What is A Worm Gear Winch and How Does it Work?

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Last Updated on June 24, 2022

A winch can benefit you in many ways. Basically, a winch is known as vehicle recovery equipment. If your vehicle gets stuck in tough conditions like in muddy, snowy or rocky terrains, you can use a winch to recover your vehicle.

Apart from the recovery purpose, you can use a winch for different tasks such as lifting or hauling loads. If you got a heavy-weight load to lift, you can use a winch to get your job done.

There are a few types of winch available in the market such as hybrid winch, electrical winch, mechanical hand-operated winch, portable winch and so on. All of the winch-type has its individual way to function. However, their working criteria are pretty much the same. Even the working mechanism of these winches is different, you may find their uses overlapping with one another. How?

Let’s assume you got a heavy object for lifting. That’s why you need a winch. Now both electric winch or hand-operated winch will make your job done. Which one you will pick? 

It mainly relies on your personal preference actually. If you want to get your job done within a short period of time, then you need to pick the electric winch. Again, if you want to get a winch that is cheap and also requires less maintenance for your job, then you can pick the hand-operated winch.

All type of winches works very simply. There will be a winch cable around your winch drum and operates using a crank. However, according to the advancement of modern technologies, the principle of winch has developed. At the present time, the winches are taking a complicated and modern appearance for meeting your demands.

Hand crank winch has the ability to be the same as other winches. The only limitation is in its load capacity. Apart from this limitation, this winch is versatile, light and durable. It will make your job done. You can notice a slow pace though.

Well, bringing a hand-crank winch is not always a great option. In this case, you can consider a worm gear winch.

Worm Gear?

Worm Gear Winch

Before moving into our core section, you need to know some basics. It will help you to understand the worm gear winch well.

The worm gear can be defined as the arrangement of gear having a spiral thread that usually meshes the wheel. The wheel is toothed. The worm is the spiral thread and the worm gear is the toothed wheel. 

A lot of people make mistakes to refer the worm gear correctly. The worm gear is actually the toothed wheel, not the whole unit. For better understanding, let’s assume the whole gear is the worm gear.

According to the layman, the worm used to mesh against the worm gear wheel. The duty of a worm gear is transmitting the higher torque or reducing the rotational speed. You might be thinking about the difference between the worm gear and other gear types. The difference is the ability to transfer the rotational movement by 90 degrees. It’s really a simple machine.

Now the question is why do you need to pick a worm gear instead of other gears? Well, there are a few reasons. Among all the reasons, the first one is its ability to reduce the ratio. The worm gear can significantly decrease the ratio by enhancing the work wheel circumference. The torque will increase or decrease according to the adjustment. 

If you talk about the regular gearsets, there is the necessity of involving some parts for doing the same task. As a result of more parts involvement to do the job, there is more possibility of damage. Actually few parts in the gear make it durable and efficient.

Apart from that, another thing is that the regular gear does not have the ability to change its power course. It is not possible for the normal or regular gear to change the course suddenly because of the friction between the wheel and worm, even using force.

If you put enough force on your regular gear, you may find its course is turning separately. You may need to make sure of an extra gear set which is really a hassle.

However, along with some upsides, the worm gear has some downsides too. You will need to make sure of the lubrication of your worm gear on a daily basis. The movement between the worm and the worm wheel is a bit different than the regular gearset that holds a few spur gears for assisting in its rolling motion.

You got the idea of worm gear. Now it will be easy for you to understand the worm gear winch.

What Is A Worm Gear Winch?

It is true that the worm gear winch holds a few moving parts compared with other hand crank winches. As a result, it got long durability.

Besides, the line speed of a worm gear winch is not up to the mark. They hold a good breaking system though. The working mechanism of the worm gear winch is self-braking. This means, if you turn to stop the crank, your winch will stop immediately. 

However, there are a few latest worm winch gear that holds almost similar line speed compared with other hand-crank winches.

To conclude, if you have budget limitations and don’t want to pay much for purchasing a winch, then a worm gear winch can be a good option for you. You will not have to worry about it. You will be able to use it frequently. There is no need for high maintenance. Just make sure that you are adding a bit of lubricant when you use it.

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