Quadratec Winch Review 2022

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Last Updated on June 29, 2022

This is very common to get confused when you go to purchase a winch. You will find there are plenty of winches in the market holding different features and capacities. To get the best results, you need to get one from the best brand.

Today I’m here to talk about Quadratec winch. Are Quadratec winches good? Where are Quadratec winches made? Are Quadratec winches worth the money? Should you buy Quadratec winch? To know the answers to all these questions, start reading this Quadratec winch review article!

Quadratec Winch Review

Quadratec Q10-Performance Stealth Winch 10,000 lbs Winch Review


  • Massive pulling capacity.
  • Excellent gear ratio.
  • Powerful series wound motor
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Has LED winch spool light strip
  • Offers both steel cable and synthetic rope.
  • Comes with both wired and wireless remote control


  • The remote control quality is not up to the mark

The very first winch from Quadratec has a good pulling capacity. It has 10,000 lbs pulling capacity to recover your medium-weight vehicles without facing any problem.

Plus, this winch has a 4.9 HP motor and an excellent 210:1 gear ratio that will help you to enjoy a smooth winching operation.

Moreover, the Quadratec Q10 winch features both synthetic rope and steel cable version winches. The length of the rope is 82 which is undoubtedly good enough.

Apart from that, you will not have to worry about using this winch in tough situations. Because the Quadratec-Q10 holds IP67 waterproof ratings.

Besides, this winch is equipped with some exciting features. It has both wired and wireless remote control to make sure your safety while using the winch. Furthermore, it has a removable clutch handle, LED drum light, heat-dissipating aluminum fans and so on.

Quadratec Q12-Performance Stealth Winch 12,000 lbs Review

The Quadratec-12 winch is the updated version of the Q10 winch.

This winch has a bit higher pulling capacity. This time you will get 12000 lbs pulling capacity to deal with your medium to heavy-weight vehicles. In case your vehicle gets stuck in deep mud or snowy conditions, your winch will get you free without any hassle.

Apart from that, the Quadratec-Q12 winch has an improved gear ratio than the previously mentioned winch. No doubt that your winching experience will be much better with this winch.

However, there are no mentionable differences among the Quadratec-Q10 and Quadratec-Q12 winch. This one also comes with both steel cable and synthetic rope versions. The length of the rope is also the same. You will get both wired and wireless remote control and the IP67 waterproof rating as well.

Let’s watch an installation video:

Quadratec Q9000 Self Recovery Winch Review


  • Easy to install
  • Good pulling capacity
  • Excellent gear ratio.
  • Comes with both synthetic rope and steel cable versions.


  • No wireless remote control
  • Does not hold any waterproof rating.

The last Quadratec winch in my list offers you 9000 lbs pulling capacity. There is no magnificent difference in the pulling capacity compared with the previously mentioned winches. This winch is good to use with vehicles weighing below 6000 lbs.

Next, this winch has a 4.8 HP motor which is almost similar to the above-mentioned winches. I guess there will not be much difference in its performance.

You have the opportunity to pick anyone among the steel cable or synthetic rope versions. This time the length is 100 ft which is a bit higher. 

Besides, you will get a 12 ft long wired remote control with this winch so that you can use it from a safe distance. In addition to the wired remote control, this winch has an auto-load braking system for your safety.

However, you will not have to worry about the durability of this winch. Because this winch has double powder coat finishing which makes it more durable and last longer.

About The Brand Quadratec

The Quadratec officially started its journey in 1990. This is a USA-based company that produces jeep accessories and parts. The headquarters of this company is available in several areas.

Quadratec has brought a revolution in the market in the last more than 3 decades by making aftermarket automotive parts and accessories. At present time, the Quadratec owns more than 100000 unique accessories and parts of the jeep. 

Apart from the manufacturer role, Quadratec has a good reputation for participating in several events that are related to the jeep. It is found that they host their own jeep and Java event every month.

The Quadratec try their best to provide quality products to their customers. Also, the price set by Quadratec is very affordable which made their products a favorite of the customers.


There is nothing much to tell you after such a detailed review. Here, I have reviewed three winches from Quadratec (12,000 lbs/ 10,000 lbs/ 9000 lbs capacity). Pick one considering the weight you’re going to pull. Make sure that you’re bringing the right size winch for your job.

Quadratec Winch Review

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