Zesuper Winch Review 2022 – Buy or Not?

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Last Updated on August 26, 2022

Being stuck in a ditch is no fun at all but having a winch can save you from that pitfall. 

However, pulling a vehicle out of a ditch or mud is a demanding task, and having a low-quality winch won’t serve you any good. So it is important to find a high-quality winch that can serve your needs.

Here, we’ll look at some winches from a popular brand-Zesuper. We’ll look at 3 of them in detail in this Zesuper winch review.

Let’s begin. 

Zesuper Winch Review

Let’s get to know our top picks from the market.

Zesuper 13000 Winch Review


  • Has a maximum load capacity of 13000 pounds which means it can tow even jeeps and trucks
  • Is rated IP67 which means that the winch is waterproof
  • All necessary hardware or tools are included in every package so you will not need to buy anything extra
  • Unit is lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Comes with a strong synthetic rope that does not tear easily
  • Comes with a remote control that is quite comfortable and responsive
  • Contractor box is weatherproof and very durable so you don’t need to worry about it getting damaged
  • Winch is a good budget option since it is comparatively less expensive than others of the same load capacity


  • A bit difficult to use at first and it comes with an unintuitive instruction manual

Firstly, I would like to talk about the Zesuper 13000 which has caught my eyes due to its impressive performance. The 500 Amp relay along with a 6.4 horsepower motor works to pull most jeeps, trucks, or cars (with a gross weight of 8666 pounds) out of mud and snow alike. 

Further helping this is the light synthetic rope. Due to the weight, you don’t have to worry about fumbling with it and it is respectably strong. It is light enough that it floats on water and works at freezing temperatures (up to -20 degrees Celsius).

A clutch lever is present on the side for easy operation. It is easy to turn and I’ve found it to be quite fast and responsive. For safer use, both a 3-stage planetary gear and the automatic in-drum brake is included.

This is a great budget winch that goes well above what you would expect. The only problem I found is initially setting it up, but once you do – this versatile tool won’t let you down.

Zesuper 9500 lbs Winch Review


  • IP 67 rated so it is waterproof
  • Mounting system is easy to understand and use
  • Unit’s contactor is durable and weatherproof so you don’t need to worry about it getting damaged
  • Comes with both wired and wireless remotes which you can use based on your preference
  • A well-designed synthetic rope is included which is light and easy to handle
  • Powerful 5.5Hp 12V Dc winch motor is included making it quite powerful for its weight class


  • Although the motor is powerful, it is also noticeably loud which can be a great annoyance

The second one on this list is a much more compact winch that hobbyist off-roaders will find quite satisfactory. This winch has a gross weight limit of 6333 pounds and can tow out jeeps, cars and some utility trailers. 

With an effective line speed of 6.4 feet per minute when fully loaded, I found that this is a very reliable and fast winch. This model makes use of a new reinforced gear device which reduces jamming and makes for smooth operation.

Both wireless and wired remotes are included in every package. They are both quite responsive so you can use whichever one you prefer.

The lever is well designed, responsive, and very easy to operate. A three-stage planetary gear train makes the switching easier and smoother. Due to its ease of operation, many newcomers will enjoy using this winch.

One thing that does prevent me from wholeheartedly recommending this winch is how noisy the motor makes. It is quite grating and you may need to have some ear protection on at times.

Zesuper 4500 lbs Winch


  • Permanent magnet 1.9 hp motor ensures smooth and fast operation
  • The synthetic cable can extend up to 50 feet long and has incredible wear resistance
  • Three-stage planetary gear improves the stability of the winch
  • Each purchase comes with all necessary accessories ( wireless remote and mounting base)
  • Waterproof and corrosion-resistant since it is rated IP67
  • Usable in many different terrains such as in sand, mud, and rocky areas making it versatile
  • The user manual is nicely detailed and very helpful to read through


  • This model is not as powerful and as a result, limits its use

If you’re an ATV/UTV driver, this 4500 lbs winch is quite useful and well-suited to your needs. The design is lightweight and compact and thus goes well with smaller vehicles.

With a 1.9hp motor, you can pull up to 3000 pounds and a free-spooling clutch makes the winching much smoother and more efficient. A safety feature in the form of an automatic brake is present which prevents the load from slipping.

The synthetic cable is waterproof and very resilient. Due to being made out of synthetic material, it is relatively lightweight — so quite easy to operate.

Only a wireless remote is included but it is quite intuitive and responsive. The mounting base is sturdy and due to its lightweight nature, I’ve found that the mounting process is quite smooth.

I would mostly recommend this to ATV/UTV drivers. Keep in mind the lack of power limits this model’s use and I would not see any serious off-roader use this winch.

About the Brand Zesuper

Zesuper is based in North America and they specialize in making off-road equipment most notably winches and repair kits. They prize reliability and strength in their products which is shown in how durable and resilient their winches and winch ropes are.

Alongside winches, they also manufacture accessories for winches like solenoids and dampers. Their prices are quite reasonable and their customer service is quite notable.


I hope this Zesuper winch review has proven helpful. Personally, I would settle between either the 13000 one or the 9500 based on your needs. Realistically speaking, the 4500 one is only useful if you drive ATVs daily. 

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