Choosing The Best Winch for Toyota Land Cruiser

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Last Updated on June 30, 2022

There’s no doubt when you have to pick a suitable winch for your Toyota Land Cruiser, there will be a few factors to consider.

For example, deciding the capacity, according to the needs of your vehicle.

Also, the type of winch rope you’d prefer, some like synthetic ones while most prefer steel-made ropes. And then the provided mounting systems.

These are probably just a handful of matters that you need to keep in mind while picking the best winch for Toyota land cruisers. And we hope you have a solid idea of that already.

Because today we would like to give you 3 recommendations for a winch, that according to us, feels pretty right for a Toyota land cruiser. Hope It Helps!

Top 3 Best Winch for Toyota Land Cruiser

Warn 89120 ZEON 12 Winch – Top Pick


  • A solid build quality that’ll last longer.
  • The amazing power of the motor.
  • Huge diameter drum included.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • It does not make a weird noise.


  • The weight might be not so easy for a few handlers.

The Warn 89120 ZEON 12 Winch comes with a tough enough construction, first and foremost, that would be able to tackle almost anything. A very advanced look, undeniably. And the features combinedly sound pretty promising as well as capable enough to be our top pick.

If we have a look at its body, then there’s a fabulous housing made of cast aluminum, it looks satin black. That’s durable with some prettiness!

Then the much busting sealing along with the control pack, which is convertible, the design seems promising for an easy mounting option. You will be able to mount it any way you want to.

Going to the power unit, the motor is a robust one with a finish promising to be hyper durable. Not to mention the near gear train that serves with efficiency. The whole unit seems sorted enough to serve you for quite a solid number of years as a strong workhouse.

The winch also showed good performance in terms of corrosion resistance. The cool black finish makes that happen. Also, in comparison to a standard winch, this one makes a drastically better sound.

Also, there’s less rope wear along with a super simple rope replacement facility. Thanks to the huge diameter drum and rope anchor points that are integrated.

Overall, it’s a purchase worth the money that’s powerful, quiet, and offers great pulling.

Smittybilt 98612 XRC 12K GEN3 Winch COMP Series – Best Value for Money!


  • very powerful motor.
  • Convenient remote options.
  • Comes with a load warning indicator.
  • Fast pulling.
  • Fabulous performance in a controlled environment.


  • The quick-release tab of the remote feels flimsy.

Smittybilt 98612 XRC 12K definitely impresses with a very high rated motor, 7.0 HP. And that assures you are going to get some good amount of heavy-duty pulling from this beast.

In fact, it’s 12% speedier than the previous GEN2 processor. In terms of strength, the motor already makes it a solid deal, so does the build quality.

There’s a remote controller, coming along that includes a very helpful load indicator warning system. And that means, if your winch is losing its capability and getting overloaded, it won’t ever be neglected by you. The indicator would be quick to let you know, this feature surely adds ease of use and safety relief.

There’s a built-in flashlight with the remote. And that allows users to winch even in dark conditions. You can also use additional lighting. The control box includes a 12-volt power post for that.

It also sits well on the metal surface. There are two magnets that make placement a piece of cake.

We wish the quick release tab was built better though. It seems a bit flimsy to many. Some users even end up breaking the male-female side jacks because of this. As the tab made it hard to remove the remote.

Other than that, most parts about the Smittybilt 98612 XRC 12K are our fab and anyone looking for a really powerful winch within budget would love it!

X-BULL 13000 lb. Winch


  • Amazing speed for the gear system.
  • Low ampere traction helps a lot.
  • Built well
  • A great amount of pulling capacity.
  • Solid synthetic wires.
  • Very cost-effective.


  • Isolator information missing in instruction and also not short protected.

The last but not least, X-BULL Synthetic Rope Winch is an option that offers a fantastic waterproof IP67 rating, 13000 lbs. Load capacity, and a pretty powerful motor to survive in harsh environments.

The remote equipped with it is wireless and comes with all the latest features in it. The synthetic wire feels solid. And it spools well. Some steel-made ropes make it hard when you’re trying to bunch up in one spot.

The capacity of the winch can work easily for 2-door jeeps. Also, the light SUVs are good to go with it. This winch can pull all models of Land Cruiser easily.

The provided contactor is made robust. And it comes with load control as well.

The innovative 3-stage planetary gear system is fabulous at giving a better speed and performing under load with low ampere traction, which helps in a challenging environment.

The instructions provided were also easy to follow. However, there seems to be a mistake, as it does not include anything about isolators.

Also, the bottom is typically pretty hot, and that could be a risk for the isolator as it can face shorting. Something they should have protected; we feel here the manufacturer can improve. You should use a nonconductive material mount out and this shall not be a problem anymore.

It’s an easy-to-set-up winch that mounts pretty well and comes with a synthetic rope that makes work a lot simpler. Considering the price, there’s less to complain about the winch overall.

Anybody willing to try a synthetic rope, being fed up with steel ones, will like the experience, that’s what we feel.

Wrapping Up

And it’s time for us to say goodbye. You already know but let’s give it another shot. We feel the Warn ZEON 12 Winch is the best winch for Toyota land cruiser here (the other ones are also a good option though).

Because it comes with the friendliest and essential features for this specific vehicle. Also, the fact that it’s made solid, so well that it should easily last you a long period, and that’s the reason why it’s slightly costlier than other options.

So, if budget is not a huge problem and you are looking for an excellent one, go for the Warn Zeon 12. But then again, if your wallet seems not to allow it, the other two are also quite fab, especially the second one.

Toyota Land Cruiser Winch

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