List Of Winch Alternatives & Their Usage!

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Last Updated on July 21, 2022

Nothing is more terrifying than your truck stuck in the middle of the sandy or muddy road while you don’t have a winch. In this kind of situation, you have to think of winch alternatives.

There are a few safe gears to winch off the truck such as Maxtrax board, 4×4 lumber, ratchet strap, chain with hooks & binders, and dig out sand while deflating the trapped tire.

We’ll show you the correct usage of these tools and present the method exactly how you can winch off the truck without using the winch. Let’s Go!

Common Winch Alternatives & Methods

Common Winch Alternatives & Methods

Probably you have no slight overview of the alternative to the winch rescue method, it’s time to give a specified direction to those so you can get the truck out of jammed condition ASAP. 

1. The Best Alternative To Winch is a Maxtrax Board

One of the fantastic tools that can take the place of a winch would be the Maxtrax board. It is made for the same purpose, especially in sandy areas.


  • Place the board right near the truck tire which is stuck.
  • Use a little force to shift the board inside the sand so that when you accelerate the truck it goes through the board.
  • Go inside the truck to your driver’s seat and start the truck.
  • Accelerate the truck so that the truck comes out.

2. You Can Also Use a Lumber (4×4)

The lumber will do a great job to winch off the trapped truck. Just grab a lumber or wood board that is solid to use under the truck. Make sure the lumber is 4×4 (1-inch thickness).



  • Insert the lumber under the truck tire.
  • Speed up your truck and it will come out once this gets the needed grip on the lumber.
  • If not working, again press the accelerator pedal stably and wait for it to come out smoothly.

3. Ratchet Straps Are Great For Self Recovery As Well

If you want a self-recovery without a winch, then try the ratchet straps as they can do the task well. You can also use tree or tow straps instead.

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  • Spot the anchor point on the jammed truck.
  • Hang the strap on the truck’s front side (near the bumper) all the way to a strong tree and tightly tie it. You can use a towing loop shackle to secure the strap better.
  • Be sure the strap is moving in 1 m while the truck is in 10 cm.
  • Ask your friend to drag the ratchet strap closer toward him while you are speeding up in the reverse gear.
  • After 2 to 3 attempts, you’ll see the success of winching the truck with a ratchet strap.

4. Use Chain With Hooks & Binders

Another way you can winch the truck from muddy surfaces is by using the 30” chain with hooks and binders. Gather all the tools with you before usage.

Chain With Hooks


  • Insert the larger hook and chain on the binder.
  • Attach the D-ring on the front side of the truck.
  • Place the smaller hook and chain on the D-ring.
  • Hang the larger hook and chain on the strong tree branch.
  • Dig the binder into the muddy or sandy area.
  • Shorten the chain and keep on doing it to pull out the truck.

5. Try To Dig Out The Sand

Dig Out The Sand

If nothing works, we would suggest digging out the sand to extract the truck nicely. This is like a last resort when you don’t have any tool available at the moment. Based on the ground condition, you might need to deflate the tire to air down.


  • Take a shovel to dig out the mud or sand under the truck. If you don’t have a shovel, find something in your surroundings that can work as one.
  • Place some stacking rocks and logs near the wheel so it can find the grip.
  • Keep on digging the sand so that you can winch the truck.

Ending Notes

All the winch alternatives given above are simple to try in the real world with little patience.  

It’s true that the winch will help you get the stuck truck out of the mud faster. But these techniques won’t disappoint you at times when you don’t have a winch.

Hope this guide helped you get the information that you were looking for. Have A Beautiful Day Ahead!


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