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Last Updated on July 1, 2022

Snatch block recovery

If you have an off-road vehicle, you probably already own a winch for recovery purposes. A winch is your friend in need and will stay that way if you take care of it properly. Adding some extra gears to your recovery tool collection can release some pressure off of the winch.

A snatch block can be one of them. It is small in size but has the potential to significantly boost the winch’s total pulling capacity. Another advantage of this recovery equipment is that it is not too expensive.

Snatch blocks are available from a variety of brands for a low cost. All you have to do now is pick one that meets your budget and needs. To save you some time and effort, we have gathered some of the best snatch blocks available. All of these products are well researched.

In addition, we will provide a complete buying guide on how you can choose the best snatch block without any help from others. But first, let’s gaze upon the fine collection of snatch blocks that we put together.

Top Pick
WARN 92188 Epic Multi-Purpose Snatch Block

WARN 92188 Epic Multi-Purpose Snatch Block

Warn Epic snatch block is packed with all the latest and best features that make a snatch block perfect. This one comes in a variety of sizes and capacities (5000 lbs/ 12,000 lbs/ 18,000 lbs).

8 Best Snatch Block Review

1. WARN 92188 Multi-Purpose Snatch Block

Warn is a name you can trust when it comes to off-road recovery tools and gears. They have an excellent reputation that they are carrying throughout the years. Their products are known for their long-lasting performance and high quality. That reliability comes at a price range that is known to us as ‘Premium Pick’.

However, the high price tag is totally compatible with this Warn 92188 multi-purpose snatch block. This comes in a variety of sizes and capacities. However, we will look at the one that has a pulling force of 12,000 pounds. It can effectively double your winch’s pulling strength. Furthermore, during operation, this snatch block can reduce heat buildup and amp draw.

Forged steel with a corrosion-resistant e-coat finish makes this one a durable and long-lasting recovery gear. It is also easier to handle. You just have to open the side plate, insert your winch line in there and then close the side plate. That’s it, your winch snatch block is ready for recovery.

This snatch block works perfectly with both synthetic rope and steel cable if the cable is a 3/8 inch version. This product got positive reviews from all the users except those who don’t like Chinese-made products. We won’t list this as a downside because many popular brand products are manufactured in China and they perform very well.

Warn could’ve set the price tag a bit on the lower side but as we mentioned earlier that ‘Premium Pick’ is one of the signature moves of Warn products.


  • Heavy-duty and rugged snatch block option that comes in a variety of capacity and size
  • Fully corrosion-resistant thanks to its powder-coated finish
  • Compatible with both versions of winch cable
  • Long-lasting, durable and reliable option


  • A pricey option

2. Rhino USA Snatch Block Heavy Duty 13.5T

Rhino USA is a small venture based in Temecula, California operated by a father and his two sons. There is some misconception among the users that their products are manufactured in the US as the name includes the USA, but that’s not the case. All of their products just like most brand products are manufactured in China.

This Rhino USA snatch block is a rugged and heavy-duty accessory with a breaking strength of 13.5 tons (27000 lbs). However, the working maximum loading capacity of this snatch block is 9000 lbs. Don’t mix up these two different ratings as most users do and face problems.

The body of this block is made out of drop forged steel casting, aerospace polymer and has a 6mm powder coating. You can use both steel cable and synthetic rope with this snatch block without facing any difficulties. That’s a must-have feature for any snatch block.

It has a unique two-piece winch pulley design with pressed plates to keep the winch cable in its place even under extreme pressure. Rhino USA products ensure two key characteristics in their product: toughness and good quality. They are as reliable as they can get.


  • Highly rated among users
  • Compatible with all winches
  • Unsatisfied customers will get a refund
  • 27000 lbs breaking strength
  • Unique design and reliable performance


  • They used plastic to make the winch pulley roller

3. Smittybilt 2744 Snatch Block Universal – Best Value

Smittybilt brand is known for providing high-quality gear at reasonable prices. That is the case for this Smittybilt 2744 snatch block too. The black powder finish on this snatch block enhances its durability by making it rust and corrosion-free. You can even repaint this best snatch block with brighter colors to make it more visible in the dark.

This one is perfect for angled pulls as it will work like a winch guide. To ensure smooth operation, this one comes with grease fitting. It can double your winch’s pulling power with its own capacity of 17,600 lbs. This snatch block pulley is compatible with a winch cable that ranges from 7/32 to 3/8 inches in diameter.

Though the manufacturer announced it to be suitable with steel cable only but during our research, we saw many users claiming that they used it with synthetic ropes too. They didn’t face any issues so that’s also a positive sign. 

The working mechanism is also very simple like the Warn towing winch snatch block. You just swivel the side plate, insert your winch cable, and swivel it back. It’s a heavy-duty tool so you can use it for any kind of offroad recovery situation.

The price is also very reasonable and ideal for budget shoppers. It’s a great combo of affordability and performance.


  • Reliable performance
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Heavy-duty build quality
  • Grease fitting
  • Compatible with all winches
  • Rust and corrosion free


  • Only suitable for steel cable as per the manual

4. GearAmerica 25T Heavy-Duty Mega Snatch Block

The GearAmerica Mega Snatch Block is a beast in terms of working load limit. It has an immense load limit of 25,000 lbs which is equivalent to 11.3 tons. This one is the big gun intended for those giant off-road vehicles and monster winches.

It will be overkill if you have like a half-ton truck and a 9 or 10,000 lb winch. You should only consider getting it if you got a full-ton truck with a 12,000 lbs or more winch.

This heavy-duty snatch block pulley works perfectly with both synthetic and steel cables that are 7/32 to 5/8 inches in diameter. So, it can be categorized as a universal best snatch block.

You will get a long-time smooth operation thanks to its greasable zerk fitting. The heavy-duty winching session will feel like a piece of cake when you add this beast to your winch’s pulling power.

The GearAmerica also works for a noble cause. All the profit they earn by selling their products will give 10 percent of it to “St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital”. So, you can be a part of a great cause too if you purchase one from them.


  • The monstrous working winch load limit
  • Heavy-duty build
  • Compatible with both winch rope version
  • Reliable and durable


  • A pricey option

5. KFI Products ATV-SB Snatch Block

If you don’t plan on doing a lot of hard lifting and just need a tiny snatch block for your regular and casual small pulling jobs, the KFI Products ATV-SB snatch block is a great option.

The working max load limit of this snatch block is 8,000 pounds. The dark grey powder-coated finish will ensure a long-lasting lifetime. The hooking holes are big enough to easily insert the cable and perform the operation.

The steel plates and the aluminum snatch pulley block make it much easier to lift big objects with your winch. The KFI Products ATV-SB snatch block is extremely useful for small-scale winch pulling.

The hole diameter of this snatch block is not as big as others but it’s enough for its size. It comes with 1-1/2 inches diameter holes to hook your cable onto.

The price of these winch snatch blocks are as cheap as it can get. The users of this product are highly satisfied with its performance and rate it highly.


  • Good for small pulling jobs
  • Durable, rust-free, and corrosion resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Very cheap price tag


  • It has no bearing

6. TGL Tree Saver, Tow Strap with D Ring Shackles, and 10T Snatch Block – Best Combo

If you enjoy getting extra things with everything you purchase, then you will definitely love this combo package from TGL. This 30,000 lb capacity snatch block comes with some extra recovery items. The snatch block itself is heavy-duty gear.

And then you will get an 8 feet long heavy-duty winch strap along with 2 D rings with this snatch block. The width of the strap is 3 inches, and it also has a 30,000 lbs capacity like the snatch block. The zinc-coated D rings are fully rust-free and can tolerate max loads up to 4.75 tons.

The D ring shackles body has a diameter of ¾ inch and a 7/8-inch diameter pin. They are CE (Conformité Européenne) certified for working with a 4.75-ton winch load limit.

The snatch block comes with a grease zerk fitting to maintain lubrication. The large opening makes it easier to use and the synthetic rope or cable inserting portion opens with a slide. This one is a reliable pick with some extra perks.

The price is also reasonable. So, this is the best combo deal for a snatch block you can get.


  • Huge load capacity
  • Comes with some extra gear stress
  • Best combo deal for a snatch block
  • The strap provided with the package is also rated for higher load capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable price


  • Small in size

7. ORCISH 10T Snatch Block

The Orcish 10T recovery snatch block is a complete package. It is available in three color options: black, red, and orange. It boasts a one-of-a-kind design that looks great aesthetically. The diameter of the holes is 3-inch for connecting soft shackles.

It is rated for 22,000 lbs or 10 Ton line pull rating. A black powder coating has been applied to the snatch block. The use of carbon steel in the side plates and the stainless steel pulley wheel ensures the durability of this tool. 

You can easily swivel it to open and close the side plates with no disassembly, just like most of the other snatch blocks. So, handling this unit won’t be an issue.

It will work in favor of the winch motor and will prevent from winch motor heat accumulation and extend the lifespan of the motor. If you use it properly, you can easily increase your winch’s pull capacity.

It is compatible with both steel cable and synthetic rope with diameters ranging from 5/16 to ½ inches. The price tag of this one is very reasonable and affordable. Overall, in terms of price-to-performance ratio, this can be a terrific choice.


  • Can increase your winch’s pull capacity
  • Fully black powder-coated so it will be rust and corrosion-free
  • Heavy-duty build quality
  • Easy to hook the cable
  • Reasonable price tag


  • Not a universal snatch block

8. RUGCEL WINCH 10T Heavy Duty Recovery Snatch Block

This one is another 22,000 lbs or 10 Ton snatch block and this one is from Rugcel. This snatch block got a positive response from the users, and they rated it highly. It can easily increase the pulling power of your winch and reduce the load on the winch motor.

The dowel bearing of this snatch block comes with a grease fitting. As a result, it runs quite smoothly when used for off-road recovery situations. This heavy-duty winch has the same swivel open system which is very common for smart snatch blocks due to its versatility.

The cheap price tag on top of that makes this one a really good bargain.


  • Huge line pull rating
  • Comes with a grease fitting for smooth performance.
  • Can maximize the winch’s pulling capacity
  • Will extend the winch motor lifespan
  • Fully UV and corrosion-resistant thanks to its E-coat finish
  • Not pricey


  • Didn’t find any


A snatch block, among several other winch accessories, could prove to be one of the best investments on your part. It could be a lifesaver for off-roaders who need to execute angled pulls, change the pull direction, or simply want to boost the overall pulling strength of their winch. 

You most likely already got the perfect one that matches your requirements from the list above. However, if you’re having trouble deciding, we have some recommendations for you.

For those who are not worried about the budget, the top-rated Warn 92188 Multi-Purpose Snatch Block should be your pick. It is packed with all the latest and best features. And the reputation of the brand Warn in the off-road accessory industry is also unmatched, so you won’t have to worry about quality.

Now, for budget shoppers, the Smittybilt 2744 Universal Snatch Block will ensure the best value. It is equipped with everything that makes a snatch block perfect and it comes with a cheap price tag. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Those of you who love getting extras in life should check out the TGL 10T Snatch Block. It offers a combo package of some extra gears along with the snatch block. It also comes at a reasonable price.

Snatch Block Accessories

Your off-road winching experience can be sweeter if you start using some accessories along with the snatch block with your winch. Some necessary snatch block accessories are given below.

1# Recovery Shackles

If you’re using a snatch block, you need to buy recovery shackles if you don’t already have them. You can connect your snatch block to your vehicles with the help of this recovery shackle.

It can also be used to connect winch lines and tow straps. Recovery shackles are traditionally constructed for steel cables. However, synthetic rope recovery shackles are also available.

2# Winch Dampers

A snapped winch cable (especially one made of steel) can be quite dangerous. It has the potential to seriously hurt anyone who comes anywhere near to the cable. You can use the winch dampener to solve if there is any problem of this kind.

The winch cable is usually covered with a winch line dampener. As a result, if the cable is accidentally snapped, it will not soar into the air. It will instead tumble to the ground.

3# Gloves

A pair of heavy-duty winch gloves are very important for the protection of your hands during winching operations. Handling winch lines, recovery straps, or the winch itself has some injury risks. You should not neglect this. Wearing a pair of gloves will be comfortable too. 

It will also have an impact on your working experience. Handling those rugged metals won’t affect the good condition of your hands and will keep them clean. 

Why Do You Need A Snatch Block?

Snatch blocks mainly have two purposes:

  1. To increase the pulling capacity of a winch to help during an off-road recovery.
  2. To deflect or redirect the force of the winch in situations when pulling directly on a stranded vehicle is impractical.

To put it in simple terms, if you are a winch owner, investing in a snatch block is a smart idea. It is a low-cost way to extend the capabilities of your winch and keep the winch under a low amount of pressure. That will result in a longer lifespan for your winch and the winch’s motor.

To work with a snatch cable, you can purchase some shackles and one tree saver strap to ensure an easy connection route between other vehicles and anchors like trees or rocks.

Types of Snatch Blocks

Snatch blocks come in different designs, uses, sizes, and categories. However, depending on the design and operation, we may classify snatch blocks into three categories.

  • Snatch block with hooks

Snatch blocks with hooks are often employed as temporary execution with winch wire rope or rope uplift and winches. 

  • Snatch block with shackles

Snatch Block with Shackle is utilized in both perpetual and intermittent equip applications.

  • Swing block

The Swing Blocks are used mostly with vehicle winches and 4 x 4 off-road automobiles. It is the most extensively employed snatch block among these three varieties for recovering vehicles.

How To Choose A Snatch Block

Snatch Block

A snatch block is a simple piece of recovery tool with no complicated mechanisms. So, you won’t face any confusion about it being good or bad. Choosing a snatch block is easy but just consider some factors before making the final decision. We are providing those factors to make it easier for you.

1# Winch Pull Capacity

The general rule of thumb for purchasing a snatch block is to pick one that is rated equally or roughly twice the load capacity of your winch. For example, if your winch can pull a load of 10,000 lbs., then your snatch block should have a 20,000 lbs. working load limit. 

Because of the mechanical advantage provided by the snatch block, you can pull about twice the load that the winch is rated for with just one snatch block. That’s why it is important to get a snatch block rated very high.

There is obviously a case of suggesting a snatch block that isn’t rated twice the load capacity of a winch, that’s because you don’t always do a recovery where the trapped vehicle weighs higher than your winch’s capacity. 

In those cases, a double capacity snatch block isn’t a must. But it’s best to be prepared for the worst and keeping a higher capacity snatch block will provide you flexibility and peace of mind.

2# Strength Of The Snatch Block

You should read the product description carefully to know the actual strength of the snatch block. Check out the breaking strength of the snatch block. That is, how much pressure can the snatch block take or how much load will cause the snatch block to break down.

Then, check the working load limit which is the amount of load the snatch block is able to pull. Keep in mind that the breaking strength and the working load limit are not the same things. So, don’t get deceived by those two ratings.

Many people see the breaking strength of a snatch block and think that it is the working load limit of that snatch block. They buy the snatch block and later don’t get the result as they expected which they obviously won’t get. So, double-check that rating and make your decision.

3# Cable Compatibility

Another crucial thing to consider is whether or not the snatch block will work with the version of winch rope on your winch. Winch wire ropes come in two varieties: synthetic rope and steel cable. Both of these types are not supported by all snatch blocks.

Universal snatch block, on the other hand, is compatible with both steel cable and synthetic rope. The synthetic rope’s diameter must also be matched with the snatch block. As a result, double-check that your present cable can pass through the snatch block.

4# Durability

The terms “durability” and “strength” are not identical. Your snatch block’s durability refers to its ability to withstand harsh conditions.

Many snatch block manufacturers produce their products rust-free to increase their durability. Other factors to consider are if the item is weatherproof and whether it has grease fittings to make maintenance easy. Greasing a snatch block is essential because it extends the life of the snatch block and makes pulling easier.

Another factor to consider when it comes to durability is the materials used. It should go without saying that some materials are just more durable than others.

5# Size

The size of your snatch block is determined by your needs. Generally speaking, the larger the thing, the greater load it can support. However, as previously said, the product’s material should also be examined as the excellent material also play a vital role.

Snatch blocks are usually quite large. Some of them might be as heavy as 10-15 pounds. Many leading companies construct their snatch blocks in such a way that they are small in size but powerful. It becomes much easier to transport them in this manner. A snatch block, on the other hand, tends to be rougher as it grows in size.

One of the most important factors in determining whether or not you can use the snatch block is its size. Winch cables and other accessories come in a variety of sizes, and an ill-fitting snatch block renders the item useless.

It is impossible to employ a snatch block that is too small. A large snatch block also allows for a loose-fitting of the winch cable and that will cause too much movement during recovery. Too much movement is not good news as it can cause the snatch block to shake loose and trigger a disaster.

6# Safety and Ease Of Use

It’s possible that if you don’t use your snatch block effectively and attentively, you’ll find yourself in a risky situation. As a result, be certain you’re purchasing a snatch block from a reputable manufacturer. 

Also, when utilizing a snatch block, the provided load rating must be exact, and you should never exceed the suggested load rating. It should be simple to use. Snatch blocks that come with swiveling side plates are often simple to use.

7# Winch Cable Diameter

The diameter of the snatch block pulley (sheave diameter) should be around 8 to 10 times higher than your winch cable’s diameter, at the very least. If possible, in the case of a steel cable, find a snatch block that has a sheave diameter that is at least 20 times higher than the cable’s diameter.

It’s better to err on the side of obtaining a huge snatch block since they’ll be more flexible in a variety of situations.

8# Winch Line Material

Steel cable winch lines are generally thinner than synthetic rope winch lines. The winch pulley block on some of the newer snatch blocks has bigger slots to facilitate this evolution and avoid compressing the line as it goes around the sheave. 

Snatch blocks that have V-shaped grooves in the pulley should be avoided since they can pinch the line. Look for any burrs or other flaws in the sheave that could snag the synthetic line and remove them.

9# Price

Last but not least, the money issue. For every product out there, you will get several deals with different price tags, and you have to filter out the best deal among them. The snatch block is a very crucial addition to your off-road stuck vehicle recovery operations as we mentioned earlier so you need to get the best one for yourself.

With a little bit of scouting, you can easily find the best deal for yourself if you are a budget shopper but still wants the best for yourself. But if time is an issue for you, then selecting a well-known brand and buying their product is your best bet.

It will cost you a little extra but the quality you will get will be top-notch. And, given that a faulty snatch block might put you in severe danger, spending that extra money won’t be in vain. You will get the best value out of your investment.

Best Snatch Block For Winch FAQ

What is a Snatch Block?

A snatch block is a particular type of pulley that has a metallic shell with a heavy-duty pulley within. It is a kind of supporting system, it works hand in hand with a winch if you ever get in a situation where your vehicle or anything gets stuck in mud or a very small space and you need to get it out of there and need to lift it somehow. 

Here your answer is using a snatch block. Snatch blocks are commonly used to transfer loads in a short mile of distance but are popular to be used in recovery situations like that.

Is My Winch’s Line Pull Capacity Somehow Connected To The Snatch Block I Need To Buy?

The line pull capacity of a winch is directly connected to a snatch block. As you will use a snatch block in order to double your winch’s pulling strength, you will need to know the line pull capacity of your winch first. Once you get the number, multiply it by 2 and the amount you get should be the working load limit of the snatch block you buy.

If you have a 10,000 lbs winch, then the pulling capacity of your snatch block should be 20,000 lbs. That way, you will be guaranteed to get double strength in pulling power of your winch. 

Of course, you can have a snatch block with a pull capacity less than double the pulling that off the winch. You won’t be able to use it to its maximum potential in some situations. Although, most of the time, you deal with loads lower than the strength of your winch. Still, you better have it and not need it, rather than need it and not have it.

Is The Diameter Of My Winch Cable Matter?

Yes, your cable’s diameter also plays an important role in choosing the right snatch block. There are many snatch blocks that aren’t compatible with all types of winch cable diameters. That’s a limitation we have to accept. To ensure compatibility, you can check the instruction manual as it will be written there.

So, before you go out and get a new snatch block, double-check that it will work with the current cable of your winch. However, if you are short on time, get yourself a universal fit snatch block that will fit with any type of cable. Those snatch blocks work with nearly all standard winch cables. However, they can be costly.

Are Some Snatch Blocks Available Designed Better Than Other?

Yes, technically. Snatch blocks aren’t all created equal. Snatch blocks are made by a variety of companies. All snatch blocks traditionally come with two side plates and one pulley wheel within. The side plates can be opened or closed by swiveling them sideways.

Grease fittings are now standard on the top-quality winches. It’s also known as a ‘zerk fitting.’ A snatch block operates smoothly because of this unique design element. The grease-fitting design ensures that lubricating the snatch block is a breeze. A snatch block with a grease fitting can be considered better designed in this regard. It is not, however, a must-have feature.

How much difference will the snatch block make for the pulling?

The purpose of towing winch snatch blocks is to make using a winch smoother and more powerful. The use of a snatch block greatly increases the pulling capacity of a winch. 

A winch drum with less spooling provides more pulling power than one fully pooled. The less line there is on the drum, the more effective the pulling ratio becomes. As a result, the snatch block was created.

It’s tethered to whatever car is being towed. The cable or winch line then returns to the vehicle after passing through the pulley block. Additional lines will be able to exit the winch drum this way, providing more pulling capacity for the recovery.

What Safety Measures should I take when using a snatch block?

Heavy-duty materials are used to make snatch blocks, allowing them to handle thousands of pounds. Because most snatch blocks are 10 lbs in weight, they might cause fatal injuries or occurrences if linked up incorrectly.

Due to the enormous force applied by the winch and the vehicle, it is not impossible for them to fail if overworked. The load on the line is much higher than the actual load you are pulling so be sure that the object you tie your snatch block to is strong, stable, and capable of withstanding the strain.

How can a winch’s pulling capacity be elevated?

By offering tactical advantage, a winch snatch block lets you 2x the pulling force of a winch. A single winch, when employed in the proper winching pulley arrangement, may almost quadruple a winch’s pulling power. When put up correctly, winch combinations with 2 or 3 pulleys (snatch blocks) may treble or quadruple the pulling force.

What are the greatest off-road snatch blocks?

Snatch blocks for off-road adventure and over-landing are manufactured by a variety of businesses. Warn, Rhino USA, Rugged Ridge, Smittybilt, and GearAmerica are a few brands to appraise when purchasing a grab block. Take a look at the various winch snatch blocks on the trade for additional information.

Is it possible to utilize a snatch block with the synthetic rope?

Yes, a snatch block with a synthetic cable is an option. Usually, a synthetic winch cable with an 8:1 shaft size is utilized, hence the pulley block (sheave) must be eight times the opacity of the rope.

 Because a V-shaped grove will pinch the line by placing it under undue stress, employ snatch blocks where the line rests in a U-shaped groove in the sheave. Make sure there are no buzzes in the grove since they can hitch and ruin the winch rope.

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