Best Traveller Winch Review 2022

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Last Updated on September 30, 2022

When buying a winch, you naturally tend to consider the brand that you already somehow know about or some popular brand someone recommended, right? When that is a perfectly good option to buy a good winch, there are some newer brands that are offering better products for less money that you might not know about.

To make sure that you are not missing out on some best deals available right now when it comes to a winch, I have gathered some really fantastic winch options from a not-so-old brand Traveller. After reading the review of their winches, I think you will give some attention to this newcomer. 

So, without wasting any more of your precious time, let’s start our journey.

Traveller Winch Review

Traveller 12000 Lbs. Electric Winch Review

The first one on today’s list is a heavy-duty electric winch meant for pulling off the big jobs. From trucks to jeeps, pick-ups, and snowplows, this Traveller 12000 lbs. winch can handle them all. The steel-made body is very sturdy and the powder-coated finish just adds to its longevity.

If we focus on the power department, Traveller offers this one with a 12V DC series wound motor containing 3 horsepower. They could have added some more horsepower in this one given its price but I think 3 HP is enough to generate the power necessary. So, it is capable of smoothly handling the big loads.

It comes with a steel cable that is 84 feet long and to ensure damage minimization, the winch is equipped with a roller fairlead. The diameter of the steel cable is 13/32 inches. The cable is very robust so handle it with care to avoid any injuries.

To ensure convenient handling, it has an automatic braking system which is actually a very common feature for Traveller winches. It also has a rubber-coated remote switch for easy operating.

If we try to find lacking in this 12000 lbs. winch, then it certainly has a lacking which is not offering a wireless remote control. Almost all the competitor brand winch in the same weight capacity range offers it.

They set the price of this winch at a competitive point. So those who don’t have any problem with the no remote control issue can definitely consider this winch for their off-road gear collection.

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Traveller 9000 Lbs. Electric Winch Review

This winch is great for medium size pickup trucks, jeeps, and those kinds of vehicles. The 9000 lbs. pulling capacity won’t be able to pull the giant loads but if you got any mid-range pulling job, then this one can do that nicely. The power will be generated by a 12V DC series wound motor.

The engine runs on 2.8 HP so the power distribution will be smooth and power will reach the serving stations just in time. Just like all other Traveller winch models, this one comes with an automatic braking system for convenient use with safety. 

The steel cable of this model is much longer than the 12000 lbs. model as it is 95 feet long. That extra length will allow you to reach a little bit further with your winch. A roller fairlead is there to handle the rope so you can use the rope from different angles without worrying about damaging it.

The body of this winch is made of steel, aluminium, and copper so you can easily guess that it will be sturdy and durable. They used powder coating outside instead of paint which will keep it clean and fresh from dust and dirt. 

The Traveller 9000 lbs. winch weighs around 84 lbs. which is heavy and will be difficult to move by one person. Just like the 12000 lbs. model, this one also comes without a wireless remote controller which is the only downside of this winch.

You will get a rubberized remote switch though. The price tag on this one is fairly competitive too.

Traveller 4500 Lbs. Electric Winch Review

Let’s shift our focus from the big boys to the little stars. The Traveller 4500 lbs. winch targets to fulfil the need of the UTVs, ATVs boats, etc. owners. For the small jobs, this winch might just be the one you need.

If we look at the features, we can see that this winch is powered by a permanent magnet 12V DC motor. They are offering it with 1.3 HP which is not that high level of power, but it can pull off the jobs in the 4500 lbs. range.

Permanent magnet DC motors are vulnerable to extreme heat or cold so it’s not an ideal option if you plan to use the winch all year round. In that case, looking for alternative options will be your best bet.

The special thing about this winch is the aircraft-grade steel cable it comes with which is much more durable and stronger than a normal steel cable. The cable is only 47 feet long, so it is safe to say that they afforded the aircraft-grade cable by cutting its length shorter. 

Other notable features include the use of a free spooling clutch and the trademark automatic brake action. The reason why these features are important is because they ensure your safety and comfort during winching. There is also a roller fairlead to minimize cable damage.

The construction material of this winch is the same as the previous one: copper, steel, and aluminium. There is powder coating on the body too. And again, there won’t be any wireless remote control just a rubberized remote switch.

The price could have been a little lower than it is right now considering the type of motor they used. 

Traveller 3500 Lbs. Electric Winch Review

Let’s dial it down a little bit again and now we have the Traveller 3500 lbs. winch with us. If your daily job doesn’t make you deal with heavy weights then this type of smaller winch should interest you. This one is capable of handling ATVs, UTVs, snowplows, and boats.

This winch comes with the same set of motor and power functionalities as the Traveller 4500 lbs. version. So, the same rule applies for this one too which is that this is not the kind of winch you can use frequently all-year-round.

This one also comes with an aircraft-grade 42 ft. long steel cable that is handled by a roller fairlead to minimize damage when used from different angles. 

The automatic braking system, free spooling clutch, remote switch, etc. features are also included in this winch so it’s exactly like the 4500 lbs. version except the weight limit is low on this one.

Plus, the price is much less compared to the 4500 lbs. version which is good. This winch weighs around 26 lbs. so it is easier to carry and move around.

Traveller 2500 Lbs. ATV Electric Winch Review

Now we are going to end today’s journey with the most lightweight winch model from Traveller which is the Traveller 2500 lbs. winch. This compact winch is very easy to install, mount and operate. If you have the smallest vehicle by your side, then you will enjoy the companionship of this winch.

The permanent magnet motor that it is equipped with is capable of generating a 1.1 HP output. To go with that power, there is a galvanized aircraft-grade steel cable available which is 46 feet long. It also has a roller fairlead to handle the cable on the drum.

The other features are exactly the same as the 4500 and the 3500 lbs. model so we are not going to go through them again. Overall, this winch is sturdy, durable, well-performing, and handy to use.

The price tag also makes a great case for buying it if you are a small vehicle owner who is looking for a good quality winch.

About the Brand

Though the name Traveller is relatively new in the winch industry, they are gaining some fighting ground for themselves very quickly. The most crucial factor for their quick growth is the fact that they are providing some complete package winch at a fair price point.

I have visited many winch forums to see what the winch users community thinks about the Tractor Supply Traveller Winches. The reviews I got from them are very positive and they do think that Traveller has the potential to become a big name in the winch market.


After reviewing the five different models of the winch from the brand Traveller, I can surely say that Traveller winches are worthy of our attention. If we can ignore the minor drawbacks like the “No Wireless Remote”,  then Traveller winch really offers a good value for the money.

If you are considering giving Traveller winch a chance, then I recommend you to read all the features very carefully of the particular model you like and compare the pros and cons. That will really help you to make a decision faster and one that you won’t regret.

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