What is a Self Tailing Winch? How to Choose a Self Tailing Winch

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Last Updated on June 25, 2022

Sailing has become one of the most enjoyable hobbies or activities in recent times. A lot of people prefer sailing as their hobby. The person who used to sail is called a sailor. No doubt that all the sailors are very passionate about their hobbies. Because it gives them a lot like a return. 

Apart from the hobby, sailing can be considered as a sport with lots of fun. Why not? You will be gliding your boat through the water and the water will be splashing you. Isn’t it exciting? Obviously, it is.

However, while sailing, there are some things that can make your sailing difficult. At first, you need to learn how to control your sailboat. Fortunately, there is equipment that you can use to help you while sailing. The name of the equipment is the self tailing winch.

Today, I will talk about what is Self Tailing which and how you can find the best one for you.

Self Tailing Winch

What is a Self Tailing Winch

I guess you know that controlling your sail of sailboats may be a tedious task to do, especially if you wish to sail alone. You may experience 2 tons of force if you own a boat that is 30-40 feet long. The amount of force needed can vary depending on the wind conditions though. 

In this kind of situation, you can use a winch to help you to have control over your heavy sails hosts when there are strong winds. Your winch will provide all the forces that you need.

However, if you wish to sail alone, then you need to select your winch carefully. Because all the winches are not designed according to your expectation. You will find some sailboat winches that are produced for two people to work on it, you will not have any option to operate it solo. In this case, you will be needing a self tailing winch as you are planning to sail alone.

Well, before going to know what is a self tailing winch, there are some crucial factors you need to know. Tailing and Grinding are some of those factors. Tailing means pulling the rope and then tightening it. Again, grinding is spinning your winch. 

In order to pull the winch line, both of these factors need to be done at the same time. Basically, it is a task that is accomplished by two people. One will handle the grinding process and another one will handle the tailing process. With the help of a self tailing, both the tasks can be done alone. Operating the winch and executing grinding and tailing by a person is possible.

As you can guess from its name, the self tailing winch is a type of winch that can be operated by a single person. This winch is a capstan-type winch. It holds an open end and a vertical drum that remains wrapped around using your winch line. 

Your self tailing winch handle can be detached. You need to attach this handle only when you need to use it. While going through the handle attaching process, you need to be careful about you have attached the handle properly. It will prevent any kind of unexpected accidents.

How to Choose a Self Tailing Winch

I think now you have a proper idea about a self tailing winch. Now you may face a problem about which one to bring as there are so many winches available in the market. That’s why you need to take some crucial facts into your account. They are-:

Your Intended Purpose

You will find different self tailing winch for satisfying different tasks. You need to determine how often you will be using the winch. Keep it in your mind.

Sailing Area

The second thing is your sailing area. You have to figure out your sailing surface area. It is necessary as your sailing surface area correlates with the area the wind will push. If you find there is more area, then remember there will be more area where wind can push, which ultimately results in more weight. 

You should bring a winch with proper specifications in order to get the proper output.

Sailboat Length

You also need to consider your sailboat length. The capacity of your winch will depend on the length of your sailboat.

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