Ultimate Guide To The Best Winch Mounting Plate 2022

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Last Updated on August 26, 2022

A top-quality winch is undoubtedly a great addition to your car if you’re going for off-road driving. However, your winch is practically useless if you don’t have its pair — a winch mount plate. 

In general, vehicles are not compatible with mounting winches, so you must get the best winch mounting plate to pair up with your winch.

Picking the perfect mounting plate for your winch can be a difficult job at times. Even though most of them are universal fits, there are several other factors to consider while choosing one. Lucky for you, we’re here to help!

Best Winch Mounting Plate

Go through our meticulously made list of the top-quality winch mount plates available on the market; thank us later!

1. ECOTRIC 10x 4 1/2 Cradle Winch Mount Mounting Plate (Top Pick)


  • Comes with four bolts to make the assembling process easier
  • You won’t need to do any extra drilling or grinding to set it
  • On-center fairlead bolt design
  • This winch mount has ergonomically designed handles to ensure portability
  • It’s made from top-quality steel and has a black powder coat finish- so durability and longevity are never in doubt
  • A good choice if your winch has a load capacity between 8000-13000 pounds
  • Black powder coating ensures that this mounting plate is anti-rust


  • Weighing at around 20 lbs, this mounting plate is quite heavy
  • There’s a chance that the cable might rub if spooled in and out

There’s a reason many call this mounting plate one of the bests out there. It’s simple, it’s solid, and most importantly, it’s easy to assemble. First things first, the ⅕” high-quality stainless steel build ensures strength and reliability. Then comes the anti-rust black powder coating, ensuring durability and longevity.

Next, we should come to the point where this mounting plate has a pulling capacity of 13000 lbs max. So heavy pulls won’t be an issue at all. 

Some users even reported it to be able to pull more weight than its capacity! Then comes the standard winch mount pattern, and the on-center fairlead bolt design here ensures that the unit fits well with the winch holes.

But that’s not it, there’s more to this excellent mounting plate. Other similar tools have one common problem — they’ve difficult to set up.

Luckily, this one with its clip hatch, pin, and four bolts makes sure assembling is never an issue for you. Its ergonomic handles provide comfort and save you from fatigue even if you work for long. 

2. WARN 11078 Universal Foot Forward Winch Mount Kit (Premium Pick)


  • Plate is made from premium-quality steel to ensuhttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B000BQP5AS/?tag=oarena-20re longevity and sturdiness
  • Comes with all necessary tools for installation like bolts, nuts, and more
  • Steel is coated with black powder, so the likes of rust or corrosion won’t be an issue
  • Large faceplate to protect the winch in case you use it on a trailer
  • Sides of this mount plate have angle bracing to ensure durability
  • This is a universal flatbed mounting plate, so you can mount your winch to any suitable flat surface 


  • There’s a chance it may require some modifications and drilling before setting up
  • Doesn’t come with proper instruction for assembling the mounting plate

Now we have the most ‘premium’ option on our list. They’re relatively more expensive, but as they say, premium service deserves premium price! 

Keeping the price point aside, this is an excellent winch mounting plate with great performances. The plate is universal, which means it will fit in with most of the winch models available. 

It has a unique flatbed design that will come in handy in different situations. The flatbed means you can mount the winch on random flat surfaces, which is a plus point. This mounting plate is quite easy to assemble, very convenient, and suitable for winches with a load capacity of up to 13000 lbs. Quite impressive, no?

That’s not all, as this premium product has an all-steel build alongside a finish of anti-corrosion black powder. So it’s safe to say this plate here is as durable as anything! 

The extra face shield gives your winch additional protection. It comes in a proper mount kit with all the necessary tools to assemble. Overall, it’s a dependable winch mounting plate that deserves its price tag.

3. Driver Recovery Products Universal Recovery Winch Mount


  • Supports winches with a load capacity from 8,000 to 17,000 pounds
  • Innovative design of this tool ensures proper alignment
  • Epoxy grade finish to prevent rust, chipping, and corrosion
  • Plate is sturdy and durable as it’s made from heavy-gauge and high-tensile strength steel 
  • Pre-drilled bolt holes to make the installation easier
  • This is a universal winch mounts plate- compatible with almost all winch brands


  • You may have to trim its back flange a little
  • If you plan to mount it on the floor, you might need to make some modifications

It goes without saying that when it comes to setting up winches, the simpler the process, the better. This is exactly where this tool from Driver Recovery Products excels. It has pre-drilled bolt holes so that you can easily set up the winch with the plate.

This universal mounting plate makes sure it can fit most of the winch brands out there. It is a custom-mountable plate, so you can mount the winch the way you like it. 

If you plan to do it on a flat surface, then this mounting plate can be an excellent option. The unique and innovative design also helps you set the whole thing up fast and easily. 

Made from high-tensile strength steel, this sure is one of the strongest plates out there. But that’s not just it, the epoxy grade finish on it helps prevent chippings and rust, thereby giving it a long life. It comes with a full set of mounting hardware, so all you have to do is read the instructions provided by the winch manufacturer and follow them. 

4. RUGCEL WINCH 23″ Cradle Winch Mounting Plate


  • Very simple and easy installation process as it comes with a hitch pin, clips, and other necessary tools
  • Plate is coated in black powder, which makes it durable and rust-resistant
  • Works fine with winches having 8000-13000 lbs load capacity range
  • An excellent budget option if you’re a bit low on money
  • This mounting plate is made from heavy-duty steel, so it’s quite sturdy and long-lasting
  • It’s a perfect fit for most of the winches, as it lines up correctly with winch holes


  • Depth of the plate is a bit narrow compared to other winch plates
  • You might have to drill a few additional holes for a more secure fitting

Not everyone craves premium winch mounting plates with additional features, some just want a basic, easy-to-use budget option. This product is made keeping them in mind. It’s relatively inexpensive, but it will provide you with quality performance, and you can easily set it up without much hassle.

Don’t get startled by the low price tag, this isn’t a low-quality plate, rather it is a very solid tool that will enhance your winch experience. It has an impressive finish, and the heavy-duty steel build certainly ensures its strength. The tough powder-coat finish on this mounting plate gives you just enough protection against rust and corrosion.

It has this standard on-center fairlead bolt pattern that makes the installation process very simple and easy. The hitch pin, clip, and other necessary tools are packed within the product, so you don’t really have to face any sort of issue regarding that. Overall, the 6 gauge heavy-duty steel construction and the ease of use make it the best winch mounting plate for the money.

5. Badland Winches ATV/Utility Winch Mounting Plate


  • Comes with a heavy-duty 6 gauge steel construction ensures sturdiness
  • A brilliant fit for atv winches or 2000-3000 utility winches
  • Tough powder-coated finish, so rust or corrosion won’t be a trouble
  • Mounting plate is constructed in such a way that it can support heavy winches but take up very little space
  • Excellent budget option considering the features


  • Might require some modifications while fitting different brands of winches
  • Doesn’t come with the necessary installation hardware

Badland is a famous winch manufacturing brand known for providing good quality products at a very reasonable price. This one here is no different, as it gives you top performances and will last long. The mounting plate we’ve featured here has a very sturdy build — a trademark of Badlands products.

Designed for ATV or utility winches, it pretty much fits in all the winches with a load capacity of 2000-3000 lbs. Like we said before, it has a 6-gauge solid steel construction alongside a quality powder finish. This means one thing is for sure- Longevity, durability, and reliability are never in question with this tool.

But that’s not just it. The powder coat finish is tough and can resist rust and corrosion — which means you can use it in various utility winch applications, be it snow plowing or an off-road drive! 

It also features a bracket for fairlead and is quite easy to set up. If you have Badland 3000/2000 lb winches, then fitting would be a cakewalk for you.

6. SuperATV Heavy Duty Winch Mounting Plate


  • Comes with a dual mounting bolt pattern that will fit most of the winches with a load capacity of 3500–6000 lbs
  • Winch mounting plate comes with all the necessary tools and hardware to complete easy installation
  • CNC brake press-bent and laser-cut steel plating, so sturdiness and strength are never an issue
  • UV-Resistant powder coating makes sure this winch plate stays with you for a long time 
  • Heavy-duty steel gussets and plate ensure durability for a long time


  • OEM fairlead it comes with might not fit the mount
  • Doesn’t come with any instruction manual

It’s pretty obvious that you’re not planning to invest regularly on something like a winch mounting plate. You’d want something that will stay with you for a long time, and this one is made keeping that in mind. 

Unlike many, this here is a heavy-duty tool that has a robust steel build. The 3/16″ high-quality steel construction ensures enough rigidity and sturdiness for your plate.

Then comes the UV-resistant coating — something most of the products in this list don’t have. With this unique coat, your hitch-mounted winch plate will be safe from rust, corrosion, and UV ray as well. 

This tool is compatible with a variety of winches having a load capacity of 3500–6000 lbs. If you prefer off-road driving a lot, then this can be a durable option for you.

Now comes the installation bit — we all know it can be a bit of a hassle if the setup isn’t simple. Keeping that in mind, they made this product with perfectly drilled holes and a simple mounting process. 

The fair lead bolt pattern makes the whole thing much more efficient. For your convenience, they also added the additional hardware and tools required to install the whole thing. 

Verdict on Best Winch Mounts

By now, we believe you’re familiar with the exceptional features of the products on our list. But it’s time for the final reveal. Time for us to announce the best one available on the market right now. But before we do that, let us clarify something. Best is a subjective word, and in many cases, our best option might not be the right choice for you. So you should always choose the mounting plate that fits your requirement, not ours. 

Without further ado, we’re glad to announce that the ECOTRIC Winch Mounting Plate is our final choice as the best option. 

You might want to check the WARN 11078 Winch Mount Kit if you want a more premium, expensive version, though. But considering budget, features, and ease of use, we believe nothing beats the winch mounting plate from ECOTRIC.

Best winch mounting plate

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