Where Are Reese Trailer Hitches Made 

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Reese trailer hitches are made in Mexico. They are presently becoming rebranded as Draw-Tite and are manufactured in Mexico. 

Many people are asking where Reese trailer hitches are made.  They are unsure whether they made the USA or Mexico. If you are reading this, you are probably one of those curious about where Reese trailer hitches are made. You will gain some knowledge of it by reading this article.

Reese trailer hitch 

Reese is one of the most well-known and established manufacturers of trailer hitches. It is the most recognizable trailer hitch brand in the US,  with products on the market since 1952. Cequent, a subsidiary of Horizon Global, acquired the company, and it is now a part of their vast corporate empire.

Manufacturing of Reese trailer hitches in Mexico

Many people believe that trailer hitches made in the United States are more durable than those made in Mexico. But metal fabrication in Mexico is not a new concept. For more than 30 years, Mexico has produced hitch parts, headers, and other steel components. 

In some cases, the parts are machined or formed in the United States and then welded in Mexico. Mexico has developed to the point where it can engineer, form, and manufacture final products. Some companies have their manufacturing facilities in Mexico. Therefore, you should not be concerned about the product’s quality when it is manufactured in Mexico. Because the quality may be better or equal to that of manufacturers in the United States.

Which parent company owns Reese?

Reese trailer hitches are manufactured in Mexico and designed in the United States.  Reese is owned by a parent company named Horizon Global. Reese trailer hitches are currently being rebranded as Draw-Tite.

Horizon Global is the North American and European market’s leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of high-quality, custom-engineered towing, trailering, cargo management, and other related accessory products. Horizon Global is the home of some of the world’s most well-known towing and trailering brands, including BULLDOG, Draw-Tite, Fulton, Reese, Tekonsha, and Westfalia.

Where are Reese trailer hitches designed?

Reese trailer hitches are designed in the USA but made in Mexico. 

Are Reese and Draw-Tite trailer hitches the same?

No, the Reese and Draw-Tite trailer hitch are not the same. Reese and Draw-Tite products are identical because they are produced by the same parent company, but they have some differences.

Reese trailer hitches have tubes that can be either square or round. Draw Tite’s tubes, however, will only be square in shape. Draw-Tite doesn’t offer any accessories, whereas Reese does, including locks, ball mounts, and hitch pins. Reese trailer hitches are cheaper than Draw-Tite trailer hitches.


Reese has been manufacturing a wide range of hitch products since its beginning in 1952, including its famous line of fifth wheel hitches (15K to 30K), gooseneck hitches, and hitch ball mounts. Reese trailer hitches are made in Mexico and designed in the USA. Some Reese towpowers are manufactured in china.

Many people are surprised to discover that Reese trailer hitches are manufactured in Mexico. Some people buy a Reese trailer hitch expecting it to be made in the United States, but they are surprised to know that it is manufactured in Mexico. So assuming Reese trailer hitches are manufactured in the United States is incorrect. They are manufactured in Mexico.

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