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Last Updated on July 31, 2022

For a seamless and efficient moving process, you will need to think about getting a trailer for it, and U-Haul has a great reputation for providing one on rent. However, one of the most important things for renting a trailer is getting the right hitch ball size that would be compatible with the weight capacity.

Also, you cannot rent a ball hitch from U-Haul. You need to purchase to use those, U-Haul will simply help with the installation.

The standard U haul trailer hitch ball size is 2” for renting a trailer. This is because the 2-inch ball hitch size will fit class 3 receivers pretty well. The 1-7/8 inches ball works for U-Haul trailer towing as well.

All the things that you need to know on hitch ball size for renting a U-Haul trailer, let’s find those out below.

U Haul Trailer Hitch Ball

U Haul Trailer Hitch Ball Size Chart

This is the trailer ball size chart that you can use for determining whether the trailer type you are willing to rent from U-Haul will be compatible or not.

U Haul trailer typeLoad capacityrequired Hitch ball sizeminimum weight capacity of ball
4×8 Cargo Trailer Rental1600 lbs.1-7/8 inches or 2 inches2000 lbs.
4×7 Utility Trailer1770 lbs.1-7/8 inches or 2 inches2000 lbs.
5×8 Cargo Trailer1800 lbs.1-7/8 inches or 2 inches2000 lbs.
5×8 Utility Trailer1890 lbs.1-7/8 inches or 2 inches2000 lbs.
5×9 Utility Trailer with ramp1650 lbs.
(ramp capacity 1810 lbs.)
1-7/8 inches or 2 inches2000 lbs.
6×12 Cargo Trailer2500 lbs.1-7/8 inches or 2 inches3500 lbs.
6×12 Utility Trailer2600 lbs.1-7/8 inches or 2 inches3500 lbs.
6×12 Utility Trailer with Ramp3710 lbs.
(ramp capacity 1810 lbs.)
1-7/8 inches or 2 inches3500 lbs.
Auto Transport /Vehicle Trailer5290 lbs.1-7/8 inches or 2 inches5000 lbs.

Understanding U Haul Trailer Ball Size Factor

As you can already see from the chart given above, there’s the same minimum size of hitch ball required for all the trailers that U haul provides for rent. However, the weight capacity for the balls is different and something you must highly consider.

For example, the smallest option here is a 4×7 utility trailer. And you can see how it needs at least a 2000-pound hitch ball rating. U haul 5×9 trailer ball size requirements are also similar.

Then u haul 6×12 trailer hitch ball size requirement is also the same, but this time the weight rating surges up to 3500 pounds. However, the heaviest one called Auto Transport requires the same size but almost double-weight rating hitch ball.

If you want to get a hitch ball that will go with absolutely any cargo trailer of U-Haul, it’s the 1-7/8” or 2” hitch ball with a 5000-pound weight rating.

Keep in mind that the hitch ball must be at least the same weight you’re planning to tow or more than that. The hitch ball rating factor is significantly important as the receiver hitch rating, so you cannot ignore it.

To determine if a hitch ball is a perfect fit, measurements of shank length and diameter are necessary. Because larger hitch balls come with a shank diameter that’s also large, these setups are great for heavy weight pulling.

This is How You Determine The Hitch Ball Size

  1. The most important consideration for hitch ball selection has to be weight capacity. Get a hitch ball that has a ball capacity more than the gross trailer weight. Only then the trailer will be pulled efficiently.
  2. You must match the size of the coupler to the hitch ball diameter for a safe towing experience. It needs to be a perfect match for the trailer ball diameter.
  3. The hitch ball selection will also need you to consider the ball hole size so that you can get a matching shank for it. You cannot mess up the shank diameter matching ball hole. Otherwise, the whole towing experience will be wobbly.
  4. Getting a perfect ball mount is also important. This will make sure the connection between the U-Haul trailer and your tow vehicle is stable at all times. For a perfect ball, mount selection considers the difference between the height of the hitch and the height of the coupler. The difference is the drool required for the ball mount.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size ball do I need for a 5×8 U-Haul trailer?

You will need a 1-7/8” or 2” size ball for a 5×8 U-Haul trailer that can take 2000 lbs. Just scroll above to the chart that I provided to find the right u haul ball hitch for any other trailer type.

Will U-Haul install a hitch ball for me?

Yes! You can visit any one out of the 1500 locations that U-Haul has for installation and other matters.

Do U-Haul trailers come with a hitch on them?

Yes, U-Haul trailers come with a hitch as a must. You need to use it for attaching the tow vehicle to the underneath area.

What are U Haul trailer ball size-types?

U haul trailer ball sizes are 4 types. These are

Wrapping Up

  1. 3” hitch ball for gooseneck trailers.
  2. 2-5/16” hitch ball for heavy trailers.
  3. 2” hitch ball for the medium size trailers.
  4. 1-7/8” hitch ball for light trailers.

And that was all about the U Haul trailer hitch ball size that you needed for renting a trailer. It’s by no means a factor you can take lightly. So, make sure to think about it and pick a suitable trailer to rent for your job. Good Luck!

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