Why Are Jeep Patriots so Cheap?

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Last Updated on July 3, 2022

The jeep patriot, among all the jeep models, is the most unique and different from the other models. Initially, the jeep patriot was launched in the market in 2006. This model received a lot of attraction and then unfortunately there was no production for a long time. This Jeep model was a massive success in the vehicle market. 

There can be several reasons behind this prosperity and the price range is a mentionable one. The price of a jeep patriot is very affordable. A lot of people raised questions why are jeep patriots so cheap?

In this article, I will talk about the factors that made the jeep patriot so affordable.

Factors That Made Jeep Patriots so Cheap

In a nutshell, the jeep patriot is a small compact SUV that offers a few premium features like a basic interior and engine. This model is a basic model that is designed for daily use purposes. Actually, this is a car version for those who do not want to spend much money on purchasing a luxury car.

why are jeep patriots so cheap

1. It’s An Entry-Level Compact SUV

Basically, the jeep patriot was launched as a new entry-level compact SUV. At the time when the jeep patriot model was introduced, it was very famous among vehicle lovers.

Jeep entered the market with an entry-level vehicle. This is the main reason behind the low pricing so that this vehicle can be very competitive in the growing market competing with other vehicle models.

2. Material Used In Production

The material that was used in the jeep patriot was not the best one in the market. As a result, it was possible to manufacture the jeep model at a low cost. 

3. Smaller Engine Used

The engine that a patriot holds is of small size. This means the manufacturing cost of this engine is not much high. Also, this type of smaller engine is less expensive than the bigger one. The patriot comes with an inline four-cylinder engine. The size of this engine is 2.4 liters. As you can guess that the jeep patriot is neither quicker nor slower in speed.

4. Interior Is Not Up To The Mark

The patriot comes with a very basic interior. You will not have many exclusive features that can make this model different compared with other vehicles in the same price range. This model is an ideal model for those people who are not eager to pay huge amounts of money for purchasing a vehicle and at the same time wish to have the same functionality that an SUV holds.

5. No Powered Doors And Windows 

In the patriot, all the doors and windows are manually powered. You can open and close the windows manually on the door side. Also, there is a lock button on the door. In order to open the door, you have to unlock it first by pushing the button and then you will be able to open the door. This is one of those reasons that kept the patriot so affordable.

6. It’s Not A Luxury Vehicle

To be honest, the patriot model is never a luxurious model. It was a competitive inline entry-level SUV against other vehicle models within the same price limit.

7. Competing On Price

In the time of jeep patriot production, the popularity of small SUVs was rising quickly. I hope you can understand that the competition was high. The patriot had to fight against many models in the same price range. That is why the price of the patriot was kept lower.

8. Ride Quality Is Standard

The riding quality of the jeep patriots is neither bad nor too good. It will give you the best for what it was produced like traveling from one place to another one. According to the experts, the patriot is not the best choice for those who are fond of comfortable riding.

9. No Top-Of-The-Line Options

You will not find anything in the jeep patriots that can put this model in the “top-of-the-line” position. It offers air conditioning, door locks and manually operated windows feature though. Other features you will find in your patriot are also minimal so that the production cost does not climb high.

10. Does Not Offer A Premium Feel

I hope you know that the jeep does not give a premium feel to its vehicles. All the models from the jeep are simple and produced with no-frills. The appearance of both jeep and patriot was not negative.


It is true that the jeep patriot is considered an affordable and cheap model in the market, it is still the ideal pick for new-vehicle owners who are aiming for affordable vehicles that offer reliability, are lighter in fuel and are also convenient to move from another place.

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