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Last Updated on July 2, 2022

Having a reliable winch at hand can definitely help get both you and your Polaris Sportsman out of difficult situations. But finding the best winch for Polaris sportsman can be a tough task, considering there are quite a few factors to think of.

That is why, to help you, I have written this article and provided recommendations for some of my favorite winch kits of all time. They were chosen based on their efficiency, ease of installation, price-value ratio, and additional features. 

Give this a read to better understand what type of winch you need and what model might suit you the most.

Recommended Polaris Sportsman Winches

Here I have talked about five of my top favorite winch kits that might suit your Polaris sportsman. Go through the detailed pros and cons to understand this well.

Genuine Polaris Sportsman Winch Kit


  • Plug and play model saves a lot of time and energy
  • Instruction manual is clear and detailed, and includes color-coded wires for convenience
  • Equipped with high-strength steel cables that are super effective on the job
  • Comes included with all mounting hardware necessary for you to get started
  • Water-resistant seals ensure that you can make this work even on the worst weather days


  • A bit more expensive compared to other winch kits

Today, the first model that I have decided to talk about is the Genuine Polaris sportsman winch kit. The model is a clear favorite among many because it is very convenient and simplistic in its design.

The plug-and-play nature of the model helps you save a lot of valuable time and energy and use those for the main task. You do not need to set aside a specific amount of time before towing your vehicle to get this model set up.

I really like how detailed the instruction manual is. Even people who have no experience of using such a kit can easily follow the instructions and get this model installed in a matter of minutes. The color-coded wires help a lot in this regard too.

With all the necessary hardware included in the package, you do not need to worry about shopping for new equipment before using this thing. The steel cables included in the model are really strong and ensure durability quite convincingly.

2021 Genuine Polaris Sportsman Winch


  • Can fit a wide range of Sportsman vehicles
  • Motor is sealed fully to work under all weather conditions
  • Auto stop technology helps prevent over spooling
  • Integrated with a rapid rope recovery design that helps pull open ropes 5 times faster than other cables
  • Comes included with all the equipment you need to get started
  • Installation process is relatively simple


  • Switch has been reported to malfunction

My second pick today is another fan favorite winch kit, which is equipped with some advanced technologies to the joy of its users. One such technology that this genuine Polaris winch kit boasts of is the use of a rapid rope recovery design.

Thanks to the design, you can pull any open cable at a speed 5 times faster than what you would get with other options on the market. This definitely gives the product a competitive edge and makes sure that you get the maximum efficiency while you are using it.

No matter how rainy or snowy the climate is, you can rely on this model to tow some super heavy loads. This is because the winch motor is fully protected using water-resistant seals, so no weather elements will be able to stop it from working to its full potential.

Auto-stop technology helps this model stop as soon as the collar touches the fairlead mechanism. By using this, you can prevent over spooling and save some valuable time. The installation process does not take much time either, so all in all, this is pretty handy equipment.

KFI Products Plug-N-Play Assault 2500 Series Winch for Polaris


  • Comes completely assembled so you do not have to waste any time setting it up
  • Includes switches and wires to connect directly to the ATV
  • Included 2500 steel cable ensures massive pulling power
  • The wireless remote control helps you to use the winch without any chance of accidents
  • Sports an auto stop technology


  • Does not last long

If you are on the hunt for a powerful winch kit for your Polaris Sportsman, then this could be it. This model utilizes a steel cable with an impressive 2500 lb pulling power, which is more than enough to tow some heavy loads.

What I absolutely love about this model is that it comes preassembled. Although a lot of models do not take much time to be set up, assembling is a whole other issue. But thankfully, with this model from KFI, you do not have to waste any time in assembly. 

I am also a huge fan of the wireless remote control that comes with the product. This helps you to control the kit from a safe distance and can be really helpful in preventing any sort of injuries. The integrated auto-stop technology also helps conserve power and time.

The installation process is particularly easy with this product, as it comes with switches and wires that can connect directly to the ATV. This guarantees ease of use and makes this model a fan favorite.

Genuine Polaris Sportsman Winch 2880434


  • A fully sealed motor ensures that the winch is safe from any sort of harmful elements
  • Has a whopping 3500 lbs of pulling power
  • Connects directly to the ATV wire harness and thus makes installing a super easy process
  • The lightweight nature makes it practical to use
  • Includes various equipment in order to deliver the best performance


  • Installation instructions are not clear

Among all the models I will be reviewing in this article, this one is the most powerful. It sports a whopping 3500 lbs of pulling power, which definitely makes it the best choice to use in case your vehicle falls in that weight range.

Although the model can tow heavy amounts of weight, it itself is quite lightweight in nature at 27 pounds. This makes it practical to use and easy to carry around if needed.

You might need to use a winch in situations when your vehicle is stuck in snowstorms or sticky mud. This presents a problem, as the heavy rain and snow can prevent the winch from working to its full capacity. 

However, you will not face any such problem with this model, as its motor is sealed fully to prevent any rain or snow from getting in and damaging its parts.

To make sure that you get the truly best performance from this winch, it comes with a wide range of hardware. These include a free spin wheel, a corded remote control, a pre-wired chassis, and a strap and hook.

KFI A3000 Winch Mount kit


  • Both dynamic and mechanical braking system lets you have control over the operation of the kit
  • Made from high-quality cast aluminum and steel material to maximize durability
  • Includes all the hardware that you will need to mount the vehicle
  • Clear, detailed instructions in the installation manual make the process fast and easy
  • The adjustable bracket makes it easy for you to control the winch with only one touch


  • Using process is a bit complicated

The last item we have on our list is definitely not the least; in fact, we might say it is the best! Why so? Because of the high-quality construction and the noteworthy features it has, of course.

First of all, unlike many other winch kits, this model has a solid construction of high-quality cast aluminum and steel. This ensures that this kit has a long lifespan, owing to the durability that comes from these materials. Besides, it is bound to withstand any sort of extreme conditions.

Instead of just a mechanical braking system, this product features a dynamic braking system too. This lets you have more control over the whole process and definitely adds value.

I am a fan of the manual that comes with this product, as it is written in a very clear way and is quite easy to follow. Using this, I was able to set up the model in about half an hour only!

You will get all the equipment that you need in order to mount your vehicle with this kit. This hardware also includes an adjustable bracket that you can mount directly. It offers you the benefit of being able to control your winch with just a touch.


By choosing the best winch for Polaris Sportsman, you will always be prepared in case of any towing emergencies. All of these winches are great for their value, but the KFI A3000 winch mount kit definitely stands out the most. 

The sturdy build of the kit, along with its integrated new technologies, definitely makes it great for all kinds of users.

Best winch for polaris sportsman

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