X Bull Winch Reviews 2022: Worth the Money?

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Last Updated on June 29, 2022

An off-road vehicle will always add adventures on your ride and help on wild businesses. The SUVs, ATVs, or other 4WD pick-ups are good choices for off-road vehicles, but they are sometimes stuck in the deep ditches. In such cases, you will need monster power to pull such heavy vehicles out of the mud. In our X bull winch reviews, we shall introduce you to the top machines that can easily pull out your ride from any worst condition.

X Bull Auto produces winches and parts for a wide range of vehicles. Compared to other competitive winch brands, the X Bull winches are unbelievably cheaper. At the same time, each model is featured with unique and updated technologies. There are quite a lot of informative web pages describing these products. 

But after searching online, tons of information might baffle you to choosing the best winch for your vehicle. And sometimes misleading information might lead you into a helpless condition alone in the wild. Through this article, we shall try to build a clear concept in your mind. 

Top 5 Best X Bull Winch Reviews

In our writing, we’ve chosen the five best performing winch series for two different types of vehicles. There are optimized, small winch to pull UTV and ATV. There is also up to X Bull 13000 lb winch to rescue a mini truck or heavy SUV. 

The winch should have a pulling capacity of 1.5 times of vehicle’s curb weight. The heaviest SUV models weigh around 6000lbs, so heavy-duty X Bull winches will provide sufficient pulling power in a stubborn waterhole.

X BULL 12V Synthetic Rope Winch-13000 lb

X Bull 13000 lb winch is suitable to drag anything below 8600lbs. It will be optimum for pulling a wide range of medium-large vehicles like Pick-up trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, etc. The product is also very useful for dragging out large logs or slabs weighing 3-4 tons.

The winch is made of heavy-duty, super-strong alloys. It has a unique brake point of over 22000lbs. Such a durable product has an IP rating of 67, which ensures all the electronic components will be safe from the clouds of dust, snow, or strong water splashes.

The machine contains a strong 6.0hp electric motor supported by 3 stages planetary gear system for heavy work. The gear ratio of 265:1 enhances the power and pulling speed at the same time. The winch’s rolling speed was tested and found 25.3 feet per minute with no load. At maximum load capacity, the rolling speed decreased to 7 feet per minute, which is still an impressive rescuing speed. The product comes with an 85 feet long tensile and flexible synthetic rope.   

The 63.2 pounds heavy machine can be remotely operated from a distance of 20m. Automatic load holding capacity protects from free-falling or sliding backward. So many improvised features make the model most desirable in our X Bull winch reviews.


  • The machine produces immense power to pull heavy Jeeps, SUVs, pick-ups, etc.
  • A very helpful power tool to clear logs and branches out of the deep forest.
  • Automatic load holding and brakes provide safety and smoothness during the rescue work.
  • It has both corded and wireless remote control systems.
  • Attractive price.


  • A little enhancement of the motor’s horsepower would be appreciable.

X BULL 12V Steel Cable Electric Winch 12000 lb

X Bull winch 12000lbs comes with a little less pulling capacity than the previous X Bull 13000 lb winch. But the machine equips 85 feet long steel cable, which includes more weight and mass to the product. 

This dragging monster can be mounted to any SUV or medium-large truck on off-road ridings.

6.0 hp/4.5 KW electric motor power provides better pulling speed for heavier loads. 12000 lbs winch can be operated by either a corded controller or a featured remote control. Model is also constructive for dragging logs or other objects out of mud or ditches. 

Gradual increase and decrease of current input and output and a brake improve both safety and performance.

With such great power, the X Bull winch offers a quiet and vibration-free operation. The engine compartment is well resistant to water and dust. The corrosion-free metal alloy will keep it usable in all weather conditions. 

The gearbox rotates in 3600 so that it can be easily adjusted to mount on any vehicle.  


  • Powered by a 6.0 hp strong engine.
  • Overload stoppage and free spooling clutch improve safety features.
  • Machine can be operated by both corded and wireless remotes.
  • The pulling power increases with time by regulating current flow and providing smooth dragging.
  • Reasonably low price for any car owner.


  • Needs an expert to install; otherwise, electrical components might be damaged.

X-BULL Winch Synthetic Rope Winch-10000 lb

Now our selected model for X Bull winch review is a 10000 lbs weightlifter. This strong product is featured with concentrated power for medium-size SUVs and cars. The electric motor produces power equivalent to 5.6 hp or 4.2 KW. So it will provide more than sufficient power to rescue vehicles that weigh around 3 tons. The motor generates a good pulling speed of 25.3 feet per minute with no load. While with the full load, the motor can pull at the speed of 7 feet per minute.

This X Bull winch comes with a 79 feet long Dyneema rope. With a diameter of 3/8”, this rope will provide fifteen times more strength than steel. Dyneema rope has a large spectrum of resistance against corrosion, cut, and chemicals.

Your regular vehicle could be handy to clear out tree branches and debris by X Bull winch 10000 lbs. A systematic load control application with a brake will prevent any accident from free falling. Only 61 pounds weight winch can be mounted on all small to medium-size cars and SUVs.  


  • 5.6 hp strong, durable winch for your car.
  • Generate a tremendous pulling speed with a relatively smaller motor.
  • Comes with 79 feet long Dyneema rope. That’s 15 times stronger than the same weight of steel.
  • The machine can be operated by a wireless remote control or by a corded controller.
  • It will still be helpful to clean garden tree branches.
  • A reasonable price anyone can afford.


  • It will not be efficient to use it for large SUVs or pick-up trucks.

X-BULL 4500LBS Synthetic Rope Winch Review

Now we are entering the ATV/UTV winches section of our X Bull winch reviews. The 4500 pounds pulling capacity will be monstrous to pull any ATV and its trailers from very stubborn places. The IP 67 rating ensures your winch is dry, clean, and operable over muddy off-roads.

A 1.9 hp/1.5 kW electric motor powers the machine. Mainly a heavy ATV weighs around 1000 lbs. So, it will be an easy task for X bull winch 4500lbs pulling capacity. A three-stage planetary gear system with a gear ratio of 198:1 improves power and pulling speed simultaneously.

12 fine ropes are stranded into strong, synthetic Dyneema rope. Quarter-inch diameter and 50 feet long rope will come along with the item. Automatic load handling manual brakes would prevent any accidental slip.  


  • This powerful beast can pull an ATV with a trolley from ditches.
  • It can be operable during any weather condition over any off-road terrain.
  • Dyneema rope can hold 15 times more load than the steel cable of the same weight.
  • Machine can be operable from a safe distance by wireless remote control.
  • Power and improved gear system generate good pulling speed during the rescue.  


  • Customers frequently complained about its insufficient user-manual.

X-Bull 3000 lbs Winch Review

X Bull winch 3000lbs is the smallest version in our X Bull winch reviews. The model weighs only 9.12 pounds and does not impact the ATV/UTV balance. The 1.3 hp/1 kW electric motor has the capacity to pull up to 2000 lbs curb weights over muddy terrain.

X Bull winch 3000 lbs presents all the updated features at an unbelievably cheap price. It can be operated by wireless remote control from a safe distance. Autoload holding mechanism helps for abrasion-free smooth pulling.

30 feet long synthetic Dyneema rope comes with the package. This corrosion, chemical, and UV-resistant rope are also proven to be 15 times stronger than the steel cable of the same weight. 

Gradually increased pulling power helps a smooth rescue. Superior dust and water resistance rated IP67 might encourage you to ride over snow, swamp, or mud.  


  • Cheap but a powerful product to drag ATV/UTV out.
  • Automatic brakes and current input-output improve safety.
  • Machine can be operated by both a corded controller and a wireless remote.
  • Flexible synthetic Dyneema rope is strong and easy to handle.
  • IP67 rating allows you to ride over muddy, shallow lands.


  • The synthetic rope has a length of only 30 feet.

X-Bull Auto: An ‘Affordable Toughness’

Technology is updating itself on a daily basis. But in most cases, the general people remain far from enjoying the latest expensive features. X Bull Auto is one of the few dedicated companies that R&D their products and make them affordable to general people.   

X Bull came to the winch business just a decade ago, and within a little time, it gained acceptance from all sorts of users. During the first five years after establishment, they worked hard to develop their unique designs and technologies. The outcome was impressive! 

For many car owners, a good winch is beyond their afford to buy. On the opposite, the other cheap brands miserably failed to serve the purposes. But X Bull ensures supreme quality at the most reasonable prices. Their long-time research and hard work make a dream come true for many.  


In our X Bull winch reviews, we’ve shown products for different types of vehicles. There is an X-Bull winch for large SUVs, trucks, and smaller cars. And there are perfect winches for small ATV/UTV.

But at the end of the discussion, it is our responsibility to reveal the verdict to our loyal readers.   

X Bull 13000 lb winch is found to be the best winch for pulling a much wider range of logs, vehicles etc. The machine has power, durability, quality and is quite available at a reasonable price.

For ATV/UTV users, we suggest ‘the bigger, the better. X-Bull winch 4500 lbs are the better option for your everyday off-road adventures.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these X-Bull winches fit on my vehicle?

X Bull winch uses a universal winch plate to mount the winches over 8000 lbs pulling capacity. The plate will be mounted by two top center guided bolts 10 inches apart from each other. The plate will perfectly fit any SUV, pick-up truck, and car. 

 While the smaller ATV winches are mounted by a winch plate having two mounting bolt holes 4.9 inches apart from each other. They can easily be mounted on any ATV/UTV.  

How to buy X bull winch?

X Bull winches are available at local hardware and motor parts stores. But they will ask for a higher price and can’t assure the after-sell services. In such scenarios, you better buy it from popular online business platforms. All the selected models in our X bull winch reviews can be found in Amazon, Walmart, etc.  

How to connect the winch with the power source?

X bull winches have an electric motor and other electrical components to operate the machine. It needs to connect properly with the car battery; otherwise, it will cause a short circuit and produce heat and smoke on the wiring. If you don’t have previous experience, call an expert to mount the winch.

How to achieve some extra power on full load?

A direct connection with the car battery is sometimes useful to get extra power in a stubborn ditch. Besides, a duty cycle will let the engine rest and cool with a heavy load.

Is there any warranty for the products?

X Bull offers lifetime technical support and a limited one-year warranty for different winch parts. The company also offers a 30 days return policy with a full refund for customers.

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