over-spooling.

If you are looking for a plug-and-play option, this is what you need as your UTV winch. It has a good build quality that promises top-notch performance and reliability.

The components are fully sealed, so you don’t need to worry about any debris or water going in. System Malfunction won’t be a matter of concern for you. Even if the winch is fully submerged underwater, the sealed motor and gears will operate smoothly.

4,500 lb. rated pulling power winch is enough for you to do some heavy-duty. If you wish to have one of these mounted on your UTV, you are less likely to be disappointed.

Video: Winch Recovery of Polaris Ranger on Dangerous Ground

Mad Dog 4500lb Winch Mount Combo


  • Made with quality cast aluminum and durable steel components
  • Water Resistant seals on Motor and Solenoid
  • It has a standard 4-hole mounting design and a heavy-duty all-metal free spooling turn clutch
  • 3/16″ x 38′ Synthetic rope and smooth cam action-free spooling clutch
  • 171:1 gear ratio
  • Triple steel planetary gears built for heavy-loads
  • The package also includes a Heavy-Duty WIDE Roller fairlead


  • It doesn’t come with a wireless remote, but you will get a 14′ handheld corded remote
  • The winch itself weighs 220 pounds which is a lot

Mad Dog has made a name for itself in the market over the past 24 years. It has grown into one of the leading suppliers of power sport utilities. The Mad Dog 4500lb Winch Mount combo is a powerful winch at a low price for your UTV.

Like a few other winches on the list, this one also comes with fully sealed motors and solenoid for keeping the elements out. It can deliver a lot of power while winching with that 4500lb pulling power and 171:1 gear ratio.

As mentioned above, this winch is a bit on the cheaper side. That explains why you won’t be getting a wireless remote. Still, you can get your heavy-duty done with a corded one.

The triple steel planetary gears give it better functionality, and you won’t regret having this winch on your UTV.

Champion Power Equipment-14560 4500-lb. ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit


  • Boasts a 4500lb rated line pull power
  • Equipped with a 1.6 horsepower 12v DC motor power source
  • Sports a wireless remote and antenna
  • 38-foot galvanized super-duty aircraft cable
  • It has a gear reduction ratio of 180:1


  • A bit noisy
  • It cannot be submerged

Champion power equipment is well-known for being a perfect balance between power and performance. The company is well established and has millions of products sold over the North American states. 

Champion Power Equipment-14560 4500-lb. UTV/ATV Winch Kit can be considered an ideal option if you are looking for something fast, powerful, and convenient on a mid-range budget.

The kit package includes almost everything you need to mount it and start winching. It consists of a wireless remote with an antenna, a mounting channel, a roller fairlead, and a wiring lift kit with a contactor and mini-rocker handlebar switch.

You can enjoy winching from a 50-foot distance with the remote, which is convenient and helpful in some tricky situations.

The winch also comes with a new auto-off feature; when you are not using the winch, the remote automatically powers off and saves your battery from wastage.

One of the essential features of this particular winch is the 38-foot by 15/64-inch galvanized, super-duty aircraft cable. It’s vulnerable to fraying, especially when used in abrasive terrains like rocks, mud, or sand. 

A 1.7 by 3.2-inch drum guides the cable through the roller fairlead to maximize the life of the cable.

The shortcomings of this winch are pretty straightforward. It is water-resistant but not waterproof. So, the winch will not function when submerged underwater. Another issue is that it’s a bit noisy, perhaps too much for a couple of users as per the product reviews. 

But the major problem is that if you use it for too long, you will end up burning the motor.

ORCISH 12V 4500LBS Winch


  • Remote and manual operation possible
  • Waterproof construction
  • 1.3HP efficient motor
  • 3-stage planetary gear train
  • One of the cheapest winches available
  • It has a 4500lb capacity 


  • It doesn’t come with automatic brakes
  • You will have to buy the batteries separately

This one is the least expensive synthetic-rope winch you will come across on the market.  The ORCISH 12V 4500LBS Electric Synthetic Rope Winch is a versatile option for ATVs, UTVs, etc.

You can manually operate this winch, or you can use the wireless remote. The wireless remote control is well-functioning, so it becomes effortless to control the winch from even a 50-feet distance.

The 1.3 horsepower motor produces enough power to winch 4500 lb, and the 3-stage gear train makes your winching experience smooth and safe. If you find yourself stuck in a situation, then this winch will surely get you out.

The winch components have a waterproof construction as well, which you will see is pretty common on our list. You will have no problem using it on rough terrains or under heavy rainfall.

On the downside, my research shows that users have been facing problems with the wireless remote, and some have also been complaining about the motor as they found it heating up quicker than expected. You will also need to buy the batteries required as they don’t come with the package.


The market is filled with good options, but what you need is the best one. In my humble opinion, the SuperATV 6000 LB Black Ops UTV Winch is the best winch for Polaris Ranger if you take its price and features into account.

My research suggests that this particular winch has been the go-to choice for most buyers. The reviews from the users also suggest the same.

The other options on our list are also offering a good deal. But if you are comfortable with the price range, then why not get the best one?

However, let’s have a look at our winch recommendation for other Polaris models:

Best Polaris Ranger Winch FAQ

How big of a winch do I need for a Polaris Ranger?
Generally, the rule of thumb is your winch must have 1.5x pulling power compared to your vehicle’s weight. To find out how much pulling power your Polaris Ranger winch needs, multiply the weight of your vehicle by 1.5.

Is a Polaris winch worth the money?
Yes, it is. Polaris’s winch can be an ideal winch if you want to get one under thousand dollars. They are engineered specifically for Polaris off-road vehicles and will not disappoint you at all with their performance.

Polaris ranger winch

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