Best Trailer Hitch for Subaru Ascent

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Last Updated on June 11, 2022

A crossover SUV, mid-size, and 3-row seats are characteristics that define a Subaru Ascent. And when looking for the best hitch for Subaru Ascent, you have to keep in mind it’s the biggest vehicle of the lineup with a massive 5000 pounds of towing capacity.

You can put a trailer hitch on a Subaru Ascent as long as it serves the towing capacity. There is a trailer hitch kit designed for the particular vehicle with specifications completely matching the purpose.

You should still try checking a few things before making the final buy, which are:

  • The capability to help tow several types of trailers.
  • Can tow 5000 pounds with proper equipping. It should be class 3,4 or 5 hitches.
  • Fits the year of Subaru Ascent it is meant to be used for.
  • It will help in maximizing the potential of your Subaru Ascent.

Gives some aesthetic value as well because nobody likes a hitch body sticking out ruining the whole look of the SUV.

Today, I have decided to sit down and share 3 of my found hitch models that would do excellent with a Subaru Ascent.  

Best Trailer Hitch for Subaru Ascent

Draw-Tite 76253 Max-Frame Class III Receiver Trailer Hitch

The first one I want to talk about is a class III receiver-style hitch. Draw-Tite 76253 is just perfect for Subaru Ascent 2019 and all newer versions, and it covers a wide range of vehicle styles including trailers, vans, trucks, and also sport utility vehicles.

The square shape receiver opening is 2 inches, and you can use the hitch for 750 lbs. tongue weight as well as 5000 lbs. GTW. So that’s perfect specifications there for Ascent already.

Talking about the after-installation look, it sits without messing with the appearance of your SUV. You need to buy a clip, pin, and detachable ball mount for usage separately.

Diving into the actual performance, the Draw-Tite 76253 installation is fairly simple. But it will depend on which year Ascent you are installing it and DYing skills. 

It should not take more than 2.5 hours. And the tools necessary are usually trim tools and torque wrenches.

Another fascinating thing about this hitch is that it does not sit beneath the vehicle. And that just helps in maintaining ground clearance. 

The bumper replacement works instead. However, if this is safe enough, that’s a different discussion to have. Also, taking off the whole bumper sometimes is intimidating.

Also, owners of the 2020 ascent with factory mud guards need to have an extra piece of information. The removal of both bolts and push pins on each guard is a necessary additional step along with the other directions. 

Overall, Draw-Tite 76253 is a fabulous option I wanted to share very first.


  • Covers a wide range of vehicle styles.
  • Perfect GTW rating for Subaru Ascent.
  • Gives a clean appearance after installation.
  • Simple to do the installation process.


  • The black coating feels low quality.

CURT 13448 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

The next one is CURT 13448, another great fitting hitch of Subaru Ascent with the most basic features checked in it. It prices slightly more than the previous hitch I talked about.

And the whole hitch is carbon steel made with powder coating, so a decent construction. The black powder coat is there to prevent damage from UV rays. It also helps in preventing chips and rust problems.

The vehicles that this hitch will be able to work with include not just trailers but also passenger cars, pickup trucks, all-terrain vehicles, and sport utility transports.

CURT 13448 is versatile with multiple mount options available. You can use it for tow hook, cargo carrier, bike rack, ball mount, and many other styles.

It is a Class III hitch with 5000 lbs. of GTW and 750 lbs. of TW, again this one also fits perfectly the specification needs of Subaru Ascent.

Installation is fairly simple for CURT 13448 and most people who are somewhat mechanically included will figure it out easily. There’s a washer and screws provided for installation. However, you need to purchase wiring.

If you add a luggage holder on the rear deck, for let’s say a vacation, the hitch will help to keep it stable and wobble-free. So apart from pulling a trailer, you can also use it for an extended luggage deck if needed.

Overall, CURT 13448 is a well-made, secure, and practically priced hitch that shall sit well with Subaru Ascent.


  • Construction quality is premium.
  • It can be used for trailer pulling as well as holding racks.
  • Super simple installation process.
  • Nuts and washers are provided for installation.
  • Protected from rust, chip, and UV rays.


  • Needs wiring that is separately sold.

CURT 13400 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

And the last one, CURT 13400 is another Subaru Ascent friendly hitch that supports all the specification demands of this particular SUV with a price point almost close to a couple of hundred dollars.

This one too uses carbon steel and powder coated construction as well as a wide range of vehicle types supporting flexibility.

TW with CURT 13400 is 675 lbs. and the GTW is 5000 lbs. so both are suitable for Ascent. And it is a class III hitch with multiple towing options.

Just like most CURT models, this hitch is rated quite high in terms of maximum safe hauling tests. 

About the coating provided, two different types of finishes are cured for giving protection against UV rays and rust.

You need to be prepared with a few kinds of stuff for installation in some cases. For example, if you own a 2019 Subaru Ascent, there will be a need for expanding holes. And for that, you will need a die grinder. Some say that a step-up bit works just as fine.

And you need to remove both mufflers off for having some space to work on the hitch. The space between frame and muffler is quite low to prop up the hitch comfortably.

Also, it is true that the CURT 13400 is more on the heavier side. So, it might not be completely comfortable to hold it while installing unless you are a big physique holder.

Overall, the CURT 13400 is a solid Class III hitch that I definitely see a lot of Subaru Ascent owners loving.


  • Standard built-in quality.
  • Prevents chipping with the dual-cured coats.
  • Smooth installation if you know what you’re doing.
  • Perfect gross trailer weight for Subaru Ascent.
  • Safe to use.


  • The space between the hitch frame and the muffler is too limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the 2021 Subaru ascent have a tow hitch?

Yes, there’s a 2021 Subaru ascent hitch of Class III and it can tow up to 5000 lbs. when used with chosen trim levels.

Can I Replace/ or Install a Subaru Trailer Hitch?

Newer models of Subaru Ascent do offer a mechanism of direct attaching with the frame without needing any drilling at all. And in that case, you can install the hitch all by yourself. However, a professional installation is still recemented if you own any year before 2019. Also, in the case of DIY, you have to carefully read the manufacturer’s given instructions.

What are the different types of Subaru trailer hitches?

The most common types are receiver hitch, front mount hitch, and bumper hitch.

Wrapping Up

And that was all about finding the best hitch for Subaru Ascent. All three are great in their own way, but my favorite one would be Draw-Tite 76253 Hitch and that’s because out of all three it is the easiest to install as well as the least priced one.

In terms of other factors that are important to have in a hitch for Subaru Ascent, all three seem equally good to me. 

On that note, I’ll be taking your leave for today. With the promise of coming back with another helpful guide like this one. Take Care!


I just found out 3 amazing hitches that go wonderful with Ascent. Here’s my guide on the best hitch for Subaru Ascent with overall thoughts on each. Enjoy!

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