What is a Tugger Winch? Types of Tugger Winch

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Last Updated on June 25, 2022

There are so many types of winches in the market. Most people know about the regular recovery winch that a person used to recover the vehicle. However, there is another type of winch which is mostly used for ship anchoring and hoisting cargo, ropes, steel cables etc. These winches are spring loaded and can be operated by hand. The name of this winch is a Tugger winch.

Today I am here to introduce you to the tugger winch. In this guide, I will cover what is a tugger winch, how many types of tugger winch are available and how you can pick the best tugger winch for you.

What is a Tugger Winch

What is a Tugger Winch

You might be thinking what is actually a tugger winch. When you listen to the word winch, you may think it is a device that is remains attached to your vehicle. You can use these winch for recovery purposes or utility works. This is one is not like this. In fact, the tugger winch is much more than that.

Well, basically the tugger winch is a special type of winch that is designed specifically for use in maritime operations for instance in handling ships and anchors. You can use this type of winch for supporting your barges and tug boats. 

The tugger winch is special to tug boats. Because navigation of tug boats is hard in small ports. The tugger winch is used for guiding your ship onwards port. You will not have to worry about the weight capacity of a tugger winch. This type of winch has the capability of handling tonnes of weight. Considering the capability of a tugger winch, they are regarded as cheap.

Types of Tugger Winch

The tugger winches come with different models. The electric rugged and the hydraulic tugger is the mentionable one. Both of the models have their individual upsides and downsides.

Electric Tugger Winch

Electric Tugger Winch

This type of winch is usually powered using a variable frequency drive or by an electric motor. You may get the motor comes by pairs. Using an electric tugger winch for tugging ships or handling anchors is always a cost-effective option. You will have a reliable and safe operation. 

Apart from that, they are cheap and require less maintenance. The electric tugger winch offer controls that are convenient to use and also equipped with buttons for emergency power off. You are supposed to find the buttons on your winch and you will be able to control your winch remotely.

However, the electric tugger winch is basically used to handle your tug boats. For pulling or towing operation of your tug boats, the tugger winch remains installed on its deck. Depending on your intended use, you may find an electric tugger winch that comes with one or multiple drums. 

If you wish to use a chain for towing, then you will need one or two chain wheels. For the tugger winch that holds two drums, one drum is used for mooring or anchoring and another one is used for tugging.

Hydraulic Tugger Winch

Hydraulic Tugger Winch

Well, this type of tugger winch is used to deal with heavy-duty operations like handling chain bridles or towing huge vessels. The hydraulic tugger winch receives power from two or more hydraulic motors. The number of motors depends on your intended purpose. 

You will need more motors if you are going to deal with heavy work. If you wish to tow ships, then you will need a towing length of more than 200 meters. You will need more length if you own a bigger ship. In a word, the towing length depends on the boat size.

However, if you use a hydraulic tugger winch, then you will not have to worry about its durability and reliability. This winch-type is convenient to use and also durable. They suit most in heavy offshore utility work. There is a downside to this  type of winch. You have to provide proper maintenance. 

Apart from that, the structure of a hydraulic tugger winch is more complex compared with the electric tugger winch. You will need more fittings and pipes here.

Which Tugger Winch to Pick?

While going to purchase a tugger winch, you should think about your intended use first. If your work is more demanding, then you will need a tugger winch that holds more drums. Apart from that, you need to take technical requirements, power requirements, available infrastructure into your account.

Basically, the electric tugger winch is lightweight and easy to use. Besides, this winch is less expensive and convenient to use. On the other hand, the hydraulic tugger winch is designed for heavy-duty work and is a bit pricey. This type of winch is durable and also tough to install.

All that you need to pay attention to is the requirement of your work. 

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