Warn ZEON vs ZEON Platinum Winch Review 2022

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Last Updated on June 29, 2022

The main difference between the Warn Zeon and Warn Zeon Platinum series is the implementation of advanced technology. Zeon Platinum is well ahead of the Zeon series when it’s about managing the towing process effortlessly from a distance.

You can do and monitor many operations and useful information using Zeon Platinum’s wireless remote control.

Besides the advanced technology and remote control, there are several other differences between these two popular series released by the leading winch manufacturer “Warn.”

In this write-up, I’m going to discuss the differences between Warn Zeon and Zeon Platinum Series, review the respective winches under these series, and finally, help you choose the best bet for you.

First off, the obvious, let me write down the comparison between these two series. 

Warn Zeon Vs. Warn Zeon Platinum Winch – The Core Differences 

  • The Zeon Platinum series winches are more technologically advanced winches than the Zeon Series.
  • The Zeon series winches don’t come with wireless remote control, but the Zeon Platinum winches do.
  • You can do and monitor a lot of things using the remote that comes with the Zeon Platinum series. It has a considerably large LCD to monitor things conveniently. But the Zeon series remote control is limited to its primary task.
  • If you use Zeon series winch, you have to use a clutch lever for free spooling. On the other hand, there is no such lever in the case of the Zeon Platinum winches. You will be using the wireless remote to do the free spooling.
  • There is a difference between the motors of these two series. Zeon Platinum winch’s motor is more powerful and faster (at least 20%) than that of Zeon series winch’s.
  • Zeon platinum winches are slightly more durable than the Zeon winches.
  • Zeon Platinum winches have performance sensors installed to monitor winch motor temperature and vehicle battery condition. 
  • A signal enhancing kit is offered by the Zeon Platinum series that helps to reach the antenna reach at a higher level. As a result, the wireless control works from a distance without any flaw. Zeon series winches don’t come with such a kit.
  • Zeon platinum winches are slightly heavier than the Zeon winches.
  • Warn offers three different load capacity winches under the Zeon series. However, they released only two versions of winches varying in load capacity under the Zeon Platinum Series.
  • Zeon Platinum winches cost more than the Zeon winches.

So, as you can see, there are mainly some technological differences between these two series of winches. However, the basic principle of towing a vehicle is the same for both these series. 

Now, let’s get to know the review of the winches under these two popular series by Warn.

1. Warn Zeon Series Winch Review

Based on the load capacity Warn Zeon series offers three different winches. 8000 lbs, 10000 lbs, 12000 lbs.

Here are some of the upsides and downsides of these winches.


  • These winches are robust throughout the entire build.
  • Zeon is one of the premium series released by Warn.
  • Zeon winches are available with both synthetic rope and steel cable.
  • They feature a solid-state contactor in a weather-sealed control pack.
  • The control packs are relocatable. That means you can mount the control at a convenient place if you have to deal with tight winch placement.
  • Zeon uses a 3.15″ diameter aluminum-zinc alloy drum. The larger drum size and aluminum alloy construction helps to reduce rope wear and reduce the heat better.
  • The gear train of this series is considerably strong.
  • They boast a patented motor design that runs cool and ensures long life and high duty cycle in extreme conditions.
  • These winches implement through-drum anchoring to anchor the rope to the drums. Here the rope goes through the drum and is anchored with an anchoring kit.
  • Instead of using electrical cables to connect control contactors to winch motors, Warn has implemented automotive-grade busbars to transfer the power. It gives a cleaner look and increases electrical efficiency for transferring power.
  • These winches are equipped with a cone brake design which works better than those traditional spring in-drum brakes by giving much more holding power under load.
  • Zeon models implement a high-quality Spydura synthetic winch cable rope which is at least 20% stronger than their standard duty ropes.
  • The synthetic rope has a red wrap at the drum end that works as an end of line indicator.
  • They have sufficient fast line speed under no load.
  • These are IP68 rated winches. Meaning they are entirely safe from outside materials like water, mud, dust, etc. It’s rated for submerged use.
  • A wired remote (12′ wire) comes with these winches that work flawlessly.
  • These units also feature a well-functioning 3-stage planetary gear train and a smooth, free spooling clutch like other standard winches.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Zeon winches are made in the USA using both US-sourced parts and globally-sourced parts.


  • None of the versions of this series come with wireless remote control. You can buy a separate one, though.
  • The price is a bit high compared to other options from different brands. With that said, it’s worth spending money on buying Warn winches, considering the heavy-duty performance they provide.

Now, let’s get to know some model-specific insights.

i) Warn 89305 Zeon 8 Winch Review 

You can use this winch to recover vehicles like Jeeps, 4×4, and SUVs depending on the weight you want to pull.

This particular winch has a load capacity of 8000 lbs. So, you should keep the vehicle’s gross weight up to 5333 lbs to get the best results.

It features a high-quality steel cable that goes through a roller fairlead. Besides this steel cable version, Warn released a synthetic rope version of this same weight capacity. Both these versions come with a 100′ line which I believe is substantially longer to complete a comfortable towing operation.

ii) Warn 88990 Zeon 10 Winch Review 

Zeon 10 winch has a load capacity of 10000 lbs. Meaning it performs best if you keep the vehicle’s gross weight up to 6666 lbs.

These winches come in handy in towing vehicles like trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, cars, etc.

This very unit comes with a heavy-duty 80′ steel rope that goes through a high-quality roller fairlead. Whereas the synthetic rope version (Zeon 10-S) features a 100′ rope that goes through a quality hawse fairlead. Both work fine. However, I prefer the synthetic rope version to the steel cable, although the synthetic rope models cost higher than the steel cable ones.

Warn Zeon 10s Winch Unboxing & Installation

iii) Warn 89120 Zeon 12 Winch Review

You can use this winch to tow heavy vehicles like trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, etc.

Zeon 12 winch is a 12000 lbs rated winch. That means it’s capable of handling anything up to 8000 lbs without causing overweight-related issues or breaking under load.

It also has its synthetic rope cousin (Zeon 12-S), having the same rope length (80′). As usual, this steel cable version goes through a 4-way roller fairlead, and the synthetic one goes through a hawse fairlead.

2. Warn Zeon Platinum Series Winch Review

Warn released two capacities of winches under this series. 10000 lbs and 12000 lbs.

Here are some of the expected benefits and pitfalls of the winches under this series.


  • It’s probably the most technologically advanced winch available on the market. These are considered to be some of the innovative winches currently available on the market.
  • The advanced wireless remote control offered by this series is incredible. You can perform several operations like engaging and disengaging the winch clutch, power in and out, and see some helpful information like vehicle’s battery level, motor temperature, etc. All these are pretty helpful to perform the towing under extreme conditions.
  • You can control several vehicle accessories using that wireless remote control. Accessories like the pair of spotlights, onboard air compressor, light bar, etc., can be easily controlled using that advanced wireless remote.
  • Zeon Platinum winches boast a larger and more powerful 12V DC series wound motor than the Zeon winch motor that performs faster and more efficiently.
  • Along with the motor, the unique gear train makes the unit faster than the previous Zeon series winches.
  • These are extreme IP68-rated waterproofing winches. That means these are safe from water, mud, or dust and rated for submerged use.
  • The large diameter aluminum drum reduces the chance of rope wearing and heat.
  • A rope anchoring system is implemented in these winches where the rope is anchored to the drums by a through-drum anchoring system. This system makes the unit more durable and safe while towing.
  • A waterproof contactor comes inside a convertible control pack.
  • These are some of the heavy-duty winches and work quietly.
  • A signal enhancing kit comes with the unit that helps to let the advanced wireless remote control work from a distance by enhancing the signal strength.
  • All the models of this series boast a 3-stage planetary gear system.
  • Installing these winches is quite a straightforward process.
  • The cone braking system works more efficiently than other winches from Warn in full load by providing excellent holding power.


  • The price. Platinum series winches cost even more than the Zeon series winches. However, the performance and experience you will be getting from these winches justify the bill without any doubt.

Now let’s get to know some Zeon platinum winch-specific insights.

i) Warn Zeon Platinum 10 Winch Review 

This one is a 10,000-pound-rated winch. That means to get the best results; you should keep the gross vehicle up to 6666 lbs.

This one is the steel cable version of the 10000 load capacity version. The cable is 80′ long and goes through a quality 4-way roller fairlead. In contrast, the 10-S version offers a 100′ long Spydura synthetic rope that goes through a hawse fairlead.

These Zeon Platinum 10 winches are capable of performing any medium-duty towing efficiently. You can use this winch to tow trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, cars, trailers, etc.

These winches feature a 162:1 gear ratio. The mounting pattern of these units is not the same, by the way. The Zeon Platinum-10 features a mounting pattern of 10,” and Platinum 10-S features a mounting pattern of 11″.

ii) Warn Zeon Platinum 12 Winch Review

Platinum 12 winch has a 12,000-pound rating. So, if the gross vehicle weight remains up to 8000 lbs, these winches perform best. Keeping the gross vehicle weight up to the recommended limit minimizes the chance of breaking the rope under load.

Besides this steel cable version, Platinum has another synthetic line version (12-S) to offer. Both these versions come with an 80′ line. This time the 12-S version features high-quality Spydura pro synthetic rope that goes through a quality hawse fairlead. 

The gear ratio is not the same for Platinum-12 Platinum 12-S. The Platinum-12 boasts a 216:1 gear ratio, but the Platinum 12-S boasts a 162:1 gear ratio.

Let’s watch an installation video of this winch:

Final Verdict

Despite being the priciest options, the Warn winches beat those cheap options in terms of performance any day, no doubt. 

More importantly, these winches are designed and made in the USA using USA-made parts and globally-sourced parts. So, when it’s about recovering a vehicle with efficiency and power, offering safety in the best possible way, Warn is way ahead of those cheap China-made winches.

When it’s about choosing one from Warn Zeon vs Zeon Platinum; none of them will disappoint you. Both the series perform considerably well.

With that said, if you are willing to pay some extra to get the best performance, the Zeon Platinum series is the one you should get your eye in. The advanced wireless remote of this series makes your life super easy while recovering a vehicle from callous conditions. In addition, they have a faster line speed, higher durability rating than the Zeon Series winch, and have extreme waterproofing rating.

Nonetheless, if you don’t want to spend what the Zeon Platinum series winches cost, go for the Zeon series winch. Although they don’t come with the advanced wireless remote, they offer a well-functioning wired remote with each model.

warn zeon vs warn zeon platinum winch

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