5 Best Winch For Polaris Rzr – Top Polaris Rzr Winches of 2021

Since there aren’t many options, finding the best winch for Polaris Rzr could be a little daunting. 

At the same time, it is easy if you know what you should look for before making a purchase decision. 

Checking the following factors will lead you to the best

  • Weight capacity or pulling power. 
  • Waterproof construction.
  • Easy installation.
  • Performance under heavy load.
  • Rope quality

Want to look at some of the top-notch Polaris Rzr winches of the market right now? 

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Best Winches for Polaris Rzr Reviewed

WARN 101040 VRX 45-S Powersports Winch – Best Winch for Rzr 1000.


  • This winch offers 4500 lb pulling power, that too with no hiccups.
  • Package packs have fairlead, hook (zinc plated), dash-mounted control switch, and remote. 
  • Top-notch construction makes this a durable unit. 
  • The powder-coated finish makes it look classy and also makes it corrosion-resistant. 
  • IP68 waterproof construction allows you to take it through harsh weather. 
  • Features load-holding mechanical brakes, and that gives the user great control. 
  • A three-stage planetary gear train makes the performance smooth and easy. 


  • Installation is a hassle; the manufacturer could have made it more accessible.  

Do you own a Razor 1000? Then this Warn 101040 will be a perfect fit for that. 

It promises to give up to 4500 lb pulling power, so users seem happy with it. And the best part is, under heavy load, the winch won’t hesitate or struggle. 

It is smooth and reliable; a big thanks goes to the three-planetary gear train as well. 

With this unit, you will get everything you need. From fairlead to the remote control, it packs everything. 

Talking about remote, it doesn’t come with a wireless remote; it is corded. 

The manufacturer has constructed this winch of heavy-duty metal. And sealed it with IP68 waterproof sealing

The sealing is pretty good; you can ride through heavy rain without any worry about the winch. 

Moreover, this winch is corrosion-resistant as well; it is a nice touch, I must say. Plus, it looks good. 

Then there is a mechanical load-holding brake that works as expected. 

With this unit, you also get a dash mounting control switch and hub style clutch dial.

One issue I have come across so far is the installation. It takes time and sweat to install this unit. I wish the manufacturer had done a good job here as well. 

SuperATV Black Ops 4500 lb Winch – Best Polaris RZR XP 1000 Winch


  • This unit comes with a heavy-duty mounting kit for easy installation. 
  • Can take up to 4500 lb load; there is another version that has 6000LB weight capacity. 
  • Got waterproof sealing and is 100% waterproof. 
  • UV-resistant black coating makes the winch long-lasting. 
  • Comes with fairlead and reliable synthetic rope. 
  • You get a wireless remote with it.
  • Smooth and effortless pulling performance. 
  • Best suited to ATV/UTVs.


  • This winch motor isn’t clickable. 
  • Fairlead that comes with it is suitable for full-sized trucks. 

With a 166:1 gear ratio and 1.3HP motor, this winch gives up to 4500 lb pulling power. In case you need a little higher pulling power, there is another version of this unit that has 6000 LB pulling capacity. 

This winch unit comes with the entire mounting kit that makes mounting and installation super easy. 

It comes with a synthetic rope that doesn’t kink or shred. 

The manufacturer has constructed this unit to last long. It goes waterproof construction, and it doesn’t matter how bad it rains, the winch will remain protected. 

In the package, you get a wireless remote along with a water-resistant receiver, wired dash rocker switch, hawse fairlead (aluminum), winch hook, rope stopper, and hook-pull strap. 

That being said, the fairlead that comes in the package is suitable for full-sized trucks.

Champion Power Equipment-14560 4500-lb Winch


  • Extremely low priced winch
  • Super easy to install and operate. 
  • Comes with wireless remote control and antenna.
  • Features 1.6HP motor that delivers 4500 lb pulling power. 
  • Has a dynamic braking system and free spooling clutch. 
  • It comes with a complete mounting setup. 
  • Best suited to UTV/ATVs


  • The Pulling rope this winch comes with isn’t reliable. 

Sometimes people only need a winch for occasional light-duty use, and this Champion Power Equipment is that.

It comes at a super low price range. And keeping the price tag in mind, this isn’t a bad winch at all. In fact, it delivers more than it charges. 

With this unit, you get the complete setup, and that makes installing and mourning this effortless. 

That being said, if you are a beginner, then you might struggle a little. However, the user manual should cover that. 

Comes with a wireless remote and antenna which works within a 50 ft area. 

And this winch has another impressive feature: when not in use, the winch will shut down automatically, which is efficient. 

Features a 1.6 HP motor that can pull up to 4500 lb weight. Though it is recommended, I would say, if possible, put a little less weight load on this. 

It can handle 4500 lb, but it might struggle a bit sometimes. 

Delivers 4.6 ft line speed when in maximum load, and when under no load, it delivers 12.8 ft line speed per minute. 

Time to look at the flaw of this unit. A small bunch of users are complaining about the rope. According to them, it breaks easily. 

Mile Marker PE3500 ATV/UTV/Side-by-Side Electric Winch.


  • It comes with metal 3-stage planetary gearing, and it makes the winch perform smoother. 
  • Features automatic load-holding brake, which gives the user good control. 
  • The winch maintains a good line speed even under heavy load. 
  • Comes with a synthetic rope that is durable enough to take a good load. 
  • It got IP68 rated waterproof construction that allows you to go through harsh weather. 
  • Handheld handlebar control makes using this winch easy. 


  • From the price point, the load capacity is poor. 

Features 4.6 HP 12V motor that offers 3500 lb pulling capacity. And3-stage all-metal planetary gear train with 153:1 gear ratio ensures smooth line pulling under heavy load. 

The manufacturer has constructed this unit with high-end materials. Plus, they have made it water, snow, and mudproof.

Also features a submersible 300-amp solenoid which gives good protection and also enhances the duty cycle.

With this unit, you get marine-grade remote control connectors. It also packs aluminum fairlead, ties rods, and hook. 

The body has a corrosion-resistant black coating that increases the lifespan.

Wireless remote control and handheld mounted remote makes using the winch very easy. 

Talking about ease of use, this winch features an automatic load-holding brake, which works pretty nicely.

Comes with a synthetic rope that is durable enough to pull a 3500 lb load. 

That being said, from the price point, I think users deserve a little more pulling power. However, for medium load pulling it would be a good pick.

KFI Products SE45-R2 New Stealth Winch.


  • A 1.7 HP permanent magnet 12V motor that delivers 4500 lb load pulling capacity. 
  • Comes with a 38-inch synthetic cable that shows good durability. 
  • Metal 3-stage planetary gear train and cam activated free spool maintains smooth line rolling. 
  • Comes with a 14-inch corded remote to control the winch when needed. 
  • It got IP68 waterproof construction that allows you to go through heavy rain and snow. 
  • Features top-notch electric contractor and UTV dash rocker switch. 
  • This winch is very easy to install and mount. 


  • This unit is slightly expensive. 

Doesn’t matter whether it is raining or snowing badly; with this KFI winch, you can go through without any worry. 

All thanks to its IP68 waterproof and snowproof construction. Not only that, this winch remains protected from mud as well; it is designed that way. 

With this unit, you get 4500 lb pulling power, thanks to its 1.7 HP 12v motor. The 3-stage all-metal planetary gear train ensures smooth performance even under heavy load. 

A dynamic and mechanical braking system gives the user good control over the winch. And on top of that, there is a 14-inch handheld corded remote for easy control. 

You will get a remote mount as well. 

Installing and mounting this winch is very easy, no complex procedure. And lastly, 38-inch synthetic rope is strong enough to tackle a 4500 lb weight load.

With all the features, I think this unit is a little on the expensive side. However, overall it is a good unit, and that is what matters the most. 


These are the 5 best winch for Polaris rzr you will find in the market right now. 

Dozens of winches are being labeled as BEST, but these 5 units are satisfying many users. 

Hope this guide helps you find the ideal one for you. 

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