10 Best Winch Cover Review of 2022

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Last Updated on June 30, 2022

Most of us use winches for off-road recovery operations on a daily basis. We rely on our winches when we are in trouble, and it never disappoints us. So, it is only fair that we take good care of our winches too.

Most of us still don’t own a winch cover that can protect the winch from many mishaps and elongate its lifetime. With a cover on, your winch won’t get any scratches and dust will not gather on it. This is the least we can do to protect a valuable asset like a winch, right?

This article will introduce the top 10 best winch covers available in the market that provide the best value. Keep reading and you might find the perfect winch covers for you.

Best Winch Cover Review

1# EL JEFE Premium Winch Cover

This deluxe winch cover from EL JEFE Premium Winch Cover is one of their most popular and unquestionably the most reliable ones available. It will fit anywhere you put it, thanks to its great size.

With a width of 24 inches, a height of 10 inches, and a depth of 7 inches, it can accommodate even the largest winches. Winch fits 8000 13000 lb. capacity will comfortably fit inside this cover. Although, the dimension and the manufacturer both say that it might be able to fit winches up to 17,500 lbs.

Even with its size, a sewn-in elastic band is included. The elastic band guarantees that the cover will fit tightly no matter where it is installed. This one is the polar opposite of a loose cover that admits dust and moisture inside.

Even so, the construction materials are excellent. It can conceal any winch and safeguard it for years thanks to its thickness and elasticity. Your winch will be safe from scratches too when the cover is on.

Let’s not forget that it’s also a straightforward yet excitingly good-looking piece. The leather-like material used in the cover looks classy and will offer a nice touch to your car.

Finally, you will be able to take advantage of an outstanding purchase value. Despite its high quality, size, and appearance, the cover is comparatively cheap.


  • PU leather is extremely durable and can resist a lot of wear and tear
  • Compatible with a wide range of winches
  • It has a sophisticated and appealing appearance
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of money
  • Fits most winches snugly


  • N/A

2# Muakioy Heavy-Duty Winch Cover

The Muakioy will fulfill your needs if you are looking for a cover that won’t rip apart or eventually lose strength over time like no other.

It’s made of a hydrophobic material that keeps it from cracking. The cover does not crack in the least, even if you expose it to constant sunlight or intense cold in the winter.

The 600D Oxford fabric contributes to this feature. It also includes environmental protection, such as shielding from bad weather conditions and dust.

It’s also exceedingly simple to maintain clean and stain-free. You’ll appreciate the effectiveness of this cover as it will always keep your winch clean and save you the effort.

Finally, it has a super-elastic and useful band. Despite its length of 21.5 inches, you can easily cover 17,500 lbs. winches. Even then, you may use it for models weighing up to 8,500 lbs., as it shrinks to fit snugly on little ones.

The Muakioy appears to be an excellent choice for low-budget customers, given its extremely low price.


  • Mid-size and big winches are compatible
  • It is made of a durable fabric
  • It is simple to clean and maintain
  • Fits any winch tightly
  • Protects against all external influences


  • N/A

3# Warn 91414 Neoprene Winch Cover

Warn is a household name for winch and winch accessories. They have a long line of high-quality winch accessories which increased their brand value years after years. The Warn 91414 Winch Cover totally fulfills their legacy.

They used neoprene to make the body of this cover which is elastic and durable. Neoprene is one kind of synthetic rubber product that ensures strong resistance against physical failures like cuts as well as from abrasion and twisting.

The elastic cover will stay around your winch tightly and won’t start flapping when it comes to contact with the airflow. This cover doesn’t require any additional cords or straps for that.

The cover will ensure full protection from road debris, flying stones, or other elements that might pose a threat to your winch. To keep the cover safe from UV rays, it comes with a UV protection spray. That will extend the life of the cover for sure.

It fits perfectly with different models of Warn winch like Warn XD9000, VR10000 / VR10000-S, M8000, VR8000 / VR8000-S, VR12000, 9.5xp, etc. If you own a Warn winch, you should definitely purchase one of these to prolong your winch’s youth.


  • Made of neoprene which is elastic and very durable
  • The cover fits tightly with the winch to resist flapping
  • Premium look
  • UV ray, dust, and water-resistant


  • A pricey option compared to other brands

4# X-BULL Neoprene Winch Cover

Nothing beats the X-BULL model when it comes to finding the ideal Jeep winch cover. It’s more appealing, durable, and adaptable than the other models on the list, so you’ll surely enjoy it.

At first glance, you’ll notice how different it is from its competition. This is due to the fact that it has the X-BULL emblem on the front. Their logo is vibrant red and adds to the charm of the cover. With this cover on, your Jeep (or the vehicle you own) will look fantastic.

We didn’t particularly like it only for the design. The more impressive part is the construction, which was entirely made of neoprene, which truly set it apart. This material has incredible durability, perhaps the best of any cover material. What makes it much more enticing is its elasticity, which allows it to be fitted to any winch.

It is a great pick in every way because of its elasticity and resilience. This cover is one of the most effective solutions out there, along with the 23.66 inches width, 9.84 inches height, and 5.91-inch depth design.

It doesn’t matter if your winch weighs 8,500 lbs. or 17,500 lbs., if you need a cover to protect it from wind, water, or dust, or you want to enhance the aesthetic of your automobile, this fantastic cover from X-BULL offers everything you need.


  • It has a very attractive design
  • Withstands even the most rigorous use
  • Works on every size of winches
  • Protects from environmental impacts and forces
  • Fits quite snugly for further security


5# Smittybilt 9728199 Winch Cover

If you want reliability from the winch cover, then the most dependable choice is to use a Smittybilt product. Their cover will not only safeguard the winch but also will be by your side for a lifetime.

For starters, the vinyl construction structure is something you’ll likely find appealing about this cover. This style, in contrast to others, has a more plastic design that fits snugly but protects like nothing else. This cover will ensure the safety of the winch no matter how damp or dusty the environment is.

By the way, the cover appears to be fully black. However, an XRC logo adds to the color. So, you will not get a drab cover, but one that complements your truck’s appearance.

There’s plenty more to like, such as the flexibility to suit winches ranging in capacity from 8,000 to 12,000 lbs. Even though it’s made of vinyl, you can easily modify it thanks to the cords you’ll find on the corners. You can adjust it to fit securely on the winch and efficiently prevent filtration.


  • Adjustable cords are included
  • It has a nice design with a Smittybilt logo on it
  • It’s ideal for mid-size winches
  • It’ll be able to handle any circumstance with ease
  • Securely fastened to the bumper


  • Not ideal for massive winch models

6# Seven Sparta Heavy-Duty Winch Cover

Seven Sparta universal fit heavy-duty winch cover offers a cheap route to a good-quality winch cover. You won’t get another one like it at such a low price point. Plus, it will likely provide the highest level of quality construction for that particular price range.

The polyurethane leather construction is the starting point. You have the option of covering the winch with a super-durable material. Not only will it keep dust and wetness out, but it will also protect your winch from bumps, scratches, and other potential damages.

As it is made of a very elastic material, it will suit even the largest of winches. It’s big enough to handle up to 17,500 lbs. capacity winches without any issue. This cover will fit any winch with a width of 24 inches, a height of 10 inches, and a depth of 7 inches.

This cover gets even more attractive with its elastic band design, which wraps around the winch tightly and further protects it. As a result, you will get double the fitting and protection for a great price.


  • Has a nice bright black tone to it
  • It’ll fit on the biggest winches
  • With minimal effort, it expands and folds
  • Winches are well-protected in every manner
  • Fits most winches snugly and securely
  • Best budget option

7# Champion Neoprene Winch Cover for 4000-5000 lbs. Winches

Champion winch cover is ideal for smaller Champion SUV/truck winches with capacity ranges up to 5000 lbs. This one is also made up of neoprene as the primary material so just like the others, this one is also very elastic and durable. This cover is made to keep the winch secure, dry, and clean to reduce your stress.

You can stretch the cover to fit over the winch quickly and effortlessly. There is a drawstring that you can adjust afterward to ensure a tight fit. The neoprene exterior of this cover is waterproof as well as resistant to UV rays, dirt, debris, rain, dust, snow, and more.

The cheap price tag is the cherry on top. This cover comes in four different versions too. All of them are budget-friendly options rated for different winch sizes.


  • Perfect for small winches
  • Neoprene makes it elastic, durable and ensures a tight fit
  • Weather-resistant and waterproof
  • Budget option

8# Black Neoprene Winch Cover

Offroading gear winch store offers this neoprene-made universal premium winch cover fits to match the beauty of your car. The black color looks great with almost any car as it compliments the color tone of the car. This one is meant for medium size winch.

Though it isn’t the most attractive, long-lasting, and elastic winch cover out there, you can’t throw it out of the competition. This cover performs quite well in all those sectors. The neoprene construction is proof of that.

Its smoothness is combined with great durability, making it ideal for protecting your winch from heavy rains or dust storms. The thickness of this cover will also work as a shield against stone hits and other impacts.

This one is another budget-friendly option that will fit perfectly with 8000 to 10000 lbs. winches. As a bonus, you will get a pair of gloves for free with this cover.


  • Neoprene construction is elastic and durable
  • Good value for money
  • Can cover small to medium size winches
  • A pair of heavy-duty gloves included


  • The color fades over time

9# Warn 102639 Winch Cover

Now for the premium lovers, Warn offers this Stealth series fade-proof winch cover to match your premium Warn Zeon and Zeon platinum winches. Warn has a reputation for putting premium price tags on all their products and this cover is no exception.

The good news is that even though Warn’s off-road gears cost a little higher than other brands, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth. They have a very high reputation for producing the best quality products that perform way better than their competitors. 

The main material of this cover is marine-grade vinyl which is UV resistant and prevents color fading. This cover will look brand new for as long as you own it. The vinyl construction fabric also makes it tougher. This is a product you can rely on.

This cover is 18 inches long, 12 inches tall, and 4 inches wide. Looking at the dimensions, you can easily guess that it won’t fit with larger winches. The max size it can cover is a 12000 lbs. winch.


  • The high-quality marine-grade vinyl fabric is used in the body
  • Durable and reliable
  • UV resistant and prevents color fading
  • Properly ventilated inside to avoid damping situation


  • Pricey

10# Smittybilt 97281-98 Winch Cover

Today’s last item is a 22” long, 10” tall, and 6” wide black winch cover from Smittybilt. It fits perfectly with Smittybilt XRC-8 and XRC-10 winches. This one is another vinyl-made cover so totally UV resistant. It won’t wear down over time and the color of the cover will stay intact.

The fit of this cover won’t be as tight as a neoprene cover. You might have to use bungee cords to have a tight fit with the winch. That way it will also stay in place during the ride.

It is capable of protecting your winch from the small impacts and risk of getting scratches. It is also waterproof so you can use it during rain too.


  • The heavy-duty vinyl fabric is used as the main material
  • The color won’t fade away
  • UV resistant
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not as elastic as neoprene 
  • Won’t fit as snugly as expected


If budget isn’t an issue for you, then we highly recommend the EL JEFE premium and the Warn 91414 winch. Both of them fully satisfy their premium price tag with their features, reliability, and performance.

For budget shoppers, you can get one of the Smittybilt or Seven Sparta winches as they offer a balanced combination of price and features.

Lastly, we think the X-BULL winch cover takes the trophy for the overall best category. With this product, you are guaranteed to get the best return on your investment.

Winch cover

  Winch Cover Buying Guide & FAQ

When you are attaching a winch to your vehicle, it’s very usual that you will be expecting your winch to stay a long time with you. I mean you will want your winch to be durable. It may not always happen as there is a possibility of getting your winch damaged with the attack of rust and debris. Somehow you need to protect your winch from this.

In order to protect your winch from the debris, bringing a winch cover is a good idea. In fact, it is one of the best methods for increasing your winch durability. However, I know getting a cover for your winch can be a bit tough if you are a newbie.

Today, I will be talking about all the core factors following which you can purchase the best cover for your winch. Let’s move into the core section.

Well, before going to know how to choose a winch cover, you should know the benefits of having a winch cover. It will be helpful to you.

Benefits Of Having A Winch Cover

The most important benefit of having a winch cover is that it will provide an extra layer of protection to your winch. Some sorts of tiny particles like dust will not be able to reach your winch. These particles are the reason behind the damage to your winch. As you will have a winch cover, your winch will remain clean and the winch cover will work as a regular cleaning or maintenance. 

Apart from the damaging issue, the sand and dust particles have the ability to tear your winch rope or cable gradually. If your winch holds the synthetic cable, then proper maintenance is a must thing. Because the small particles of dust and sand can break this type of cable faster. Besides, the synthetic cable is vulnerable to abrasion. So, the importance of  winch cover is immense

How To Choose A Winch Cover

Size and Fit

The first thing where you need to pay attention to is the size and fit of your winch cover. The cover you will be bringing for your winch needs to be fit on your winch. This is not rocket science. It is not difficult to find out the size of a cover. There are a few winch covers that can handle 17500 lbs winch whereas others can handle the small size winch.

Well, the cover size is not everything. You need to pay attention to the fitting also. You will find cover with elastic bands or hems that will fit on your winch tightly even if you own a small-size winch.

Materials and Durability

Obviously, your winch cover needs to be durable. For this, the material of your winch cover is important. If your winch cover is made of high-quality material, then it will provide more protection. You can expect higher durability. 

The winch cover that is made of leather or polyurethane is supposed to provide high protection. The dust, water and sun damage will not do any harm to your winch. However, this type of winch cover is a bit pricey.

You have another option of bringing a cover made from neoprene. They will also provide the highest elasticity. This type of cover is also resistant to all types of external factors. Also, they are expensive.

Lastly, if you have a medium budget, then you can pick the cover that is made from polyester fabric. It has the ability to handle most situations. The problem is that this type of winch cover is prone to ripping or tearing. The elasticity also may not be according to your expectation.

Overall, where you need to pay attention is the material of your winch cover. Make sure that they have enough capability to fight against the harsh environment.

Versatility & Ease of Use

You should also consider your winch covers versatility and ease of use. Make sure that it is easy to use and store. Obviously, you will not want to bring a hassle to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the winches need to be covered?

It is always recommended to bring a cover for your winch. The cover will protect your winch from getting dirty. You will not have to clean it regularly. The most important one is that the cover will increase the durability of your winch.

Does the winch cover have the ability to prevent rust?

The answer is yes. However, the cover will not completely prevent rust. It will help to avoid moisture from entering your winch. That’s enough. Your winch may get corroded for other reasons though.

Will my winch cover work even if it is winter?

The straightforward answer is yes. You need to check the cover material though. For instance, the cover that is made from neoprene has the ability to stand against a cold environment without tearing or cracking. Your winch will remain safe.

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