REINDEER Winch Review 2022: Buy or Not?

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Last Updated on August 26, 2022

If you’re thinking of getting a winch, then chances are that you’re going to be spending a lot of time with it. Winches have a fairly low rate of giving up during duty; however, the experience can be quite unpleasant when that happens. 

Luckily, this REINDEER winch review guide will introduce you to a trusted brand and a few of their reliable products. Take your time to understand what each of the winches has to offer and pick according to your preference. 

REINDEER Winch Review

Let’s go throughout top picks. Here, you’ll find out which Reindeer winch is ideal for you.

REINDEER 13000 lbs 12V Electric Winch Review


  • Quick and agile button to a response time that does not mess with the workflow
  • Smooth transition when choosing between inward and outward pull
  • No rogue or unnecessary nuts and screws to clog the coiling by accident
  • Able to endure harsh weather conditions without disrupting its function
  • Features a sliding ring gear for smoother rotation when the pull weight gets closer to the limit
  • Easy to install and configure even if you’re new to the game


  • Comparatively expensive than other winches that offer the same pull rating
  • Receives multiple complaints from users regarding poor quality control system of the manufacturers

The first item on our list is a winch that is popular for its ease of use. If you’re a beginner, then you may consider exploring this option. Since it’s straightforward, it doesn’t have a complicated mechanism. Therefore, the company gets to focus on developing the quality without worrying about the profit margin. 

The major downside to this winch is the coiling issue. Most people would argue that it’s no big deal, but it’s important that you know about it before purchasing. 

The overall build of the gear is sturdy. It doesn’t give out the clanky feeling that’s evident in cheaper winches. This is a great lookout for those that want their vehicle to be equipped with nothing but the best. The solenoid can be positioned horizontally on the winch, so the structure remains ever so familiar to riders. 

Despite having a light build, the remote gets the job done pretty well. I believe REINDEER knows that too, which is why they put in not one but two remote controls in the box. Finally, the 13000lb single pull paired with a mechanical break makes it one of the top picks out there.

REINDEER 9500 lbs 12V Electric Winch Review


  • This 12V winch doesn’t weigh a lot compared to other winches of a similar pull rating
  • Fairly easy to operate and configure so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning
  • Maintains a unidirectional pull even when the load gets close to the maximum pull limit
  • Weather seal designed to keep external moisture out of the box 
  • Doesn’t make a lot of noise when the going gets tough.


  • Cable may tangle sometimes when the rim is pulling it inwards during non-loaded pulls

This 9500 lb electric winch is quite light and doesn’t add too much material weight to your vehicle. It’s easily one of the most well-reputed winch variations among the off-road riders’ community. 

Not to mention that it also comes with an IP67 rating to get you through the mud and rain. Now, if you’re really an off-road junkie, then you already know how important a decent IP rating is.

Overall, it’s a powerful machine. So, you must use this winch with care and responsibility. Wireless winches are slow as most of them depend on infrared. However, the latency is often negligible in high-end winches. But all of these issues (and the worry related to it) vanish if you choose this rig as your winch.

Remember that it’s safer for you to use the winch from a distance. And for gears like this, do not hesitate to choose synthetic cables over metal ones as they won’t gash your hand.

REINDEER 3000 lbs 12V Electric Winch Review


  • Faster line speed than other winches of similar pull rating to save your precious time
  • Endures bumps and clashes with ease as it is made for resilience and stability
  • You won’t need a lot of prior experience to understand what the setup guide says
  • Waterproof winch solenoid and body, so there is no chance of rusting or clogging
  • Features a disengaging clutch knob to help in turning despite having the power transfer shut-off


  • Evident coiling issue when the rope is at an angle during the pull
  • Comes with less than 40′ cable even if the packaging says 50′

The 3000lbs version is slightly smaller in width than the other ones. This version isn’t made for heavy use, even if it’s rated for 3000lbs. So, you can call it a good winch for ATVs and vehicles of the sort.

Just like every other winch that REINDEER makes, this one also has an easy setup process. Moreover, there aren’t many winches in the market that are as durable and effective as this bad-boy. Pair this up with the quick response remote control, and you have yourself the banger package.

Unfortunately, there is one obvious drawback to this product – the good old ‘one-side-coiling’. If the cable is at an angle from the vehicle when the winch is rolling, it may start to coil up on one side only, which is not exactly what you want to see. 

The quick fix to the issue is recalibrating the coil-winding spot by guiding the cable to the opposite side. It’s quite a common problem among older light-winches, and we can’t blame REINDEER for it. But if you’d like to steer clear of the minor flaw, feel free to explore other options.

About the Brand Reindeer

Reindeer is a brand that carves the finest off-road vehicle gears in the market. They are trusted by the community for their impeccable products inspired by the hunger for adventure. 

Although the brand had a slow start to success, they are widely recognized for their premium gear. Noteworthy ones include electrical winches and recovery traction track mats.


Our REINDEER winch review guide was designed to indicate the factors to help you make that go/no-go decision. So, to sum it up – Reindeer 13000lbs is a good option if your pull involves heavy loads or if you have a vehicle that does heavy climbing every now and then. 

Reindeer 3000lbs is for lighter vehicles that do not involve heavy pulls. Even though Reindeer 9500lbs offers the best of both worlds, it’s not a winch you’d appreciate on an ATV.  Lastly, make sure that the pull rating is at least 1.5 times your vehicle’s load before making your purchase.

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