Best Winch for Toyota Hilux

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Last Updated on June 30, 2022

Getting the best winch for Toyota Hilux will be easy for you if you take a look at this article.

You see, not all of them will work for the same purpose. Targeting the winches that are budget-friendly might result in lacking quality, durability, and other factors. 

So, try to think of the significant features of a winch suitable for the Toyota Hilux, which would help you pick the right one. These are:

  • Winch capacity (easy way to determine it by multiplying the gross vehicle weight with 1.5).
  • Check if the rope is solid or not. 
  • Check the motor strength and power to pull out the vehicle at max pace. 
  • Remote control
  • Mounting options quality.
  • Check if the cable length is enough or not
  • Company’s reputation

After using tons of hours into research, I’ve gathered some high-rated winches with solid potential. To judge pretty, I tried to present their benefits and drawbacks. 

So, let’s move to the list of winches review.

Best Winch for Toyota Hilux

1. WARN VR EVO Standard-Duty Winch (Top Choice)

Warn VR EVO is a well-known winch among drivers who drive offroad. 

With 5 tons of pulling capacity, you can easily expect better line speed even if the truck is weighty and running at low amperage

There is no need to think about the noise issue as it has a 218:1 gear reduction ratio. And. It also ensures no friction. 

Although it has some neglectable downsides, you can put this winch on your Wishlist to ensure reliability, control, and ease of usage.


  • It’s an IP68 rating for the waterproof application. 
  • The long remote cable (10 feet) seems handy. 
  • Various pulling capacity options
  • I must praise the spring brake system for adjustment. 
  • It’s a solid winch with powerful motor support. 
  • This winch is reliable and easy to use. 
  • No hassle of noise or break.


  • The instruction is not clear at all.
  • A few users claim the case is not strong enough.  

2. Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch (Cheapest Choice)

This Smittybilt 97495 XRC is quite an excellent pick for anyone who wants 9,500 lbs. of pulling load capacity.

With the 6.6 hp of motor, this winch would never fail to deliver immense strength to pull in or out the big loaded truck. 

You can quickly recover and trial the winch thanks to the 12” rope, which is a plus point. And, it’s flexible, light, and safe to hold.

Despite having two weaknesses, you won’t regret using this budget-friendly option that rocks in performance, durability, and reliability.


  • The gear train is quite noteworthy to resist friction. 
  • Unlike others, its automatic in-drum brake seems pretty supportive to control winch speed.
  • It offers better performance. 
  • The instruction quality is pretty significant to learning the installation process well.
  • It would be unfair not to highlight the logical price range.
  • This winch includes ideal mounting parts that fit at ease. 
  • The lightness and safety make it one of the coolest winches.


  • The design of the remote that’s directly connected to the winch is not very appealing.
  • Not for heavy usage. 

3. X-BULL 12V Synthetic Rope Winch (“Too good to Not Include” Pick)

One of the best options for harsh weather applications, the X-Bull 12V won’t let your expectations down. 

It offers Dyneema rope that won’t rust, peel, or crack easily for long-term usage to let go or in the truck’s gross weight. 

The clutch is relatively more prominent, letting you hold it even after wearing a heavy pair of gloves. And it won’t cause a slip issue.

All in all, this winch offers all the features one would desire in a product for hoisting or hauling the Toyota Hilux. 


  • One of the most acceptable options for pickup trucks and SUVs. 
  • The clevis pin and hook setup seem promising to latch the truck in place.
  • The gear system is excellent. No hassle of sound. 
  • The finish of this winch is solid and well-constructed to protect it from sunlight. 
  • Responsive remote controller. 
  • The synthetic rope won’t crack or rust even under different terrains.
  • A relatively safe option.


  • Not for underwater use. 
  • It can get overheated quite easily.

Video: Toyota Hilux Offroad & Winch Test

Frequently Asked Questions

Are winch mounts Universal?

The winch mounts are usually made for specific pickup trucks that can be used directly with no hassle. And all manufacturers make winches using specifically-designed mounting plates. This indicates not all winch mounts are universal.  

What’s the purpose of a winch?

The primary usage is to wind up or out a vehicle using a tight rope. It is used when trucks get stuck inside muddy surfaces in order to pull them out safely.


I’m sure you are now quite clear about the highs and lows of each of the winches I’ve listed here.

Now, you know all the necessary info about each winch’s benefits and weaknesses which I’ve listed here. 

Regardless of all the wrong sides, the recommended products are top winches for pickup trucks that you can get at this point.  

And, out of all the best winch for Toyota Hilux list, WARN VR EVO winch is a win-win option that would perform pretty well. You’ll benefit from the big pulling capacity and find great control and performance using this. 

However, if you desire to go with a good-quality winch and influential at a budget range, hop for the Smittybilt XRC. 

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