How To Prepare Your Jeep Before Hitting Trails

New to off-roading? Wait! Before off-roading, you need to know every core factor of off-roading. Hitting the trails is one of them. Before hitting the trails, you need to prepare your jeep in a good manner. Otherwise, you may have to pay a lot for this.

Today in this article, I am going to give you some tips about preparing your jeep before hitting the trails.

How To Prepare Your Jeep Before Hitting Trails

Check the Health Condition of Your Jeeps Tire

Checking the health condition of your jeep is one of the most important things. So, it is always recommended to give a check to your tires. If the tires are not compatible with off-roading, then it is a better idea to change the tires and install the tires which have comparatively larger lugs and broader thread that are specially designed for off-roading. Moreover, this change will ensure an improved braking system and also will provide grip in rough, unbalanced or swampy terrains.

Without it, it is a better idea to select a jeep having raised off the road compared to the standard vehicles.

Don’t Forget to Have Some Emergency Kits With You

Having some emergency kits in your jeep is always an important thing. These kits will be your friend in some critical situations. While hitting the trails, your vehicle may get stuck. So you should not leave any risky points. You should take enough food, first aid kits, water, navigation devices and recovery tools like a winch.

Knowing Your Trails

Well, a single step is left. The step is knowing about your trails. Undoubtedly, this step is much more important than the previous one. Whatever, you may find different types of trails while off-roading. They are Rock, Sand, Mud and so on. Here I am going to tell you how you can prepare your jeep before hitting the trails.


Rock is supposed to one of the most dangerous trails. So, you need to be very careful while you are hitting the rock trails. It is highly recommended to release some air from your tires whenever you are going to hit the trails. You should release about 3 to 5 pounds air from your jeep’s tire when you are going to attempt the rock crawl. Because the presence of excessive air in the tire may cause a flat tire.

Without it, you should go slow while rock crawling. Better try to go with an average of 2 mph speed. Moreover, putting the jeep in a low 4WD setting is important while hitting the rock crawl.


Well, what are the precautions while you are going to tackle sand? Simple answer. Just release some air from your tires. The amount of releasing air should be 10 to 12 pounds than the normal tires. Because the less aired tire generally covers a wider area and produces more tractions. Whenever you are out of the sand, you have to keep it in mind that you are moving forward and making progress. These wide turns are going to help you from getting stuck.


Wait! When it’s time to tackle mud, you need to be very careful. Because there is a chance of sliding. That’s why you have to go slowly. Never cast your gas pedal if you think that you are going to losing traction. It will only make your tire spin. However, you will be able to help the tires catching tractions and keep moving forward if you turn the steering wheel back and forth rapidly. Don’t lose your concentration. Otherwise, you may have to pay a lot.

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