Traveller Winch vs Badland winch

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Last Updated on September 30, 2022

Undoubtedly a winch is your best companion when you plan to take a ride. It will help you the most in case your vehicle gets stuck. There is no doubt about its capability.

However, there are tons of winches available in the market. Among them, the traveller winch and the badland winch are two popular winch brands.

Winch from both traveller and badland has its own speciality that makes them unique. People often get confused which one to pick as they don’t know much about these winches.

So, today, I will be making a comparison between the traveller winch and the badland winch. To know more about these winch brands, dive into the article.

Traveller Winch vs Badland Winch

Traveller Winch vs Badland winch

Why Are Traveller Winches Popular?

Well, the traveller winch has a good reputation in the winch industry. You will find a lot of positive reviews in online forums from experts about the traveller winch. 

In fact, the traveller winch holds some features that made themselves popular.

Traveller Winch

Here are some of the features that a traveller winch comes with:

1. Massive Load Capacity

No doubt that the load capacity is the most important factor when choosing a winch. When it comes to the load capacity, the traveller winch holds the ability to deal with your heavy loads. Apart from the load capacity, the winch from the traveller is reliable too.

2. Heavy-duty Steel Material

The traveller winch is very durable. Because the steel that is used in the traveller winch is heavy-duty and high-quality. Actually, this is the reason why the traveller winch is much more durable compared with other average quality winches. Without it, the winch from the traveller is resistant to corrosion. That’s why the traveller winch is suitable for outdoor use as well.

3. Automatic Braking Action

The automatic brake feature is available on the traveller winches. This means your load will remain secure even if you release the handle accidentally.

4. Rubberized Remote Switch

In order to make your winching operation more flexible and easy, the traveller winch comes with a heavy-duty and rubberized remote switch. If you don’t have much experience with how to use a winch, still you will be able to use a traveller winch.

5. Warranty

I think a warranty is a thing that everybody loves to get. Actually, the warranty of a product will give you some idea about its quality. If a product comes with a warranty, that one is supposed to be durable. However, the traveller winches hold one year warranty so you can trust the quality of a traveller winch.

Why Are Badland Winches Popular?

Again, the badland winch also has some features that make them special.

badland winch

The features are:

1. Ease Of Use

The most important one. The winches from badland are very easy to operate. Without it, the installation process of a badland winch is pretty straightforward. If you have a bit of experience in this field, then you are supposed to be able to install a badland winch by yourself.

2. Powerful Motors

The badland winch comes with a high-horsepower motor that is the best in its class. The badland winch motor holds brushless architecture. That’s why they are more efficient and also cause minimal friction while using them for a long time. For bearing loads of a car or any other similar vehicle, the high-end motor comes with a magnet system that enhances the capacity of a badland winch.

3. Steel Cable Of Aircraft Grade

In order to make the winch cable, the badland winch uses aircraft-grade steel cable. This is why the badland winch is so durable. Does not matter if the winch is small or large, the winch cable will remain firm and hold the same capability after using it for a few months.

4. Auto Load-Holding Brake

The badland winch holds the auto load-holding feature to keep you safe from accidents. As there is an auto load-holding feature available, there is no need to worry if you experience any unexpected unspooling. You will find yourself safe. 

Without it, a lot of badland winch come with an automatic load-holding brake feature. This feature is also helpful to prevent unexpected accidents.

5. Three Stage Planetary Gear

The feature that made the badland winch different from other winches is the gearbox system of a badland winch. Winch from Badland holds a three-stage planetary gear system. As a result of having this gear system, the badland winches are reliable and also offer good torque.

6. Affordability

Compared with some other similar winch brands, these winches are very much affordable. You will not have to worry about your budget. You can buy a badland winch easily at a low cost from the manufacturing source “Harbor Freight” or an online shop.

7. Durability

The badland winches are not only cost-friendly but also durable. It is often said that cheap products are less durable. This is not valid all the time. You will be able to use a badland winch for a long time without any problem. Your winch maintenance matters though. You need to make proper maintenance of your winch

Usually, the badland winches come with a 3 month warranty period. Even small winches from badland have the ability to last longer.

However, in order to receive the best outcome from a badland winch, you need to pay attention to its load capacity and use it accordingly.

Users Opinion About Traveller Winches?

Now, what are the users opinions about a traveller winch? First, the high-quality construction of a traveller winch got the attention of everyone. Then, the durability of a traveller winch has also a positive impression on the users as the winch holds a warranty period. 

The build quality and capacity of the load are also very impressive. Without it, the traveller winch is showing high demand among the users for its flexibility.

However, if you are looking for downsides, then I will have to talk about the price first. Many users have complained about the traveller winch price, whereas many found it reasonable. 

Apart from that, the installation process of a traveller winch is a bit difficult, according to some users. If you don’t follow the instructions properly, then you will find it tough to install a traveller winch.

Users Opinion About Badland Winches?

Well, the badland winches are a popular choice among the users. According to the users, the price of a badland is very affordable. Without it, many users praise the load capacity of a badland winch. Apart from that, the durability, stability and efficiency of badland winches draw the attention of buyers.

Again, there are some users who address the downsides of a badland winch. According to them, the assembling process of a badland winch is complex. Without it, the badland winches have a higher possibility of getting corroded if the winch is left outdoors. Wire control damage is also another issue about which many users complain.

Traveller Winch vs Badland Winch: Which One to Pick?

Well, this is all about the traveller winch and badland winch. I hope that you have already got some idea about these winch brands and their differences.

Actually, the winch brands do not matter much. You will find some winches have exciting characteristics and made a lot of contributions to the industry of winch. You definitely can trust any of these winch brands in order to get your winch.

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